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FILES.FM - Catalog of P2P Files and Markets with Smart Search Engines and Blockchain Payments

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about the FILES.FM project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

Files.FM Ltd is an info tech firm that has developed simply to use yet powerful, advanced and innovative tool items for file storage apps since 07. Experience working, a technology jointly and knowledge of the target marketplace units the employees of the organization. The firm has built a range of B2C and B2B systems for regular processes of firms working such in such sectors as geography, TELEMATICS, and workforce management. Using the firm's knowledge and experience, a solution is presently being made for storing and exchanging information for specific business requirements.

Features of Files.FM:

Select Pro or Business plan, if you've many consumers and need an audit for the skills performed.
  • Basic account Free
  • Size limit for each upload 2GB
  • Store from 1GB -15GB
  • Encrypted data channel
  • Public catalog
  • Management of Convenient file
  • Ad-supported downloads
Private Pro user
  • 1TB or 250GB storage Space
  • Size limit for each upload limitless
  • Files.FM backup
  • Files.FM sync
  • Ad-free
  • Direct download links
  • Sell files
  • Increased data durability
  • E-mail support
Business client
  • Size limit for each upload limitless
  • Store from 250 GB to 100 TB
  • Files.FM backup
  • Files.FM sync
  • Direct links
  • Mount a network drive
  • Self-filers extended
Multiple user administration
  • Security log and statistics
  • Increased information durability
  • Ad-free
  • phone and E-mail support
  • Invoicing
  • API integration with apps
  • Integration to your website
File upload form
  • Customizable design
  • Customizable form fields
  • File recipients selection
  • Personalized e-mails
  • Integration options
  • Multi-language support
Token economics

User participation in maintaining the library will be rewarded with FFM utility tokens that can later be exchanged for additional benefits.
Tokens will be listed on a crypto exchanges!

This allows independent trades with them

The Library Token
  • Total Token Supply: 10 000 000 000
  • Limited Supply: Yes
  • Price per Token: $ 0.01
  • Symbol: FFM
  • Type: ERC20
First Year Crowdsale:
  • Private sale: $ 1 000 000
  • Presale: $ 1 000 000
  • Public sale: $ 10 000 000
What is FFM?
FFM is the native platform token that allows users to participate in the Library and gain rewards for their work.

Token Utility
The FFM token can be gained by uploading files, adding metadata, sharing free drive space or doing other things that are beneficial to the Library. Users can spend their tokens on subscribing to pro features, buying private storage space or exchanging them for paid content, such as movies, TV shows, music or books.


To find more relevant details from the FILES.FM project, please follow some sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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