Monday, November 12, 2018

XENDBIT - The Blockchain Platform is Decentralized for Inclusive Financial Services

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the XENDBIT project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

Decentralised Financial Services

Centralised exchanges are susceptible to internal and external security risks. XendBit is a decentralised blockchain platform designed to fulfill a number of financial inclusion services such as remittances, payments, aid disbursement, store-of-value and credit.

Powered by a crypto-currency exchange with bankverified KYC features, it enables users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds. The XendBit wallet uses bank-verified KYC and is being developed as an exchange initially supporting popular digital assets including BTC with the aim to add more in the near future. 

Target Market

In Africa, the market is defined by the following characteristics:
• Increase in blockchain and crypto start-up activities coupled with robust mobile coverage suggest good timing for serious players to come in. 
• Old and new players are contributing to transaction volumes of over $100 billion within the payments and remittance space.
• Some of the banks are now lobbying for rights to trade crypto-currencies while crowdfunding capabilities of the blockchain such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and other token-based initiatives are starting to grow.
• African governments and institutions are beginning to understand and appreciate blockchain as a transformational replacement for traditional financial transaction systems and records with Nigeria taking the lead with a Customs & Excise blockchain project.
• XendBit aims to position itself as a platform to actualise redesigned modes of financial service delivery, based on opportunities presented by the blockchain ecosystem including smart contracts, ICOs, cryptoloans, venture financing and tokenization, digital identity management and certificate registration and verification services. 

XendBit Services
XendBit is a fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.

Remitting cryptocurrencies and instantly transferring value in any currency anywhere in the world through instant settlements.

Leveraging blockchain technology to empower and provide grants and disburse aid by transparent, immutable & cryptograhic processes.

Application of blockchain technology for financial inclusion with access to credit after account creation.

A few things sets us apart from regular wallets and exchanges.

Payment Options
Buyers are able to pay sellers directly using our decentralised secure esrow service.

Legal Compliance
Our wallets are built with minimal and full KYC capabilties.

Cross-Platform Trading
Wallets are available for Andriod, Windows, Linux, MacOS and iOS(soon).

Strong Security
Security features include twelve-word passphrase mnemenic code, passwords, 2FA(soon) and Biometric authentication.

Competitive Commissions
Extremely low commissions with up to fifty percent off.

World Coverage
Traders can trade borderlessly enabled through decentralisation.

Advanced Reporting
We are currently implementing a tax friendly reporting tool.

Alternative payment
In the near future, our wallet based token (Xend) and Tether will be available to settle trades.

Token Allocation (Use of Funds)
  • Business & Product Development 25%
  • Marketing & Partnership 20%
  • Operations 20%
  • Platform Liquidity 25%
  • Legal 5%
  • Contingency 5% 
Download a Wallet, register and start trading BTC, ETH and LTC now!

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