Tuesday, November 20, 2018

WELLMEE - Contributing to User Welfare

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the WELLMEE project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

Wellmee is a mobile application which positively serves its users in various meaningful ways. From mentoring, advising, engaging, entertaining to relaxation. Its essence is to contribute to users´ wellbeing.

It helps people to feel better and more fulfilled in their lives. 
By using the Wellmee application its users are constantly enhancing their wellbeing. The study done by CAGE research centre found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

1 While happiness can be affected by DNA and life circumstances, professor, at University of California Riverside, Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests in her bestseller The How of Happiness that we still control roughly 40% of our happiness.”

2 This is the working ground for the Wellmee application.
Since happier people are more productive it is also employers who will benefit from Wellmee usage outcome. Based on a complex algorithm and the metrics behind the application, employers will be able to see how efficient the usage of the application has been by their employees and based on this they will be able to reward their employees with Wellmee tokens – e.g. on a yearly basis.

Wellmee application is purely private. It is only the user who experiences the content of the app. What happens in Wellmee stays in Wellmee. Employers will be only capable to get extracted data of tracking the progress of usage – the content of how and by what was the progress made will not be transferred to other parties by any way.

That is why the relationship between the user and his Wellmee application is build on trust. The app can be used by every smartphone holder using either iOS or Android operational system.

Benefits in Wellmee Ecosystem

Users / Employees
  • Continual wellbeing enhancement through personalized Wellmee app according to their characters and needs
  • Eventually gaining valued tokens from employers
  • Eventually gaining valued tokens for un-anonymization of their profiles to potential recruiters / head-hunters
  • Possibility to be recruited by headhunters through having unanonymized profile in the app
  • Having increased sales through enabling the customers to pay for products and services with Wellmee tokens
  • Having more creative and productive employees
  • Media space coverage:
    o Comparisons among competitors (presenting their employees’ wellbeing improvement among market competitors)o Taking part in yearly Wellmee awards
    o Targeting wide audience of future employees
  • Possibility to seek brains&talents through un-anonymized profiles for the best fitting personalities for their teams which leads to significant labor cost savings
Wellmee Prototype

Token Information
  • Start: 1st of November at 2pm GMT
  • End: 30th of November at 1:59pm GMT
  • Soft cap: $ 7.5m
  • Hard cap: $ 25m
  • Token Wellmee (WLME)
  • Exchange rate: 1WLME = 0.05 USD
  • Platform: Stellar


How it all started + Action plan

Concept of The Happiness machine
Concept of The Happiness Machine: Mobile Behavior Change by (Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.Berkeley, USA) is created JUNE 2014

Concept of Wellmee app
Concept of Wellmee application is established and loosely follows on „The Happinness machine“ MARCH 2018

ITO takes place NOVEMBER 2018

Dream come true
Development of the app starts! Wellmee team is complemented continuously and appropriately (mainly experienced Psychologists and world-class SW engineers) DECEMBER 2018

Development and Ecosystem setup
Beta program of Wellmee app is continously released based on agile development; Foundations laid for functioning of the ecosystem for both Employers and Merchants JANUARY 2019

Wellmee 1.0 is released (by Jan 2020)
Available on iOS and Android; Covers the fundamental features; Pilot with the companies is done JANUARY 2020

Wellmee 2.0 is released (by Jan 2021)
Offering most of the key features; Operating with initial Employers and Merchants; First revenue is booked JANUARY 2021

Wellmee 3.0 is released (by Jan 2022)
Fully functioning app with all its necessary features; Having its regular users where numbers are exponentially growing; Recognized by all big companies on the market for its benefits JANUARY 2022

To find more relevant details from the WELLMEE project, please follow some sources for the following references:

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