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QUICK - Main Digital Mining Platform, Designed For Customers Who Demand Fast Hashing

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the QUICK project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

The key to Digital Mining is efficiencies and power.

We have the Quick solution.
Quick stands at the front of the decentralized technology revolution. We operate the premier digital mining platform, designed for customers who demand lightning-fast hashing, dependable infrastructure, and industry-leading chipsets operating at industry low kilowatts per hour.

The Quick Solution

Cost Efficient
Long-term purchase contracts with established bio gas and energy providers and expects to lower cost of electricity up to 75% compared to the U.S. national average.

Dielectric fluids combined with our two-phase immersion cooling system have a very low global warming potential, does not deplete ozone, are non-toxic and non-flammable.

Low power cost, higher power density, low overhead, with QPC Smart mining optimization algorithm, Quick aims to be one of the most profitable mining operations in the industry.

Planned thermal management upgrades such as Organic Rankine Cycle system, Quick constantly strives to maintain competitive advantage through technological innovation.

About Quick Technology
QPC has located several strategic locations that facilitate easy energy access and scalability. The amount of equipment that can be accommodated will vary from facility to facility. For example, a facility with around 1,000 square meter of floor space can accommodate estimated 30,000 Antminer S9 units with a total computing capacity of about 420,000 TH/s. With such a configuration, QPC is estimated to mine ±29 Bitcoins per day at current difficulty levels. QPC can deploy up to 9290 square meters of equipment.

Higher Power Density
Designed without the restrictions and overhead of traditional cooling methods, this system has a number of other advantages, such as a much higher density, improved performance and the possibility for applications that would otherwise be impractical. With a smaller package, lower power consumption and much less supporting infrastructure (ie. no chillers or air conditions), the choice of facilities and locations becomes much less restrictive. QPC estimates that 12,500 miners can be fitted within 1000 square meter space. Compared to typical industrial density of approximately 2,000 miners per 1,000 square meter.

Extremely Clean
Passive 2-phase immersion cooling system also has inadvertent positive side effects including eliminating dust and noise due to massive air flow. Without fans, bulky heatsinks or air channels on the hardware level results in a very clean and elegant hardware implementation.


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