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CYBR - Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions for the Blockchain


CYBR Ecosystem and Cyber Security Utility Token
The CYBR Ecosystem is a holistic, cyber security solution for the blockchain which ensures secure smart transactions occur via a portal designed to provide real-time safeguards, countermeasures and threat intelligence to the CYBR community as well as other crypto entities and exchanges who rely on our cyber security solutions.

CYBR ecosystem is powered by BlindSpot, a proprietary, powerful CYBR security engine which identifies and disrupts bad actor and associated illicit file activity that seeks to affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of crypto smart contract transactions.

CYBR commercializes and monetizes emerging threat intelligence by turning the data into actionable intelligence. CYBR users are rewarded with CYBR tokens for their direct threat intelligence contributions to the CYBR ecosystem.


CYBR Portal
The CYBR Ecosystem incorporates a web portal where CYBR users (the community) login to ensure secure smart transactions occur. The portal offers numerous capabilities including threat alerts, address and website verification, sending/receiving of tokens, BlindSpot downloads, and support including an FAQ, as well as access to the proprietary CYBR database of current, known and emerging threats. This portal provides real-time safeguards, countermeasures and threat intelligence to the CYBR community as well as other crypto entities and exchanges. 

Token Allocation and Specifics


Smart Contract
Supply: 1,000,000,000 CYBR
Type ERC20
Price 1 CYBR $0.08

2Q 2016- 2Q 2018
– East Coast office opened (Virginia)
– BlindSpot Enterprise Solution is developed and rigorously tested
– Larger pilots are deployed
– Enterprise sales generate revenue

2Q 2018
– The detailed design description for the CYBR Ecosystem is completed
– Over 30 Million unique, digital identifiers are added to the BlindSpot database
– The Software as a Service (SAAS) model is repurposed for the blockchain and the CYBR Ecosystem Testnet begins development
– CYBR utility tokens are generated

3Q 2018
– CYBR Private Sale Opens

4Q 2018
– IoS and Android client development will be completed
– Web App, API and IoC funnels development will be completed
– CYBR Testnet will be completed and BlindSpot will be accessible by Windows, Mac and LINUX users
– CYBR Token Generating Event (TGE)

1Q 2019
– CYBR Main Net will launch
– CYBR will be listed on top exchanges for global trading

2Q 2019
– Integration of numerous data intelligence feed providers; (some partnerships already in place)
– Integration of AI and Machine Learning platforms and frameworks into CYBR Ecosystem (some partnerships already in place)

3Q – 4Q 2019
– CYBR will market globally to disrupt and dominate anti-virus and malicious code vertical marketplaces

and beyond
– Assess technology posture/market conditions; drive CYBR into as many global market verticals as possible.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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