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ZAMZAM - Accelerating the Transition Process from Traditional Monetary Systems to Digital Economy

Welcome my friends to the exciting new Project today and let's see their great idea:

The connects to the most significant traditional forex trading systems through a good valuable program working with the FIX protocol, the international normal for exchanging data between members of exchange positions on a specific period. The connects to most crypto exchanges through the open origin Wrapper API, which was first developed and organized by the efficient ZAMZAM team and this allows users to properly automate the very receipt of all requests from the exchange servers. The module is normally able to hook up to the major networks by mingling with them through a single software and protecting maximal efficiency, reliability, and flexibility,ZAMZAM.

Why does the world need blockchain banks?
Zamzam mission is to speed up the process of the transition from a traditional monetary system to a fully digital economy in order for banks and financial institutions all over the world to become open, fair and efficient through the implementation of blockchain and decentralized systems.

Transparency of all operations in blockchain. Real-time publication of the Zamzam bank’s detailed financial activities. Open results of bank audit. You have never worked with such an open banking system!

Reduce costs by circumventing the chain of intermediaries and abandoning obsolete methods of managing financial organizations.

Provide users with a choice between centralized and decentralized assets storage. Future is for hybrid systems, which give freedom of choice.

The module works with Equipment Learning with the following tasks:

Analysis of end-user applications,ZAMZAM
Monitoring of a good place of cryptocurrency and forex exchanges, linked by API

The analyzes all end user wants and selects the most rewarding networks for undertaking revenue operations with the minimum selling price for the user. We will publish a different Roadmap on how to work with Equipment Learning. is a great intelligent money change system that gives the utmost favorable trade rate without any divide. ZAMZAM is certainly creating a bright future, where the people can gain access to savings services very quickly, securely and without any intermediaries,ZAMZAM.

Zamzam Features

Cryptocurrency wallet, as it should be
Stop wasting your attention on dozens of financial applications with severely limited functionalities. The zam.wallet erases the boundaries between traditional money and cryptocurrencies while remaining more efficient than the market by 2-3 times.

Effortless financial management for your business!
Doing business has never been so easy, intuitive & automated. While developing the zam.merchant, we took into account the needs of thousands of businessm–Ķn from all over the world.

Fast financial blockchain based on Stellar fork
We are creating an independent blockchain bank with the lowest commissions for the end user. This technology is formed on the basis of our financial system to make the Zamzam products decentralized.

ZAM Token
The ZAM Token is an internal currency of the Zamzam blockchain bank, which is used for payment of commissions for money transfers, purchases of Zamzam bank products, etc.

The ZAM Token is a standard Stellar utility token.
The tokens are issued in the originally stated volume, additional release of tokens is not provided.
The tokens are intended for paying platform fees and it is possible to convert them into AEDZ stablecoins or fiat currencies.
  • The ZAM Token is not a share of the company, the token holder does not obtain the rights for taking part in company’s management or receive part of the profit (dividends) from the company’s activities.
  • The ZAM Token can be sold or bought at the exchanges where it is listed.
  • The price of the token can change both ways, owing to various economic reasons.
  • The company guarantees provision of an equal volume of services for ZAM Tokens, regardless of the current level of ZAM Token prices/rates.
  • At the same time, if the price of ZAM Tokens grows, the company plans to increase the volume of services provided for a separate token or for its parts (using the opportunities given by the decimal nature of ZAM Tokens).
  • The development plan of the company assumes the necessary measures for the development of the project and the platform. These measures are directed at the expansion of the range of platform users, expansion of the spectrum of the platform services and improving the service quality provided by the platform. As a result of the above-mentioned actions it is planned to increase the project users’ interest in the services provided by the platform, and, respectively, lead to increased demand for ZAM Tokens.
  • A number of events and actions is envisaged to provide stable demand for ZAM Tokens. However, the company is not going to undertake any measures which can be regarded as manipulation of the ZAM token price.
ICO conditions
General terms
  • Blockchain platform: Stellar
  • Token type: Stellar utility token
  • Token supply: 8,500,000,000 ZAM
  • Token nominal value: $0,02
Token distribution

Token Sale conditions
The total amount of ZAM tokens for sale:
  • 65% of emission | 5,525,000,000 ZAM | $110,500,000 at nominal value
  • Soft cap: $11,100,000
  • Hard cap: $55,400,000
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, XLM
Sales stages distribution
  • Private Sale of 35% of the token supply with a 35% bonus: 2,975,000,000 ZAM
  • PreSale of 10% of the token supply with a 25% bonus: 850,000,000 ZAM
  • CrowdSale of 20% of the token supply with a 5-20% bonus: 17,000,000 ZAM Tokens will be distributed proportionally to the sum contributed by investors during the ICO.
Token Sale dates and bonuses
Private Sale dates: Jun 22 - Dec 3
Bonus for Private Sale participants: 35%
PreSale dates: Oct 22 – Nov 5
Bonus for PreSale participants: 25%
Token Sale dates: Nov 5 – Dec 3

Bonus for Token Sale participants:
  • 1 week Bonus 20%
  • 2 week Bonus 15%
  • 3 week Bonus 10%
  • 4 week Bonus 5%
How to take part in the ICO
Everyone who wants to help with creation and development of the Zamzam ecosystem can do it using one of the following options:
  • Log into the Investor’s Personal Account after registration on the website;
  • Send a request by email to;
  • Participants’ requests are checked during Private Sale;
  • Participants whose requests are approved can pay the corresponding amount in cryptocurrencies;
  • Participants can request information on payments in fiat currencies after having sent a request email to;
  • Participants will pay for ZAM tokens according to the price specified in the account at the time of payment.
The advent of crypto assets and introduction of blockchain radically changes the landscape of the World Bank industry. Nevertheless, many vestiges of the past remained on the conventional market. –°ryptomarket and the traditional financial system are still poorly interconnected.

Relying on the latest technological developments (blockchain Stellar, digital intelligence, machine learning), the Zamzam blockchain bank is ready to help with the solution of market problems.

The company has created convenient and legal solutions for managing crypto assets both for individuals and for companies. Introduction of these solutions is capable to create new quality of conditions for integration of crypto economics and traditional financial sector. Zamzam also reduces the exchange fees concerning fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies when carrying out the international money transfers.

Zamzam renders a number of banking accommodations on the principles of Islamic banking that strengthens the company’s positions in a number of countries with Islamic populations and corresponds to the principles of a sharing economy.

The company satisfies the request for increased corporate social responsibility with the creation of the Zamzam fund and transparency by means of blockchain technology.

To find out more. You can connect more with Zamzam at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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