Friday, October 5, 2018

TOKENVILLE - Smart Contract System That Simulates Autonomous Events

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called TokenVille, based on the following criteria:

Life tokenized
We are inventing a system of smart contracts simulating autonomous events that can be combined in various narrative forms

  • Tokenville is an experimental project so no one (including us) fully understands it.
  • We see Tokenville as some sort of a post-internet theater. It explores blockchain as a technology to add value to art.
  • It is open for any ideas that can add value to the show. Tokenville was imagined to be an open world.
  • You can support the shows not only by entering them as a participant and token-holder. You can support Tokenville by watching and sharing information about them. Everything adds value.
  • This value is yet uncommercial. We believe that one day such activities may have commercial success, but we don’t have a goal to monetize everything at once.
  • Our shows are against hype and globalisation of blockchain. These shows are about making blockchain an authentic attraction worth visiting.
  • We are performing for our audience: both token-holders and viewers. But we see you as a actors too.
  • Based on the results of Deus ETH, our first show, we have formulated a number of principles and concepts that can be used to build an Internet show using blockchain technology.
Tokenville Platform
All Tokenville shows are built as DApps (decentralized applications) on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows us to create our own rules and build shows with zero censorship.

Platform for Users
Experience gained in different projects and shows will be merged into one account

TV Token
The only token needed for thousands of interpretations and ideas

Platform for Creators
Anyone can create their own show or game in Tokenville. Open API and support for the first authors

Token Info
Utility token required to produce and distribute content developed in Tokenville.

How much does TV Token cost?

Distribution Plan

We plan to sell 70% of the TV Tokens; 5% will be delivered through bounty; 10% will be kept by the team; the final 15% will be reserved for future purposes.

How can I buy TV Token?

Tokenville is now listed on HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange! And that means that you can trade your TV to BTC, ETH and USD.

Where I can use TV Token?

  • Yana | HR Manager
  • Nikita | Business Development Manager
  • Fedor | Product Marketing Manager
  • Aleksey | Product Manager
  • Olga | Frontend Developer
  • Nikita | Smart Contract Developer
  • Arseniy | Developer
  • Valentine | Art Director
  • Vitaliy | Executive Producer
  • Nastasia | Designer
  • Liza | Comic Artist
To find out more. You can connect more with TokenVille at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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