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INTEGRITY - A Blockchain Platform That Empowers Small Businesses to WIN

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Integrity project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

About Integrity

Integrity.one is built on the foundation of our existing business, eRational Marketing. Our proof of concept prototype empowered our growth agency to cross the million-dollar mark last year and placed us in the 50 fastest growing companies in Canada

  • Growth: 1857% in 3 Years
  • Annualized Revenue: $2,280,000/Year
  • Businessess We’ve Helped: 392
  • Avg Client Return: 300%+
  • Total Client Growth: $35,000,000+
  • Leads Generated For Clients: 500,000+


Very hard to grow & operate at same time
Owners waste time & money, trying to figure out how to fuel growth, instead of relying on experts and focusing on their product/services & what they do best.

Who to trust with marketing?
Owners often choose to build their own strategy. They end up picking the wrong people, wrong process or wrong tech and generally fail as a result.

Ecosystem plagued by waste & inefficiencies
50B invested in growth in U.S. per year / 200B globally. (7000 tech providers across 100+ areas of marketing): insiders estimate 50%-80% gets wasted.


Focus on what they do best…
…and let integrity do the rest. Experts takes care of growth and facilitate operations via the platform. Owners can then focus on product and services..

The platform vets participants
The PoWR2 protocol (Proof of Wisdom for experts, Proof of Results for tech and Proof of Reputation for freelancers) ensures only trusted players contribute.

We connect the dots for the small business
Allows experts, freelancers & tech builders to collaborate to save the owners time and money; all performance-based so results meet expectations.


Hard to monetize knowledge in a scalable way
Experts often get to a plateau in terms of clients they can service and execution they can carry out, with their own small team.

No protection of intellectual property
When experts monetize processes, they are vulnerable to others who aim to copy and capitalize on their ideas without sharing profit or credit for that wisdom.

The Platform Allows Freelancers to Execute
After 3-4+ years of building revenue streams, experts often find themselves stuck with more operations than they ever expected and want to go back to strategy.


Experts gain massive distribution
Experts tap into a much wider market through the platform and get paid every time someone uses their process, generating passive income, like a royalty.

Knowledge gets encrypted on the blockchain
Allows the experts to extract, map and safely store the processes they have cultivated over the years, so it can be used by others and benefit everyone involved.

The Platform Allows Freelancers to Execute
Experts don’t have to execute anymore. Freelancers are assigned the work needed to deliver results. This allows experts to focus on advisory and strategy.


Cost of acquisition too high with small business
Client acquisition costs in the tech industry are quite high. Internal sales teams are expensive and difficult to staff. Sales cycles are way too long for the deal size.

Tech makers spread themselves thin. Lines are getting blurred across different software categories, leading to superfluous overlap & decline in quality.

Growth at any cost creates a vicious circle
Most tech companies start with real utility. Once funded, they pursue very aggressive growth and the focus shifts to short term revenues. Quality suffers.


Gain market shares seamlessly: based on merit
Integrity brings a critical mass of qualified users who pay per use for the tech, so there is no need for a sales force or marketing efforts, just an excellent product.

Focus on best features and niche expertise
Tech providers can focus on their niche because they are paid per API call. They can divert funds from sales and marketing and reinvest in building better software.

Results-based growth creates a virtuous circle
Creating an incentive that rewards great software rather than good sales/marketing creates a virtuous circle that funnels more funds to develop better tech.


Finding work can be a challenge
Freelancers are best at execution in their field of expertise but don’t always have the sales skills needed to close new business consistently.

Hard to keep up with fast-changing skills
Freelancers have a hard time refreshing their skillset (as process & tech continue to rapidly evolve) in order to keep delivering high value for clients.

Work well done doesn’t equate stable income
Out in the marketing jungle, doing good work doesn’t always translate into more work and is not sufficient to generate steady employment.


Platform brings continuous business
The platform offers a continuous stream of merit based work opportunities. The better the freelancers delivers, the more they can work.

A learning engine allows them to stay relevant
Freelancers build and hone the necessary skills on the platform. It empowers them to perform the required tasks to grow businesses – and everybody wins.

Quality work leads to stable income
Thanks to the Proof of Reputation protocol, delivering great work and producing results actually does translate into continuous work, for the best providers.

Introducing: The Integrity Platform Ecosystem
The Integrity Platform connects Small Businesses with the right people, process and technology to execute the best growth strategy for their specific needs… so they can focus on what they do best.

Small Business
The small business buys growth-on-demand using the Integrity Token which is placed in what is essentially Escrow by a smart contract on the blockchain. Token is released to the expert, freelancer and tech provider only after they have successfully done their part: one step at a time.

Every time the Expert Process they contributed is used by a small business to grow, or accessed by another participant of the platform, a smart contract ensures they get paid a royalty in Integrity Token.

The freelancer gets paid in Integrity Token when they successfully perform the activity they were contracted to do. Once the quality has been validated by the platform, the smart contract automatically deposits Integrity Token in their wallet.

Technology Provider
Most growth processes involve technology. Whenever the tech is used, payment in Integrity Token is released by Smart Contract to compensate for the exact usage of the technology’s microservices to grow the business.

Token Sale


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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