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BLOKBIZ GROUP - Safe and Monitored Crowdfunding Portal

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the BlokBiz project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

BlokBiz is a secured and monitored crowdfunding portal. It is an intermediary that combines blockchain technology with the most secure compliance methods used by big commercial banks. BlokBiz gives solution to the current ICO and cryptocurrency investment issues. Filters financial criminal activities such as scam ICOs, money laundering, terrorism and black market financing. We dedicate a project manager for each and every ICO project, so it is directly monitored and guided by our Team.

BlokBiz Goals

Our goal is to establish a community based financing platform and ICO
crowdfunding system where companies are thoroughly checked, monitored and the projects are supervised by BlokBiz. Investors can invest with a minimal risk in new businesses for which they receive an ICO token. By leveraging blockchain technology, our system delivers cryptocurrency from the investor to the funded company and the ICO of the funded company through smart contracts. 

For the financed projects the companies will receive their funds in installments only and only if they can make progress. We want to create not just an IT company, but also to a serious supervisory Team that will not let go the hands of companies even after the financing phase. 

Our financed projects’ success is our success as well. To build a user-friendly website where investors can browse and invest in even multiple companies by knowing exactly where they invested their cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, they will get the invested funds back if the company does not begin to operate or does not perform properly.

XBZ token

The purpose of issuing and offering our own token to the investors consists of two parts.
  1. 1. It accelerates the development procedures of the project, thus it can start its operation earlier. HOWEVER, THE LAUNCH OF THE PLATFORM IS NOT DEPENDENT ON THE SUCCESS OF THE TOKEN SALE. The capital raising from the token sale is meant to be an accelerator. That’s why the XBZ tokens are refundable during the sale periods.
  2. Owning XBZ tokens will reduce the token owner’s transaction fees on the BlokBiz platform. Investors have the opportunity to get these tokens at a very reasonable price during the pre-sale and the soft cap period, but the tokens will be available during the operation of BlokBiz Platform at a higher price.
Total supply of our token
  • The fixed total supply of BlokBiz token (symbolized XBZ) is 100 000 000 XBZ.
  • Pre-Sale goal: 2.000 ETH – 1,72x bonus 6.5M token – 3250 XBZ/ETH
  • Soft-cap goal: 15.000 ETH – 1,23x bonus 35M token – 2333 XBZ/ETH
  • Hard-Cap goal: 23.000 ETH - 43.5M token – 1891 XBZ/ETH
Token distribution

We have set the target amount of Pre-sale to 2.000 ETH. By investing this amount BlokBiz will hire its first full-time developers, buy the necessary softwares and equipment, finalize the design, the basics of the BlokBiz main platform, and focus on marketing.

Soft Cap
We believe our project is not just a simple ICO. It helps the whole ICO crowdfunding market to be more transparent and reliable, including avoid all the worthless tokens. In order to our project will be feasible, we have set the soft-cap goal to 15.000 ETH and we will reinvest this amount in security development, equipment, Team expansion and marketing. At this point BlokBiz will start providing its services for the market and there is enough capital for 2 years of operation. Development of new projects like BlokBiz Funding for artists and creators, and BlokBiz Company Marketplace can be started after this period.

Hard Cap
Our hard cap period will begin at the exact time our platform officially launches. The tokens will be available at its normal price and can be used for reducing transaction fees within the platform. The hard cap ’goal’ is 23.000 ETH. From this period BlokBiz focuses on extending its capacity, service areas, and developing future projects such as BlokBiz Investment Bot, and BlokBiz Exchange.

Plans for the future / Side projects
  • Consultant AI. Analyzes the market and tells what tokens or coins should you invest in for maximum profit. It will be a free-to-use application for our users.
    Development of the project starts after the Hard Cap period. 2019 Q2
  • BlokBiz Company Marketplace. There are good projects, ideas, patents or operating businesses out there for sale and there are potential buyers for them.
    BlokBiz wants to bring them together in its dedicated platform. Development of the project starts after the Soft Cap period. 2019 Q1
  • BlokBiz Exchange Platform. We believe in our funded ICOs and we know that the real success is when a token or coin goes to the exchange market. In order to accelerate this progress, we will establish our own exchange site. All the ICOs will appear on it that were funded on BlokBiz Platform. Development of the project starts after the Hard Cap period. 2019 Q3
  • BlokBiz Mobile App. So you can browse within our platforms more comfortably.
    Development of the project starts after the Soft Cap period. 2019 Q1
  • BlokBiz Supporting Platform for Creators and Artists. Get donations from your fans by using BlokBiz. Give them some of your own token or XBZ token in return and let them use it for exchange, or redeem it for extra services from you or from others. Development of the project starts after the Soft Cap period. 2019 Q1
You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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