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PARQ - Parksen Parking Application Development and Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the PARQ project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

The ParQ Foundation is a trust responsible for token generation, distribution and the management of the final proceeds, including the Charity Fund and our Smart City Project Fund. Parksen, on the other hand, is the company responsible for development of the Parksen Parking app and the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform.

Powered by PARQ

Our multi-functional utility token
The PARQ token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token which can be spent and earned within the Parksen parking app and the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

Pay for parking
Using the Parksen parking app, drivers can locate, reserve and pay for their parking before ever leaving home. The app then guides them there following the fastest possible route.

Pay for equipment
Using the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform, municipalities, parking garages and companies can purchase and integrate new system and hardware upgrades from our partners.

Earn by collecting data
All types of users can earn PARQ tokens by collecting and submitting data on local congestion and pollution levels, parking space availability and a wide variety of surveys.

Earn by renting out parking spots
Using the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform, all users can earn PARQ tokens by registering and renting out individual and corporate parking spots that belong to them.

An Innovative City Development Platform

The universal solution for smart cities
The Parksen services are divided between our real-time Parksen parking app – of which a modest MVP already exists – and the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform. 

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, a universal ledger and a variety of IoT devices, we will create a truly sustainable and intelligent city development platform. With the collected data, we will be able to battle back against the ever-rising levels of traffic congestion and pollution that are damaging life in large urban metropolises and small cities alike. 

The Parksen parking app will use that same data to guide drivers to available and affordable spots, while municipalities, parking garages, companies and other users of the City Platform can use the data to improve their own infrastructures. 

In order to guarantee a strong, healthy growth of our community and the participating municipalities, we have decided to issue a total of 250M PARQ tokens for the ICO. After careful consideration, we believe that this will allow us to come through on the long-term goals of both our platform and parking app.

PARQ tokens can be bought with fiat currency via bank transfer, Paypal, creditcards and both ETH and BTC. Despite having both a discount for the pre- and public token sale, the base price of PARQ will be: 1 PARQ = 0.10 USD


1 PARQ = 0.07 USD

Token distribution and Use of proceeds

Turning Dreams into Reality
Our road to Green, Smart & Connected Cities

2016 – Q1 Development of the Parksen Cloud and Parking App
2016 – Q3 Beta Testing of Parksen Cloud and Parking App
2016 – Q4 First Round of Private Funding from Dutch Government & Investors
2017 – Q1 Alpha Launch of Parksen Cloud and Parking App in the Netherlands
2017 -Q2 Started Research for Green, Smart & Connected City Platform and Hired Additional Team Members Towards ICO
2018 – Q1 ICO Preparations, Website, Smart Contract and Whitepaper Development
2018 – Q2 Start of the Pre-Sale and Public Sale
2018 – Q4 Start Development of IoT Devices for Smart Parking Solutions and Setting Up Offices and Expanding Teams for Global Expansion
2019 – Q1 Start Development of Beta Parksen City Platform
2019 – Q4 Launch Beta of Parksen City Platform
2020 – Q2 Final Product Launch in Selected Cities
2020 – Q4 Global Release of Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

To find more relevant details from the PARQ project, please follow a number of sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk user name: Aray80

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