Sunday, September 23, 2018

MYCRO - Intuitive Mobile Application For Use

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called MYCRO, based on the following criteria:

What is MYCRO
MYCRO is an intuitive mobile application to use. Simple short-term work can be placed directly on the MYCRO network for free. Using known intelligent and self-learning algorithms from the dating platform, MYCRO matches these tasks on time with the right job seekers. He does the job. One person gets time, another money.
"Time connects us all, regardless of our social background or rank. Time is limited. Time is limited. We cannot return or extend time. In today's world, our time is largely externally controlled. Time is controlled by our work, our clients , our social obligations. Therefore, we believe that everyone in this world has the right to control the time. Our vision is to exercise this right. For this reason, we will create a balance between time and money. "
Simple job. Simple usage.

Mycro's success is significantly based on intuitive usability. The need for job providers and job seekers must be met in a fast and uncomplicated manner. This happens by matching the right job offer with the right job seeker. Only after that did the two parties achieve their goals. Good work products for job providers. Fun and tempting work for job seekers.

Our mission is to give everyone access to these opportunities, regardless of whether they are from a village in Vietnam, on the outskirts of Berlin or from the center of Manhattan.

MYCRO wants to solve serious problems in society. Through peer-to-peer networks for simple work, they give people control over the balance of their time and money. During ICO, a maximum of 100,000,000 MYO will be created. Softbank will be reached at the level of 3.5 million euros.

Facts & specifications
  • Symbol: the Myo
  • Softcap: € 3,500,000
  • Hardcap: € 14,000,000
  • Token supply: 100,000,000 Myo
  • sold Personally: 26,000,000 Myo
  • main sales: 40,000,000 which is Myo
  • BL blockchainchain specification: ERC20 sign
  • Participation method: ETH
  • Starting ICO: Q4 / 2018
Token Distribution

Distribution of funds


To find out more. You can connect more with Mycro at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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