Thursday, September 13, 2018

CAFECOIN - Decentralized Application to Make Online Purchases

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the CafeCoin project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

There are a large number of applications whose developers assure all users of security and effectiveness. But most often there are unpleasant situations with payments in shops or cafes. But if you consider not only fiat money, but also like a popular paralyzed currency? Can I buy something directly by using tokens for this? The answer is sewn by the CafeCoin developer - a decentralized application to make online purchases. In this case, all project users will be able to save significantly - they have various bonus programs, as well as a partial cache system. Get real opportunities for savings and additional income along with Colombian developer projects.

CafeCoin makes Technology and savings available only to the largest companies, accessible to all CafeCoin. One reason why some OICs failed in the past was because they offered nothing new compared to other cryptocurrencies. Basically they were a new version of the most successful crypts like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Although these two cryptocurrencies are currently the currencies that earn the most money in the market, simply following in their footsteps will not generate the same buzz as when they launched their currency for the first time.

  1. Building free software application which is everywhere on electronic platform and customized distributed ledger framework execute near real time,
  2. Low cost merchant transactions, since cofecoin leverages the strength of decentralized cryptographically secured tokens
  3. Cafecoin is brought to be the utility tokens which will be strongly use for buying customers products and service.

There mission is to get the whole market share (the cryptocurrency and cafecoin markets) to use it's leadership, experience, and technical capabilities to make cafecoin the leading decentralize utility payment token adopted by customer and merchant worldwide.

Retail stores are not always ready to work with existing applications, sometimes it is very difficult to pay for goods in this way. But CafeCoin developers are looking for partners for their projects to provide users with pleasant discounts at partner stores;

The emergence of new opportunities for competition. Traders want to integrate such applications into work - because customers increasingly don't want to spend extra time searching for maps and entering different information. Now you can use a smartphone to solve this problem as quickly and safely as possible;

Existing services may not always guarantee the confidentiality of their users. Con artists often steal information or funds. But the CafeCoin developer is used to protect all blockade features, this platform is not only very convenient, but also safe;

There are no trading fees. If you compare the existing payment options - both the merchant and the buyer lose a certain amount to pay the commission. The CafeCoin application will allow you to execute contracts directly protected by intellectual contracts;

Individual discount for each buyer. In this case, everything will depend on your activities. Store partners are ready to give their regular customers an excellent savings opportunity;
Consumers will be able to ensure that the information remains confidential. They don't need to worry about preserving their data or funds, because the CafeCoin platform is based on a blockade;
The universal application will allow you to immediately pay for the goods or services needed. There are no additional activities or time expenses.

There are no debit cards and payment problems

Try to forget about when you have to carry a large number of cards in order to have access to your funds. CafeCoin now allows you to pay for any purchase always in a few easy steps. You must download the required program, install it and scan the product code. This approach allows you to quickly pay for your chosen purchases. The store is a real benefit for people who use CafeCoin. After all, there are no more large fees to be paid to the bank for transactions. Now all savings will be distributed evenly among the buyers, sellers and creators of the CafeCoin project. Developers will spend their share on further development of the platform and look for new partner stores.

  • 30% - Product development
  • 25% - Marketing
  • 25% - Strategic Acquisitions and Market Penetration
  • 20% - Reserve Stability Fund
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