Tuesday, August 28, 2018

SPORTSFIX - Decentralized Cellular Streaming For Review of Digital Stadium Networks

Welcome my friends to the exciting new Project today and let's see their great idea:

SportsFix Platform is a decentralized mobile streaming for digital stadium network review, which updates to sports fans in the ASEAN region. Our platform uses popular local, regional and international sports content. This is the content of a digital ecosystem, based on Blockchain technology, freedom and decentralization of sports media rights.

The next generation platform is an over-the-top digital stadium (OTT) that is based on a symbolic economy that allows sports fans to review deep-operate communication with teams, clubs, and sponsor their favorites, which they follow, and are appreciated because they participate through SportsFix Signs . Digital stadiums will be made multi-level for community promotion and growth. As the Digital Stadium community develops, more features are opened, creating a better viewing experience for fans.

The Digital Stadium
Choose what you watch, earn SFT, and pay (almost) nothing!

  • Catch your favourite game
  • Purchase Game Day Passes 
  • Enroll as a digital season passholder (DSP) 
  • Earn a game day pass from our sponsors or club partners 

  • Watch your favourite games with friends in HD 
  • Watch games simultaneously and publish your own commentary 
  • Earn loyalty points for making game predictions and creating cool content 

  • Directly engage with your favourite clubs 
  • Get identified and be rewarded by enrolling as a DSP 
  • Access exclusive content (locker room access, training, bloopers etc.)

  • Watch games for (almost) free by digital stadium sponsors 
  • Earn SF tokens from sponsors to redeem game day passes 
  • Get discounts off merchandise from your favourite brands

Grow your fanbase to unlock special features at each tier!

Token Flow

It’s all revolving around FANS pledging SF Tokens for acquiring and unlocking content together (green lines) - no middle men any longer!

SF has reserved SF Tokens for clubs and initially sponsors/ partners (red lines) to “sponsor” game day passes to fans to enjoy one game for free while FANS engage with clubs, sponsors and partners in a 2-way communication (blue lines). Something which never existed before as social media platforms have positioned themselves between clubs, brands and the Fans.

  • SFT metric token
  • Published tokens 800 million
  • Price of token (USD) 0.10
  • Presale duration 4-8 weeks
  • SFT's total sold 440 million
  • Pre-sale discount 30-50%
  • The minimum limit ($) is 2,000,000
  • Maximum limit ($) 37 200 000
Token Allocation


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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