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MILC - Doing Business Directly With Automatic Media Owners or Producers

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the MILC project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

What is MILC ....?

Welt der Wunder TV creates a complete new blockchain, trade, and sales platform for high-quality video content for the international broadcasting sector, VOD, and online video publishing.

In the future, this will offer all content owners the opportunity to provide their content to global markets and facilitate access to buyers, advertisers, and users.

Customers will be able to do business directly with the owner or producer of media content with automatic, free security trust from blockchain set up smart contract. This eliminates a number of intermediaries and significantly reduces prices.
Producers, owners, and other platforms that require content to participate in this model evenly.
Token name is:
MILC = MIcro Licensing Coin
The token name embodies the core business model of the platform and shows a high compatibility approach to other market segments depending on the trade license.

Welt der Wunder TV has set the brand in high quality content and broadcasting sector for decades.

It operates in Germany (and other countries), the second largest TV market in the world, behind the United States. Welt der Wunder, TV broadcasting, production and marketing of high quality content. Welt der Wunder also purchased media content for his own TV stations in Germany, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.

In combination with blockchain technology, networks can generate content trading platforms
which will become the central interface in the global media and entertainment industry.

This is our deep experience in licensing international content and a strong understanding of the content and requirements of the consumer manufacturers underlying the MILC project.

The market potential behind is huge. Estimated Turnover of the global TV industry in 2018 will be nearly 500 billion Euros.

Current situation:

International content trading on TV, VOD, and online publishing is based on different license agreements according to the use of video content.
There is not only one standard, but a few, to be reckoned with. This business is very international because video licenses are aimed at global markets by global providers.


The significant problem lies in global availability. The global legal system varies and differences in contract law, as well as language, complicate the process. Knowing the difference is a professional business in this sector and difficult to understand by the layman.
To date, no standards have been set. As a result, most licensing agreements, albeit very similar, continue to be developed and developed. Trusted partner structures that standardize and automate contracts while offering both high-end and non-legal vendors and buyers of protection.


Sales limit of MILC & token

The objective is to actively boost the value of the MILCs in addition to the platform's business model. The system is issued a limited number of 40,000,000 MILCs. The integrated reserve of 25% is a second important factor. The purpose of this platform (TV, VOD, publishers) with MILCs in order to incentivise trade in the currency.

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