Sunday, August 26, 2018

LANEAXIS - Central Utility Tool to Activate All Transactions in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Welcome my friends to the exciting new Project today and let's see their great idea:

The Future of Logistics

LaneAxis is harnessing the power of the blockchain to connect shippers directly to carriers, cutting out expensive intermediary freight brokers who charge up to a 30% commission. Who ultimately pays for this upcharge? YOU DO. This costly process raises the overall price of transported goods, which is ultimately passed on to the final consumers. Imagine if you could pay 30% less for everything!


Real-Time Tracking and the Blockchain
The LaneAxis platform enables shippers and manufacturers to keep track of transported goods in real-time via GPS-enabled devices. All critical milestones and documents in the transportation lifecycle - from proof-of-pickup through proof-of-delivery - are stored in the blockchain's immutable ledger.

Backed by Analytics
To optimize delivery and logistics planning, LaneAxis compiles analytical data from the thousands of trucks in its network and maps out the most optimal routes. Carriers are assigned ratings based on delivery history to help shippers choose the most suitable carrier for their shipment.

Driver Social Network
Globally connecting drivers to a single social network will generate massive amounts of data and information that can be shared on a global scale. The AXIS Token will be adopted on a massive scale as millions of participants take advantage of the Driver Social Network (DSN) benefits:
  • Social feeds
  • Discounts
  • Products
  • Food
  • Information sharing
  • Connections
  • Reviews
  • Shipper and carrier ratings
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Downtime
  • Freight rates and much more
As the world becomes flat with technology, the AXIS Token Driver Social Network (DSN) will play a vital role in moving data throughout the $9 Trillion dollar supply chain industry. With 90% of goods and products being delivered on a truck, the key to connecting shippers and manufacturers directly will be the birth of the AXIS Token DSN. The buildout of a massive global DSN embedded in the LaneAxis proprietary blockchain ecosystem will require API access via the AXIS Token. This will enable direct connection between shippers and carriers, cutting out freight broker fees that can exceed 30%. By removing the "middle man," the AXIS Token and its wealth of uses will establish the first true TRANSPORTATION GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

In good times and bad, products around the world have to move from point A to B. Because of this, the AXIS Token will be immune to economic downturns.

For LaneAxis contributors, holding AXIS Tokens is like holding the future of the global transportation community in your hands. It's very simple: AXIS tokens serve as the golden key to access the network. THE FUTURE IS NOW, DON'T MISS IT!

LaneAxis, Blockchain & the AXIS Token

Blockchain is a natural fit for simplifying and securing the management and tracking of goods traveling over vast distances. Goods (freight) are sent by the shipper to their destination by hiring contractual carriers. This matchmaking of shippers and carriers is currently being performed by intermediaries who charge up to a 30% commission. This is bad for the industry, bad for consumers, and bad for the overall economy.

The AXIS token will serve as the central utility tool to enable all transactions within the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem, as well as granting access to the vault of analytical business intelligence. The AXIS token is the API key to the LaneAxis engine.

The AXIS Token

The Power of the AXIS Utility Token
The AXIS token fuels the LaneAxis platform by facilitating and securing business transactions between shippers and carriers. Functioning as an API access key, the AXIS token will serve a wide variety of purposes, including accessing data on the blockchain, initiating transactions and contracts, and rewarding system participants - to name just a few


Total Circulation: 500 million AXIS tokens 
TGE Hardcap: 300 million AXIS tokens

  • TGE Tiers (w/price per AXIS Tokens)
  • (Private Sale) Jun.1 - Jun.20(UTC)
  • $ 0.18 (Presale) Jun.20 - Sep.20(UTC)
  • $ 0.25 (Public Sale - Tier 1) Sep.20 - Oct.22(UTC)
  • $ 0.30 (Public Sale - Tier 2) Oct.22 - Nov.22(UTC)
  • $ 0.35 (Public Sale - Tier 3) Nov.22 - Dec.21(UTC)


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