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SWX COIN - SWX Coins Made For Approved Adults

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Hello Everyone,

The swx coin
The swx coin is made for consenting adults

With so much being said in the media about consent and acting on the wrong messages, the swx coin was created to ensure like minded consenting adults can agree, meet up and have a good time.

Cryptocurrency is not just about bitcoin, cryptocurrency has unlocked the digital landscape to opportunities beyond your wildest fantasy.

The swx coin is a swingers exchange and was created to ensure privacy, security & clarity between consenting adults, so you are in control of what you hunger and desire...

SWX coin has the following to offer:

A maximum of 100 Million Coin volume.
Built on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.
Desire database to connect millions of consenting adults worldwide.
Dapp Application created for complete anonymity.
An experienced and dynamic production team with technical know-how.

Consenting adults can purchase the swx coin discreetly and anonymously to use within the digital wallet and through the use of our digital desire Dapp on their mobile or computer, they can specify what they want, need and what is taboo.

These boundaries are hard coded to any coin they issue in the form of a smart contract.

The receiver or acceptor of this coin then agrees to the stipulations within the smart contract, and this information is notarized and stored with the desire database.

The Dapp on mobile also acts as an anonymous i-beacon (swx coin technology overview) allowing the user to push coins from their mobile and benefit from immediate liaisons.

Discretion and clarity is entwined for the bearer and receiver of the swx coin, an agreement bound with your sexual fantasies.

Through the use of the desire database, consenting adults can securely create a spree bounty to the global network, offering coins with their hard-coded boundaries to connect with fantasists worldwide.

Security and anonymity is paramount with the swx coin, all contracts are divided between the user’s wallet ID, the blockchain and the desire repository to achieve triple security.

To purchase the coin, use the digital desire Dapp or access the desire repository, no email or identity is ever required or requested.

As the world changes, we believe that feeling safe and secure when you hunger for your deepest fantasy can be achieved without fear or recrimination with the swx coin.

From our interactions during a case study with over 500,000 interested adults, we have been able to fine tune our offering to cater to all, whatever your pleasure, whatever your digital desire….

Why invest in swx coin?

The swx coin is a sound investment as it does not just rely on technology or mass adoption to be successful, swx coin is about finding support from like-minded, consenting adults.

In the US alone, a recent study had the number of active swingers set at around 13 Million, the feedback from our market research worldwide has proven that the scope of early adopters has a huge potentially upswing, solving a very real problem for hundreds of millions of consenting adults, how to protect boundaries while still fulfilling their fantasy.

As adopters of the swx coin grow in number, the demand will drive up the value of the coin, as such, we believe that the swx coin is a viable investment opportunity for all investors.

The swx coin strategy

Funds raised up to the value of 700 BTC /18000 ETH
Our long-term desires are largely defined by the funds raised during our coin crowdsale. To illustrate our desires, we have created a brief overview that details our planned development & market penetration.


Increase development team to further enhance the Dapp and database. Further develop our desire database & digital desire Dapp (accelerated mobile pages/open source technology) to launch. Finalized i-beacon connection protocol for mobile Dapp. Integrate desire database with security ruleset.  


Translate our platform into multiple language, initially targeting Russian, Chinese, Germany, Hindi, Japanese, French and Spanish.  

Market Penetration

Launch global platform, engaging via chatrooms worldwide with the 500,000 pre-conditioned and willing participants. Launch of an early whispers campaign to build trust and awareness, supporting the swx coin proposition. Capture the fantasy seekers on the social media network, through targeted and segmented communications.

The swx coin strategy

Funds raised in excess of 700 BTC /18000 ETH
(The following will take place in addition to the previous development and strategy)

Improvement of user experience and journey road map. Develop smart contract functionality to introduce additional layers of security, to include; Development of IPv6 security protocols. Connection algorithm to suggest ideal digital identities for hook ups. Randomized HTML5 database access to members via smart contract coin issue.  

Work to translate our platform into more languages to increase adoption of swx coin.

Market Penetration

Create buzz through multiple online channels to create desire network of like-minded adults. Influence online usage via digital channels and social media network. Increased PR activity to educate consenting adults on the benefits of the swx coin. Expand the swx coin proposition to the global stage. Increase partnership with lifestyle driven chatrooms and websites. Launch annual grand spree gathering, only for swx coin holders, held in multiple locations.

SWX coin crowdsale

We are raising funds via the swx coin crowdsale and allowing investors a chance to purchase the swx coin in advance of it being listed on the various exchanges.

The swx coin will be holding its token sale on March 12th 2018, running until the April 30th 2018. Any coins that remain after crowdsale will be burnt.

You can purchase the swx coin by Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or pay by card. The swx coins will be initially offered at $0.10c per coin or equivalent BTC/ETH.

The following lift structure has been put in place to reward those who choose to invest early.

SWXcoin allocation

The swx coin will fuel the swx coin development, usage & adoption.

The swx coin will be limited to 100,000,000 (100 million).
Depending on the amount of attracted funds, the swx coins will be distributed as follows:

Exchange listings

We will be applying to the list of exchanges below initially.

The application status for each exchange will be updated as and when we get their responses.

SWX coin Project Timeline

May 2016 - February 2018

Stage 1
Research & Development - Completed
During this stage, we developed blockchain and defined the vision of the swx coin.
March 2018 - April 2018

Stage 2
the swx coin crowdsale
The start of the swx coin crowdsale funding the development of the swx coin, database and Dapp.
May 2018 - November 2018

Stage 3
The swx coin develoment
The first desire database, digital desire Dapp & the swx coin will be under development by May 2018.
Commencing January 2019

Stage 4
General availability
The swx coin will begin the process of developing the coin for mass adoption through our partners within the global chat room & global Crypto-exchanges.

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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