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SUREREMIT - Merchant Ecosystem For Global Remittance of Cash Money

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Hello Everyone,


SureRemit is a merchant ecosystem for global non-cash remittances.


The SureRemit Ecosystem is designed to address two major issues facing immigrants when executing cross-border and local money transfers:

1. The cost of remittances is very high. Transferring money through banks and traditional international money transfer operators may cost 7-12% of the value transferred;
2. Over 40% of remittances are for special uses such as food, clothing, medicine, school fees or utility bill payments. Sender (immigrant) wants to make sure that their money is used for the intended purpose.
SureRemit eliminates the cash layer by eliminating the cash agent utilizing cryptocurrency. This platform connects senders directly to merchants who serve the basic needs of their recipients back home.


SureRemit is a global ecosystem of merchants that have been collected to enable immigrants to send value directly to family and friends back home. This allows immigrants to send vouchers for a certain value without incurring too much remittance costs.
The ecosystem consists of;

Traders in various sectors, for example: Pharmaceutical chain, retail outlet, grocery store, etc.
Bills such as Electricity, Water, Cable etc.
MNO for Airtime and Data subscriptions

Available in various countries and will eventually spread to all money remittance corridors.


The first difference is that SureRemit has an ecosystem. Voucher already redeemed at our partner merchant location every day. You can see real-time voucher activity at Many other projects that try to remit money still have not developed and enabled a decent ecosystem of redemption points. In addition, SureRemit exclusively focuses on non-cash remittances, so there is accountability in remittances to make senders more comfortable knowing that the money spent is for the intended purpose.


This token sale event allows contributors to participate in SureRemit token generation event and receive RMT tokens. RMT tokens will be required to utilize SureRemit. RMT tokens are not an equity representation of the company.

Token Details
Total Token Supply: 1 Billion RMT
Token Sale Cap: $ 10 Million USD
1 $ RMT: $ 0.02 USD
Accepted: XLM, ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

Key Dates
Pre-Sale Starts: December 8, 2017
Pre-Sale Ends: January 5, 2018
Crowd Sale Starts: January 10, 2018
Crowd Sale Ends: February 10, 2018


50 Public Sale
50% sold to public as part of token sale.
(Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale).

35 Company
35% held in reserve by company in order to fund future transactional costs and to expand liquidity pool required for future growth and expansion.

10 Team and Advisors
10% allocated to team and advisors.

5 Community
5% allocated to community for bounty programs, referrals and other initiatives to grow the SureRemit community.


Jan '14: SureGifts Launched in Nigeria
Aug '14: Reached 100 Redemption Points
Jul '15: Launched in Kenya
Nov '15: Crossed 500 Redemption Points
Jan '16: Crossed 50,000 Transactions
Jul '16: Joined 500 Startups
Jan '17: SureRemit Concept Development
Nov '17: Whitepaper Released
Dec '17: Pre-sale
Jan '18: Token Generation Event
Mar '18: Beta App Release / Marketing Drive
Q2 '18: Expansion to Middle East and India
Q2 '18: Full App Release
Q4 '18: Expansion to Latin America and SE Asia

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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