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SHIVOM - The Largest Genome Data Center On The Planet

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Hello Everyone,


A unique and empowering Project, Shivom will enable DNA data donors to collaborate with revolutionary change makers in biotechnology, the health care industry, and governmentally-ordained research institutions and contribute to an unprecedented era of medical miracle.


Make Shivom the largest genomic data center on the planet. Contributors have their genomic data, control the right to access them, and receive a reward if they choose to share it.


Shivom creates a genomic ecosystem in blockchain. We will offer an open market for healthcare providers to add their applications and services, along with personalized genome and drug data analytics.

Transform genome data into usable information Break up data silos Help speed up clinical trials Facilitate research and drug development Sponsors of projects to gain access to relevant data.


Accelerate the age of the genomics
Every 7.6 billion people on earth have a unique code stored in their genes that reveal the secrets of appearance, heredity, intellectual ability, health, and fitness. However, the ability of this code to reveal a predisposition to the disease has been neglected.

Improve global health
Now is the time for community development for the "genome" challenge of the coming decade. Currently, some key players hold a monopoly on genome data and generate huge profits from selling it to third parties, usually without revenue sharing with data donors.

Jumpstart precision based drug genome
We change the dynamics of the global health care market. We utilize the most advanced technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence, and large data analytics to bring the medical genome into a new era.

Ensure the next level of data privacy
We are at the forefront of data security. We use state-of-the-art cryptography to add additional security levels to our platform that go beyond blockchain technology for decentralization, protecting every user's data from cybercriminals.


The accurate and comprehensive interpretation of your genome will only be possible when the biomedical community has analyzed the genome sequences that adequately represent the various human variations naturally. However, today, many ethnic and geographic populations are still underrepresented in public data bases.

We empower the next genome era by creating
a life-changing global healthcare ecosystem.

Our founder Axel & Sally with children in India.

OmiX Token:

Token OmiX is a key component that enables purchases, trades, incentives, and other services. Tokens are fuels from the Shivom ecosystem, as well as parts of system governance.

Benefits of OmiX token:

• Ability to obtain premium services in the Shivom ecosystem
• Ability to obtain genome sequencing kits
• Ability to sponsor a sequencing project
• Ability to gain access to health / fitness applications from third-party providers
• Ability to access the genome database
• Ability to pay donors for data / participation in research studies
• Ability for service providers to use the platform


The level of funding received dictates the distribution of funds. However, the reserve structure allows us to reduce volatility along the way while achieving long-term goals.

Platform Development 20%
Database creation, UI, API, and metadata curation. Much of this budget will be used to create secure and scalable platforms. From there we will implement new features and create an open market.
11% Operation & Business Development Daily operations, team building (developers, geneticists, marketers, and product managers). Establish Foundation.
10% Non-Profit R & D Platform
The drug discovery platform combines the analytical elements of Big Data, artificial intelligence, genomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics.
21% Marketing & Partnership Formation
Sustainable community-building community communication events through traditional marketing channels and a person-based approach. It also includes educational materials, roadshows, collaborations with other genomic initiatives, organizing events and conferences, and KOL management.
5% Law
Regulatory compliance for all Shivom markets operates at.
2% PoC Early
The first sequencing project in a hospital in rural India.
Data Storage 6%
Initiated to maintain the platform for the first few years.
25% Laboratory
Setting up a global network of laboratory and counseling services.


We will consolidate our roadmap as the community grows. After our ICO, we will deploy our first joint sequencing project as proof of concept. This first decent product will help us grow the ecosystem and increase interest from others.

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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