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SCARCECOIN - Developing Decentralized Gaming Platform (Desktop And Mobile)

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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about Scarcecoin project and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Scarcecoin is a decentralized peer to peer proof of stake standard ERC20 token backed cryptoproject. The aim of the scarcecoin project is to develop a decentralized gaming platform (desktopandmobile) where gamers not only play video games forlei sure but can also take gaming as aprofession and earn decentin come from just doing nothing else but playingvideogames.ScarceCointokenswillbeusedasthein-gamecurrencyonthis platform.

Gone are the days when wealth can only be created through physicallabour but in this current digitalage, wealth can be created through information and ideas. No longer should a gamers pend hours trying to complete at as kor getting a mission accomplished in a video game without the possibility of earning something economicallyvi able. Game developers make huge profits from developing interesting and addictive mobile / desktop games which a gamer pays to download and play but will not get anything in return other than just getting entertained.

Scarcecoin in tend to transform the game industry. Like professional and even amateur sport men and women earn millions from doing what they love most we believe a gamer should also be able to earn if not millions but thousand sof dollars from doing what they love; playing games. 
This is going to be a great transformation in the gaming industry and we believe that it is just what millions of gamers around the world have just been waiting for. The time is now to make the gamers dream come true.

Our project is developing a decentralized gaming platform that will transform video games by allowing gamers to not only play games for fun but earn income (tradable tradable SCO tokens). Think of Floyd Mayweather, Rafael Nadal, the Williams brothers, and many more that make millions of people do sports. Even if you can not do the same in the ring and the real court, you should be able to make several thousand playing virtual versions whether it be racing cars, shooting games and others. Pre-ICO has already begun. The way the ICO is powerless, the investor sends the ether to a smart contract and immediately marks his wallet used to send the ether. We recommend MEW or MetaMask wallets.

The ScarceCoin game platform will host a sports game tournament where gamers can pay entry fees at the ScarceCoin token to participate with a pool of prices for the winners. The platform will have different video games built on the ERC20 platform which means that hacking and games will not be a possibility.

Also, it will allow gamers to play in one-on-one challenge mode where both players get involved can bet some marks with winners taking everything. Not only is ScarceCoin's game project restricted to sports-based games alone but different game genres will be involved with each having a game economy model that will allow gamers to gain from playing games.


Name: ScarceCoin Token
Ticker: SCO
Type: ERC20 PoSTokenStandard
Max Supply: 14 Billion
ICO Supply: 1 Billion
Reserved: 400 Million (intended for referral and bounty servicing)
ICO price: about $ 0.01 (0.1ETH = 10k token)
Flower Stake: 100% every year
ScarceCoin token is proof of a standard peg token meaning that by holding a ScarceCoin in your MEW wallet or ERC20 wallet you can print more ScarceCoin tokens by stalking. For your bet, your token must have reached at least 3days and a maximum of 90 days in your wallet. Then you just need to send the token back to you and you get the newly printed token.


The first step is to get the SCO sign. To do this simply interact with the crowdsale contract by sending from the ERC20 wallet (eg MEW) the amount of ether you want to use to buy the token to the crowdsale address. After the contract customer receives your deposit, immediately send the equivalent token amount to the ether payment wallet sent. The current one token price is 0.00001ETH.

After receiving your SCO token, you can add more tokens to your wallet at least 3 days or 90 days maximum. Once the minimum parent day is met then the mint function can be called simply by sending the token from the handheld wallet to the holder's wallet. Once this is done, the newly printed token is also dropped on the side. Then you have to wait and hold another cycle at least 3days or maximum 90 days.

It should be noted that the more days it holds before calling the mint function, the higher the printed coin is received. However, staying out of 90 days will also give you the same coins as the holding for 90 days.


ICOcrowdsale :February 1-April 30:2018.
Coin withdrawal to wallets :May, 2018
Launch on exchanges and Coin marketcap :May,2018.
Release of mobile wallet :June, 2018
Game platform launch :July, 2018
Collaborations with big giants in gaming industry :August, 2018
Release of API for game developers:September, 2018
Annual international game tournament with huge reward starting November, 2018.
All through therest of 2018 and into 2019, further development and improvement will be continue don the platform to bring out the best for all stake holders in ScarceCoin project.

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80