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MYDFS - Simplifying the User Experience To Make The Game Exciting For Players Of All Kinds

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Hello Everyone,

Blockchain supported daily fantasy sports
Fantasy sports statistics and deals, all running on smart contracts.

MyDFS is a daily fantasy sports platform supported by blockchain from creators uTrener and KHL Fantasy. MyDFS runs on mobile devices and connects sports fans worldwide in a transparent and easy-to-use way. We've simplified the user experience to create fun games for players of all types. You can use MyDFS token to play, win, and exchange it with other currencies or banknotes. In addition, we pioneered player brokers to allow regular users to share gifts with Pro.

Our platform solves a number of key issues facing today's fantasy sports:

We use the blockchain to solve these problems:

MyDFS tokens

MyDFS tokens is an additional way for users to grow the value of what they own and win, and stay engaged and interested. MyDFS tokens can be used to:

Participate in games, receive winnings 
Pay for extra app features and in-game content 
Invest in other players on the platform 
Convert tokens to other cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Dynamic token

The more players we have the more demand for our tokens will be. 
That is why we will do our best to attract a lot of sports fans on to our platform. More so MyDFS tokens will be listed on the top 10 crypto exchanges in order to increase their usage and a total value.

Ready for big events

The mobile app is the base of MyDFS platform. It allows users to find and join games, manage their tokens, invest in other players, etc.

Ready for large sporting events

MyDFS app will be released shortly before the largest soccer championship of 2018, to be held this summer in Russia. It’s the perfect opportunity to attract a wide audience of fans and grow the userbase.

The app is almost done

Our team has vast experience in the fantasy sports industry, so we’re not starting from scratch. We’ve put lots of effort into making MyDFS easy and pleasurable to use for players of any skill level.

Here’s a peek at the features we’ve already built:

Easy user onboarding 
Automatic player seating 
Smart Lineup 
Fast lineup creation 
Detailed player stats 
100% online game simulation 
Achievement/XP system 
Advanced leaderboards 
Pro functionalities 
In-game/support chats 
Multi-language support.

We have a strong background building fantasy apps:

We are seasoned pros with extensive experience building daily fantasy sports apps, like the KHL Haier Fantasy app we made for the Kontinental Hockey League, the largest of its kind in Europe. That app, as well as our uTrener fantasy app, were both featured by Apple in the App Store.

The KHL Haier app was:

IN TOP10: One of the top 10 sports apps in Russia, Finland, Belarus, and Slovakia
#1: The best sports mobile app at the 2017 MarSpo Awards
400,000+ Used to create more than 400,000 competing fantasy teams

MyDFS brokerage - play for real

Instead of just playing games as regular players do, you can also invest in other DFS players by using our brokerage platform. It allows to transparently and competently invest in pro players and capitalize on their winnings — automatically and hassle-free.

Transparent, detailed game record

You can choose player to invest in by analyzing their game track record, that’ publicly available and can be easily compared with other players, so you know your risks and can choose wisely.

Protected, instant payments

Your funds are locked using a smart contract, so the players won’t be able to spend it any other way than to enter games you’ve preagreed on. Winnings share also deposits instantly.

Decentralized data storage

We store all the players data and game stats in blockchain, so when you need a closer look at how your players perform, you always have the freshest data just a click away.

Project roadmap

For More Information:

Bitcointalk name :Aray80

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