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LIBERDY - Reclaim Your Data

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Hello Everyone, In this new post I will introduce about Liberdy project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Liberdy's Ecosystem

• Get rewarded for data you've shared with Google, Facebook and Amazon
• Take control of the information collected
• Advanced rebate platform access
• Generate a new revenue stream
• Enhance your users data
• Make the most of the GDPR regulation 

• Easily integrate with the DSP of your choice
• Tap into a rich international data warehouse
• Access top-notch consent based data
• Benefit from data verified on the blockchain

GDPR - Data Protection Act

The European Union (EU), in an attempt to limit the monopoly power of data, has enacted a new privacy law. This bill is the key to our solution because it recognizes that the user is the rightful owner of the data and that, starting from May 2018, the company must provide a copy of the data, free of cost, in electronic format. This change is a dramatic change in data transparency and empowerment of data subjects, which apply to all data collected by online companies.
Liberdy is the perfect solution for GDPR compliance, as our new economy allows us to easily obtain user consent to share their information with potential advertisers. As a result of the new regulations, data extraction is now easier than ever and our goal is to be central to all GDPR data being exported.

GDPR Terms

• The user is the legal owner of the data
• Users must approve the use of their data
• Data must be portable for extraction in electronic format
This is a great time, as Liberdy takes advantage of Blockchain's technology and GDPR regulations to disrupt the digital advertising industry.

Market opportunity

By 2017, the size of the global digital ad spending market is estimated to have been achieved
228 billion dollars, representing a growth of 19% from a year ago. By 2018, we anticipate a 16.5% growth to 266 billion dollars.
The past two years have witnessed a tremendous explosion in data generation, with the creation of 90% of all available data, and the market is expected to grow 27% annually.
Data is the key to success of any marketing operation. As a result, the digital advertising market is controlled by a limited number of companies. Experts point out that almost all growth in digital advertising spend goes to Google and Facebook, which already account for more than three quarters of the market.
Our data is Facebook and Google's greatest asset. This data is what forces other media companies (essentially Google and Facebook competitors) to work with them because it's almost impossible to get the same results online without this powerful insight, without our data.

Product Flow

Liberdy has developed a decentralized Data Management Platform on the blockchain that segments, manages, protects and verifies data. Our solution seamlessly fits into the existing digital advertising ecosystem, addressing its needs for reliable data by ensuring transparency and accuracy.
• Liberdy APP - an application that manages all user's interaction with Liberdy Data Platform. This application is responsible for extracting, verifying and uploading the user's personal data. The app also acts as a wallet that manages tokens, balance and rewards.
• Liberdy Data Platform - is responsible for the interactions with the users and management of data import process. The data is segmented , taxonomy is created , and stored in the DMP . Advertisers buy segments from the DMP.
• Demand - segmented data is sold to the relevant entities in the Adtech industry

User Acquisition Channels

• Direct User Acquisition - in our competitive landscape, acquiring users is a costly operation. Reserve funs are allocated to subsidize the onboarding process. We plan to use PR & various media buying efforts to reach out to potential users. Until the platform gains momentum, Liberdy will pay a sign-up bonus for US based users.
• Publishers - various companies with access to a considerable number of users, who look for additional revenue streams, can monetize their client base. For every user that joins the platform, they get a piece of the pie and the relevant data enrichment elements. Examples include news publishers, mobile app developers, non-profit organization and more...

The LIB Utility Token Flow

The currency of the Liberdy ecosystem will be the LIB token. There will be a fixed (non-inflating) supply of 1,000m LIBs for these purposes. Our users earn 85% of the tokens received from advertisers that buy their segmented data.

In our platform users are compensated based on their level of engagement with Liberdy’s platform and community. There are two levels of engagement – Basic Users and Power Users:
  • Basic Users - are limited to sharing their data from Facebook, Google and Amazon with advertisers on an ongoing basis. They get LIB when advertisers buy segments they are part of. As part of our sophisticated targeting capabilities, they are offered discounted product via advanced rebate and cash back modules.
  • Power Users – Power users understand the power of accurate and detailed data and therefore register for an automation service that will expedite their earning by adding additional devices and data from ALL GDPR supported sources. By opening this feature, Power Users increase their chances of being targeted as they offer more accurate and detailed information.
  • Advertisers buy segmented data from the Liberdy Platform. Every transaction is registered on the backchain and the money is automated transfered to the users in the associated segment via smart contracts. Advertiser can also launch Rebate and Cashback campaigns to the targeted audiences and offer tour users a special deal on their products.


• TGE soft cap - $5,000,000
• TGE hard cap - $30,000,000

ICO Tokens Allocation

For more information and joining Liberdy social media today please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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