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JWC VENTURES - The First Decentralized Platform For The Tokenization Service

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Business plan summary

The ongoing trend of blockchain technology applications has impacted many small to large companies and disrupted various industries. At the border, JWC Blockchain Ventures Corporation (JWC) sets the first decentralized platform for tokenisasi services with two missions: 1) connecting two worlds
Crowdfunding and Blockchain to other advanced technologies of Intelligent Creation (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, and 2) offer cryptocontributors any size of early access to tokenisasi projects through transparent mechanisms contribute to the JWC portfolio companies from new disturbing opportunities. All newly created tokens from TGEs from JWC portfolio companies use JWC tokens as one of their foundations.

JWC aims to be one of the most active tokenisasi service providers dedicated to unique blockchain solutions to technology innovators who respond to community crypto needs and can deliver positive changes to specific industries. JWC can help our portfolio companies to drive growth inflection in established markets, to deliver strategic partnerships and support high operational growth, and to enable high value
M & A, IPO and TGE in the EMEA, APAC and US regions. The JWC search for the early stages of the business focuses on a set of vertical industries. We provide financial, technological advisory and advanced support to help startup companies reach their highest potential. Thanks to blockchain technology, transparency for our contributors is no longer a myth with the JWC ecosystem, unlike traditional VCs.

JWC Blockchain Ventures Business Model

In order to cultivate and assist our portfolio companies, JWC established the JWC Lab which acts as a gateway for contributors to participate and benefit in an innovative and healthy ecosystem with JWC blockchain advantage. JWC Lab will focus on application research, design, implementation, and quick.

roll-out to boost the growth of our portfolio companies and the value of JWC tokens through the increasing demand and adoption of solutions aimed at solving real world problems. Included in the JWC blockchain is JWC token, which is functional utility token created by a group of experts who provide innovative tokenization services using cryptographic token and blockchain-based software systems. The token will be fully transferable, providing liquidity that is not usually found in traditional venture capital markets.

Private sale and the official public sale of JWC tokens is scheduled in Q2/2018. The target is to raise 50 million USD. Our goals are to obtain 20 portfolio companies in one year, to double the value of asset under management (AUM), and to build the foundation of 2020 advanced technology ecosystem - JWC blockchain platform with decentralized applications for global logistics, agriculture food chain, supply chain, e-commerce, telco, loyalty reward, and warehouse management.

Target industry for JWC blockchain

What is focused on JWC Based in APAC, US and EU, we focus on blockchain and advanced IT & digital platforms for industries defined as follows: 1) E-commerce & FinTech, 2) Global Logistics & Transportation, 3) Biotech & Genetics, 4) Advanced Technologies (AI, ML, and Big Data analytics), and 5) Social Value solutions projects that can positively impact billions of people around the world, such as food distribution to "Zero Hunger" and Renewable Energy initiatives. Utilizing our team's expertise as well as ongoing disruptions across industries caused by advanced technology applications and integration, JWC funds are the laser focus for identifying and working together in high-potential firms within the industry defined above with token contributions.


● The most disruptive industries The traditional retail sector has been disrupted by the emergence of a digital e-commerce platform. The size of this revolution is seen in more than 100 store closures and nine retail bankruptcies of brick & mortar by 2017 at
US alone. The simplest explanation for the deaths of brick and mortar stores is that e-commerce disruptions succeed in taking customers from traditional retailers at unprecedented and unprecedented speeds.
● The investment of vertical e-commerce investment into the ecommerce ecosystem is very attractive to contributors as evidenced by the presence of 700+ private e-commerce companies since 2012 and the rise of M & A and IPO activities from 2013 to 2015. In 2016 and 2017, contributors shied away from e-commerce investing due to the spike in valuations and the cash burn required to reach profitability in the highly competing B2C space. There are new channels of growth leveraged by startups, which could lead to many billiondollar brands.
● E-commerce businesses are reinventing the wheel
We believe that building an ecosystem of plug & play solutions supported by a network of reliable partners could help early-stage e-commerce companies to be more capital efficient and effective in their critical early stages of the business.

Token Sale

● Utility tokens
Token name JWC Blockchain Ventures
Ticket JWC
Platform Ethereum
Token standard ERC-20
Initial token sale supply 1billion JWC
Accepted cryptocurrency ETH
Token sale fixed price for 1 ETH 10,000 JWC

Token distribution

Funds Allocation
After the TGE, proceeds will be allocated as follows if funds are raised successfully based on the target: 

Investment scenarios and Milestones

Under 2.5 Million USD 95% of funds allocated to JWC Fund,
5% Admin & Legal
Under 10 million USD 85% of funds allocated to the JWC Fund,
10% Marketing & PR,
5% Admin & Legal
Under 20 million USD 75% of funds allocated to JWC Fund,
15% Marketing & PR,
5% Acquisition & Partnership,
5% Admin & Legal
Over 20 Million USD Follow the original fund allocation plan

Project Roadmap

Late 2014 Recognized investment opportunities in blockchain
2016 JWC leaders promote development and call for cooperation with Caganu Group
Q1–2017 TGE team formation + investments in R&D
Q2 –2017 Investment pipeline milestones and TGE document preparation
Q3 –2017 Token, Smart Contract, MultiSig wallet creation Identify potential portfolio companies
Q4 –2017 JWC token contributor wallet creation – Quality and Stress test
Q1– 2018 Token integration research
Q2– 2018 Token Generation Event (TGE)
Q2/Q3 - 2018 Target for exchanges listing Open US, Asia & Europe offices Set up JWC token integration framework
Q3/Q4– 2018 TGE of first portfolio company Multi-cryptocurrency payment solutions beta release Design JWC blockchain for tokenization service ecosystem
Q4 – 2018 Target portfolio: 6 companies Design Proof of Authority consensus Design second layers for JWC blockchain infrastructure
Q1 – 2019 Scale up deployments with strategic industry partners Establish JWC blockchain’s testnet with atomic cross-chain transfer Develop Proof of Authority consensus JWC blockchain development – Zero transaction fee, 3s transaction speed & scalability
Q2 – 2019 Loyalty reward system deployment
JWC token integration on JWC testnet
Cross-chain smart contract integration
Q3 – 2019 Target to double value of asset under management
JWC blockchain public release
JWC token protocol standard
Portfolio company’s Dapps integration
Q4 – 2019 E-commerce ecosystem: logistics, telco & warehouse management
Open source of the JWC Lab's fundamental tools
APIs for partner and developer
2020 and onwards New project portfolios and blockchain solutions for other industries.

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