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FLYINGMONEY - Legalize Financial Assets Including Currencies, Equity Commodities And Real Estate

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About Money Fly


Flying Money plans to legalize financial assets including currency, commodity equity and real estate. Our digital tokens will be traded on the global digital exchange and backed 100% by the equivalent assets.
Flying Money Tokens (FML) will be issued through pre-sale and ICO and may be used for discount transaction costs on the purchase and settlement of currencies and token assets.
Flying Money provides currency, equity, commodities and other financial assets and instruments as standard ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereal blockade.
Money will initially launch a currency token, followed by a digital credit card, FX, and payment gateway services.


Audited monthly by the largest accounting firm in the world
Independent trust to protect customer assets legally
100% cash backed - held by a reputable bank
Senior management to deliver plans - Blockchain, Banking, Payments, Telecoms
Digital Exchange and Consumer Applications from currency and asset tokens.

Why Fash Money Token

The world's first digital ERC20 currency
The world's first digital currency ERC20, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD for secure and instantaneous payments globally are all supported by matching an audited cash deposit for instant conversion.

Safe and can be converted instantly

Deposits are managed by one of the leading financial institutions, operated by independent trust, and audited by a globally recognized firm of accountants. Flying Money complies with all legal and financial regulations (AML / KYC) and is recommended by one of the world's tallest law firms.

Can be traded on major exchanges around the world

Flying Money Digital Currency Tokens will be able to be traded on major exchanges around the world, enabling the trading of digital currencies into tangible assets to diversify the crypto currency portfolio that reduces volatility.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain-based technology enables payment without trust between parties to complete trade or purchase anywhere.

Management and advisory boards

Industry experts who have built, owned and operated Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) stock companies with strong leadership backgrounds in Blockchain, banking, payments and telecommunications.

Purchase and simple redemption

Money Fly token digital currency can be purchased on the Flying Money website. To redeem a digital currency token, the customer returns to the website and sends the Token Fly Money from their wallet. Trust of independent company will then arrange to send the appropriate fiat currency fund to customer appointed bank account. As simple as that.


PARAMETER CROWDFUNDING PRE-ICODURATION: 31 January - 29 March Token issued in PRE-ICO will be sold during ICOICO Duration: March 30 - April 30 At the end of ICO, all unsold token of Fuel Money will be burned. Cashing money TokenTotal Supply: 65.000.000Decimal: 18Symbol: FMLBlockchain: Ethereum ERC-20.


Road map

September 2017: Flying Money incorporated in Hong Kong
31 January 2018: Pre ICO
30 March 2018: ICO
May 2018: FML Tokens issued
June 2018: FML Tokens listed on global exchanges
July 2018: USD currency token issued USDf
August 2018: EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD currency tokens issued
August 2018: Flying Money Digital Wallet enables currency FX in seconds with no intermediary
Q4 2018: Launch Flying Money Credit Card to 42m online and physical stores
Q1 2019: Smart Contract for tokenization of equities and commodities.
Q2 2019: Swiss Banking License
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
ICO Launches on 30 March 2018

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