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EVAREIUM - Environmental Systems To Acquire, Plan, Finance And Manage Assets

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Pioneered by leading professionals from MENA (Middle East, and North Africa) real estate, hospitality, private equity, FinTech and the banking sector with extensive professional expertise gathered from a combined 50+ years of work for top-level institutions (including the Abraaj Group - the largest non-state private equity firm in the Middle East, HSBC, Julius Baer Bank, American Express and Tishman Speyer) in MENA, Europe and North America.
We aim to acquire, plan, finance and manage acquisition assets for the benefit of EVM holders, providing an exciting opportunity for token customers seeking the benefits of a strong and real asset backed business model that is expected while availing freedom of instant token exchange.

EVM Offer Summary

Evarei Management LLC, as the main adviser for EVM Blockchain Limited ("Advocates"), will assist in arranging the establishment of an investment entity in the Cayman Islands called Evarei MENA Real Estate Investment ("Dana", or "Evarei MENA Real Estate Investment"), will be set up in the Cayman Islands to manage the Fund and management company called Evarei Investment Management Ltd ("EIM") to be established by the Advocate owner to manage the Fund on behalf of the investor.

Having consulted in the past with world-class law firms, Advocates have replicated the fund structures adopted in the same or similar way by many of the more than 10,000 private equity and similar funds registered in the Cayman Islands today.
Advocates propose to publish up to 150,000,000 EVM tokens, a result of which will be awarded as a limited partner partner interest to the Fund, through one of the EVM's central trustee.

Managing Funds, EIM will specialize in creating and managing investments (mainly) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the UAE and the wider Arabian Gulf and potentially elsewhere with a particular orientation towards:
• Increased business and reposition / capital increase opportunities;
• Add acquisition value;
• When there is a chance, the development project with a short and clear pregnancy timeline;
• Assets in which control interests are available; no minority equity stake if negative controls are inadequate;
• The ideal real estate assets in which tenants less than 10 tenants can be achieved; and
• Long-term leasing opportunities.

Evareium is set to annoy $ 700 + Billion
Global Private Equity Real Fund Fund on a large scale
Spearheaded by leading professionals from Dubai and global real estate, hospitality, private equity, fintech and banking sector with extensive professional expertise gathered from a combined 50+ years of work for top-level institutions (including The Abraaj Group, HSBC Bank, a Dubai primarily based on Family Office and Tishman Speyer) in the MENA region and elsewhere globally. Our expertise in real estate fund management and value-oriented investments allows us to discover niche opportunities and outperform investment management space. Our track records include the establishment and management of private equity funds, real estate investment confidence (REIT), and make direct investments in landmark projects worth more than 700 million US dollars.

Progress on Evareium

Evareium has been supported by many private founding investors based on previous funding rounds. The project has reached a critical mass of ready ground now for full public launch and progress to raise funds to acquire assets.

When is ITO?

The first official launch of Evareium token sales through our online subscription dashboard began on February 1, 2018. ITO is in 3 phases until the end of April 2018, but can be extended. Any EVM we do not sell will eventually be burned.


Initial Token Offering ("ITO") issued with a 30% 30% discount on EVM is then issued with 15% shear discount up to a nominal value of 110,000,000 EVM at nominal price (unsold token burned)

EVM Founder:

The founders will provide an additional 10,000,000 EVM, 25% of which will be locked from sales for 5 years to align value creation with investors.


Early EVM investors receive the above discount and other ongoing rights as preferred partners, such as asset investment opportunities and first notification of further token release at preferential rates and most importantly for 2018, issuance of free bonus tokens to your wallet from Evareium Blockchain Utility Token ("EVT"). Successful investors in EVM ITO will also soon get free credit to EVT - the next token Evareium plans to launch soon in 2018 - please refer to the Roadmap section for the timeline. EVM investors who store their EVM tokens in their original wallets will take advantage of EVT tokens after launch and issued in 2018. The amount of EVT bonuses received will be greater,

How to Participate?

You can register an account by clicking on the top right corner of our website.
If you recently invested in the crypto asset space, please download the Guide to Invest in Evareium.

Initial Token Token Offering
Publishing: 150,000,000 EVM in total (no limit)
Offer Rates: 1 EVM up to 1 US $ equivalent (face value)
Start Date: ITO official launch date March 1, 2018
Receiving: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether Ethereum (ETH)
Invest in
Offering our Initial Token
through registration for the White List above.
Token investment real estate investment world in the world.


The real estate sector of the Gulf Cooperation Council presents a great opportunity for institutional capital investment, with typically only 20% of institutional-owned real estate assets versus 70% in developed markets. In addition, we choose opportunities that are globally consistent with our risk / return criteria.


Having joined in partnership with leading blockchain experts, we have made 150,000,000 EVM tokens with the aim of raising at least US $ 90 million of equity to be invested into selected and attractive real estate assets and projects in Dubai / UAE and elsewhere, with strong targets , annual investment returns.


We have an executive team and an advisory board of 10 professionals with an enviable track record in coin / token collection, IT security, real estate investments and private equity, including Safa Capital, a personal fortune regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, finance and funds.


Pioneered by leading professionals from Dubai and global real estate, hospitality, consulting, private equity, fintech, and investment banking sectors with extensive professional expertise gathered from a combined over 50 years across the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Evareium Roadmap

Jan 2018 31/01/2018
1.EVM Launches Crowdfunding ITO
Pre-ITO Personal

The collective vision with EVM is the environmental system for knowing, planning, financing and managing opportunities for EVM investors, providing a profitable business model, backed by a seamless exchange that will be developed through the reservation platform first. This platform will be used with many global coins / exchange tokens. EVM can be used for cryptocurrency and other tokens. EVM holders will also take advantage of additional technical application features and significant 'blockchain' use under development - EVT.

01/02/2018, 28/02/2018
Pre-ITO End

01/03/2018 05/04/2018
ITO first

06/04/2018 30/04/2018
ITO Second
Investing from ITO:
True Asset Exchange / Real Estate Project
Social System and Concierge / EVM Affiliate.
Records statistics for Shelter and business insights.
Decentralized Auction Pool.
Migrate through DAO auction to EVR

2. Schedule of EVT Bonus Token credited to EVM Investor during EVM ITO process:

3. EVR, The Eventium Real Estate Investment Token - to be issued at the time of maturation of the first generation of real estate assets acquired real estate.

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