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DREAMPLAY - A Safe, Fair, And Open Platform For Gambling Fans And Cryptocurrency Users

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- accredited by angel investor from BitMEX from SOSV

DreamPlay Project

DreamPlay's mission is to build a world-class blockchain-based gambling platform, providing a safe, fair, and open platform for gambling enthusiasts and cryptocurrency users.


The DreamPlay Gambling Platform is displayed with the following:
Legally Licensed To distinguish from all current blockchain-based gambling projects, most importantly, DreamPlay Foundation holds a legitimate online gambling license accredited by the Philippine Entertainment and Games Company (PAGCOR), which is 100 percent government-owned and controlled under the President's Office Republic of the Philippines.

It is also worth mentioning that, the Philippines and Cambodia are the only two countries in Asia that license online games. In most countries in Europe, such as Britain, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, etc., Online gambling is also legal.

Transparent, Fair Handling Decentralized blockchain technology solves trust issues because the ledger can never be changed once it is updated. By introducing Smart Contract Blockain 2.0 to the game platform, DreamPlay prevents illegal, unfair dealing with popular players but barely seen in the past.

Quick and Automatic Payments DreamPlay accepts its own DPT tokens as well as all major cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.) as a circulation chip. Traditional money withdrawal methods such as credit card refunds, or wire services limit the processing time of at least 2 days or more. By using cryptocurrency, DreamPlay ensures an unprecedented rapid payment speed, varying from second to minute based on cryptocurrency specific network conditions.

Close Partnership with an Onsite Casino Both traditional players and casinos onsite can benefit from our partnership program. VIP Players The DreamPlay Platform is also entitled to VIP services from Casino partnered and vice versa; The DreamPlay token can be exchanged in real-time to the casino token. In addition, we will offer technical support to help these land-based casinos connect to our Platform. DreamPlay Platform has partnered with the following prestigious casinos:

Sands Macao, Macao, one of the most famous casino resorts in Macau, China, operated by Las Vegas Sands Corporation, DreamPlay holds a VIP Gaming suite from Sands Macao Casino, which provides close cooperation between the two partners.
Galaxy Macao, owned by Galaxy Entertainment Group (SEHK: 00027), has made an early effort to accept DPT as a circulation chip. Further cooperation with DreamPlay will be done soon.
We also discussed potential cooperation with one of the famous casinos in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

DreamPlay Value Model


2017 Q3
Conducted Feasibility Study of DreamPlay Platform
2017 Q4
Discussed potential partnership with several professional casino operating companies.
Drafted the DreamPlay business development plan (whitepaper)
2018. Mar
Press release for DreamPlay Project Launch - Casino Lisboa, Macau, China
DreamPlay Token Sale Private placement Public sale. All tokens sold will be distributed within 4 weeks of the end of the public sale event.
2018. Apr
Press release for DreamPlay Project in Manila, Philippines (specific location will be unveiled later).
DreamPlay Token List event in multiple exchanges
2018. Q3
Launch sports betting section in support of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Launch games including poker, bingo etc.
Release DreamPlay open API 1.0 to third party
Introduce the DreamPlay Token (DPT) into onsite entertainment companies.

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