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SKYLLZ - Distributed Skills Validation Protocol

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The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP)

The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is a distributed and open-source skill validation protocol that enables users to validate and empower the acquisition, allocation, contextualization, and skill enhancement rapidly within and across the Touchpoints Application Skills (STAPs) such as the e-learning platform , network platforms, portfolio platforms, offline educational platforms or other platforms that want to benefit and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem.

The protocol sets the standard for creating a cross-platform ecosystem in which users acquire, apply, or enhance the skills in the Touchpoint Skill (STAPP) application that is above it.

Users can validate their expertise in STapps with Evidence-of-Skill (Skyllz reputation) and finance their self-development with Skyllz Tokens.

Disrupt the status quo and avoid bias with a decentralized and anonymized P2P validation system thanks to the Raters blessing (which acts as a prophecy between other users and Smart Contracts)

Evidence-of-Skill and Skyllz Tokens are both reflected on the Ethereal Blockchain and are publicly accessible and visible. No company owns or utilizes this data storage anymore. Values ​​are shared among society by means of meritocracy

Designed specifically for developers and game-changers who want to bring and get value from SDP. Skyllz API ( simplifies integration with SDP to help communities build or improve powerful and impacting solutions that will change the world.

SDP Architecture

Blocking layer
Skyllz is built on the Ethereal Blockchain

Proof of Skill
Skyllz reputation. Non-tradable Assigned as validation of skill acquisition, allocation, contextualization or reinforcement.

SKT (Token Skyllz)
ERC-20 compliant fixed exchange token allowing users to participate and get validation of their skills on or in any application from the ecosystem
Open-source APIs that provide access to Skyllz Smart Contracts.

Application layer
Skills Touchpoint Applications (STAPs) that add and gain value from the entire ecosystem.


2015: Harvard Pilot | Boston, United States
Alpha release
2016: Establishment of Workkola Inc

Beta Release (v1.0)
Startup Bootupup Program

2017: Full Version Release (v2.0)
Round Seed EUR 250K

2018: Private Pre-Sales SKT (February-March)
Workkola + Skyllz v0 - Main architecture + Development plan (Q1).
Personal Pre-sale Closing + v0.1 (March)
The end of personal pre-sale, start development of proof-of-skills and implementation on the current Workkola platform.

Pre-Sales General + v0.2 (June)
Open the public pre-sale and change the Workkola points into SKT. The first implementation of SKT on the Workkola platform as an account unit.

Closing Pre-public sale + v0.3 (July)
Implementation of the first UI for Raters on Workkola platform

General Public Sales (July-August)
Running general sales with a fully functional SKT in Workkola.

Distributed Distribution Platform Skyllz (SDP) v1 + Workkola Integration (Q4)
Integration of Skyllz UI from Workkola platform with SDP via Skyllz private API, Limited access to SDP (only Workkola allowed) to test, repeat, debug and secure protocol.
Release of new version of Workkola (v4.0) above SDP (end of Q4)

2019: Skyllz test verb testing period (Q1-Q2)
Testing and resolution of technical bugs and security attacks. Test and optimize the user experience. This version will fill v1.0 Human Skills Ecosystem.

Distributed Platform Skyllz v2- API public (Q3)
Preparing and documenting the public version of

Implementation of Skyllz voting system (Q3)
Implementing an internal voice system SKT + Proof-of-Skills holder to decentralize key decision making

Testing and optimization of SDP v2 (Q4)
Test and secure public API and voting system. The integration of the first third-party app with SDP (beta)

2020: The launch of the full version of the Skyllz Distributed Platform (Q1)
New STAP on top of SDP, expand ecosystem.

Distributed Platform Skyllz v3
Start working on the big picture Skyllz: turn you into your main asset Your Tokenisasi

Skyllz Token (SKT)

The Skyllz Token (SKT), a utility token corresponding to the ERC-20 (check Mougayar analytics, goals & features), allows users to access and transact on the SDP. They function as account units that allow users to participate and gain validation of their skills across or across ecosystem applications.

For more information and joining the current Skyllz social media player please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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