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CRASSULA - Boost Your Capital Thanks to Intelligently Managed Investment

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Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular. This opens up a whole new world of investment opportunities. Initially there was only one crypto currency, called bitcoin. This is one that almost everyone knows. Nevertheless, there are now thousands of different options in the market for investors. This can be very unusual for the average investor. How can they be sure what they are buying is a good investment? This is where Crassula Capital comes in. Crassula Capital has a team that will work to increase your capital thanks to smartly managed investments. They will conduct crypto-currency analysis to assess their potential as an investment. Thus a comprehensive risk analysis will be executed under the terms of the Crassula sale agreement

Capital (hereinafter "TERMS AND CONDITIONS")
Submitting ICO Crassula Capital applications,
Payment for Crass
Advantages of partnership:


Crassula Capital made initial sales of Crass to investors on the ICO Crassula Capital site

ICO works for 51 calendar days, when:
a. January 18, 2018 - first day of application and payment of Crass, date from ICO.
b. March 10, 2018 - the last day of receipt of the application, the date of completion of the ICO.
with. Throughout the ICO period, Crass's single selling price was effective. One Crass cost $ 100. etc. Payment for Crass is done in crypto currency.
For the payment of Crass, the following crypto currencies are accepted: bitcoin-cashbox, bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, pulsation, f. Monero, Dash, Zcash, Aragon and others.
hours Bitcoin, Ethereum received for direct payments, other cryptographic currencies and tokens must be converted to online accounts in ShapeShift System.
My Crass is distributed upon completion of ICO activities, depending on the amount of funds raised and the minimum threshold for ICO. The last number is defined as 10 000 Crass. In the case of the sale of less than 10,000 Crasses, upon completion of ICO, ICO shall be deemed void, and all funds shall be returned to the investor after deduction of commission for the transaction.


The increase in NAB (profit) Crassula Capital is calculated based on the reporting period (quarterly) based on the public data regarding the activity of Crassula Capital. This is determined by the following formula:
Profit = NAV at the end of the period - NAV at the beginning of the period, (in US dollars,> 0)
Benefits are distributed as follows:
50% remain in the assets of Crassula Capital, increasing Crass's value;
25% payable to partners Crassula Capital (owner of Crass);
25% were sent to the Crassula Capital management team.

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The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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