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U-SAVE - Revolutionizing the entire Gold Supply Chain Industry

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called U-SAVE, based on the following criteria:

What is Usave?

U.SAVE BLOCKCHAIN LTD , a Maltese company, is a Global Tracking Solution, Producing, Securing, Storing and Marketing Eco-Responsible Gold, which is using blockchain technology to revolutionize the entire gold supply chain industry. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, our network will track and record data throughout the entire process  from the miner, through the supply chain, and ultimately to the end consumer.

It emphasizes on Sustainable Mining, Transparency, Security, and able its customers to transact within the Gold Spot Physical Exchange (MGX). The USAVE ecosystem also utilizes Blockchain technology to make a social and environmental impact.

U.SAVE is getting ready to introduce its gold ecosystem in the Principality of Monaco, an unprecedented adventure driven by Eco-Responsible Ethics and Blockchain Technology within the gold physical industry.


For the first time in history, We created a sustainable eco-system built on blockchain technology. We have completely reinvented the gold supply chain from mines to consumers

We refine the metal in ecological conditions, store it in a secure vault in Monaco and finally create a perfect environment to exchange gold

In addition to be unfalsifiable, buyers are also guaranteed that gold extraction has been carried out in legal and healthy conditions

Track: From mines to consumers, gold is physically tracked with specific hardware.

Secure: USAVE ecosystem creates a secure space for datas on the entire lifecycle it also provides a state of the art vault in Monaco who stores physical gold, with several partnerships.

Market: unfalsifiable garantee of the cleanliness of the gold.

Transparency: with the use of a public blockchain, everyone can check and verify the origin of gold

Eco-responsible: we ensure full environmental compliance, without using any dangerous chemical products. We also protect miners social and working conditions

Exchange: Our deffered backed stored physical gold is fully traceable and fully accountable, and is put in motion thanks to a E-Gold Market Platform powerded by GMEX Group.

  1. A trusted and experienced high-end management team from the precious metals industry
  2. Traceability of Eco-Responsible Gold built on the Blockchain
  3. Straight forward purchase of physical gold via USAVE Token
  4. Storage outside or within the banking system
  5. Dynamic Gold, E-Gold Market Platform enables securitization
  6. A reliable solution to convert crypto assets into physical gold then into fiat money
  7. Access the Private Sale with limited supply: receive an outstanding 20% Volume Bonus
  8. Actively participate in improving our gold miners community’s life conditions
  9. Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  10. The U.SAVE ecosystem is mostly based in the Principalty of Monaco
Token Allocation


2015Initiation of the USAVE project
JuneAurum Monaco Gold Refinery license granted
AugustPartnership with Brink’s
SeptemberR&D I5 Gold/mine traceability

JulyPartnership with Lloyd’s of London, insurance company
DecemberVaulting Agreements

FebruaryMonaco Refinery officially opens
AprilOfftake agreements signed to secure gold supply
SeptemberToken Sale Event begins

Q1Aurum Trade begins operations
Q4E-Gold Market Platform goes live

Q1USAVE Token is officially convertible into Physical Gold

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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