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DEEPCLOUD AI - Building an AI-Based Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the DeepCloud Ai project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

DeepCloud AI is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications — IoT and Web 3.0 dApps.


Decentralized cloud for decentralized applications

A wide range of use cases can be addressed using our platform. These include:

IoT and AI at edge scenarios for smart cities, so that local governments can focus on building the core infrastructure and rely on DeepCloud AI's resources close to edge for running and deploying their applications.

Enterprises and shipping companies with complex supply chain tracking challenges can run and deploy their blockchain based applications on the DeepCloud AI fabric for tracking all the transactions with full audit trail, secure and tamper-proof.

Service providers like TV/Cable companies can rely on DeepCloud AI's decentralized services, such as local caching of media streams during football season or large audience events like the Olympics.

For IoT applications with security and data privacy concerns, by running Decentralized AI Algorithms close to the edge devices themselves, one can generate the compressed insights on DeepCloud AI resources. This provides a mechanism for IoT device consumer's to monetize their own data with all the transactions and encryption of the data and the algorithms via the blockchain.


A state-of-art matchmaking algorithm to allocate resources for computation requests in the most optimal way. Decentralized applications require resources close to the source. Our matching algorithm is based on several parameters including information from network user requests, location of usage, and network contributors’ states in master nodes.

Linked to the decentralized resources on our platform to provide optimal performance

To address the security needs for Enterprise customers, DeepCloud AI is building a secure layer around Intel’s SGX technology and will deploy real-time monitoring of the platform to prevent fraud.

Using the blockchain to decentralize control and increase trust, DeepCloud is blockchain agnostic with goal to enable high throughput of transactions and low transaction costs

What is DeepTransfer?

DeepTransfer is an innovative Blockchain based file sharing service on the DeepCloud AI ecosystem:
The DeepTransfer Free version has a very simple and user friendly interface that allows you to transfer up to 3GB of data at a time. Decentralized cloud computing is the backbone of this service that’s been built from the ground up.

DeepTransfer Premium is currently being used and refined by our enterprise partners. We will be releasing it fairly soon. The Premium features include up to 30GB transfer, audit trail, blockchain based security and many more. The best part of all the paid version contributes money back into the community to our resource providers.

  • Fast transactions and scalability for Entherprise & IoT use cases
  • Flexible consensus model suitable for enterprise/government deployments
  • Hybrid chain with private and public components to meet the security and transparency requirements
  • Audit trail for all transactions with traceability monitoring dashboards and tools
  • Fraud detection and prevention services for blockchain transactions
DeepChain will be geared for the next generation of Cloud Computing. It will be focused on AI processing at the edge.

The DeepCloud AI platform is blockchain agnostic. For the first version we have partnered with Nebulas as the first chain to speed up the rollout of our Decentralized Cloud to the market for Enterprise customers.

We are working on our own blockchain in parallel, and will be launching the DeepChain Testnet MVP in Q1 2019. Our blockchain focuses on needs of the Enterprise/Government customers for blockchain based web 3.0 dApps and IoT applications.




To find more relevant details from the DEEPCLOUD AI project, please follow some sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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