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ABSOLUTME - Turnkey Project, a Social Network with Advanced Features and Original Economic Models on the Blockchain

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the ABSOLUTME project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

ONEGODONLINE solves the problem of monetization of users ' time in social networks
Mission: integration of social capital into politics and business
  • To unite the broad strata of the population in a single social network
  • To popularize the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology among a wide range of users, making it a common daily practice
  • To express the interests of users as potential voters, to gain tangible political weight and support of the official authorities both in Russia and in other countries of the world.
What is the social network ONEGODONLINE with the token ABSOLUTME? 

ONEGODONLINE is a turnkey project, the social network with advanced features and an original economic model on the blockchain that provides a guaranteed monthly increase in the cost of token ABSOLUTME, where users can earn money without financial investment, just communicating in social networks.

ONEGODONLINE competitive advantages

Fully finished social network project with advanced functionality and user economy on blockchain (less than 1% of the total number of ICO projects)

Integration of social capital into politics and business for the implementation of infrastructure projects in Russia and around the world

Integrated into the social network social mining tool (social farm), allowing a wide range of users to earn without financial investments, which ensures rapid growth of the user audience

Integration of any online services and applications, such as: bulletin board, messenger, crowdfunding, charity, media, games, etc.

The unique model of the domestic economy, providing a guaranteed monthly growth in the value of the ABSOLUTME token (the value of the token grows within the network, so users want to sell their tokens, they can easily do so by setting the price just below the official value of the token within the social network)

Options for participation, how to be ONEGODONLINE
  • To purchase tokens at a reduced rate within the framework of the ICO
  • to do this, you need to go to the investor's personal account and choose the most convenient payment option;
  • when You purchase tokens, You can join the consumer co-operative ONEGODONLINE, which fully guarantees the protection of all Your invested funds;
  • The initial value of the token is 10 USD. ICO lasts 9 months: September 2018 – May 2019.
ICO consists of 3 stages: 
  1. Russian 
  2. Worldwide
  3. Additional
Each month, the token price increases by 10 USD, in proportion to the cost increases and the security of the token is constantly expanding range of goods and services.

Immediately after the end of the ICO, the ABSOLUTME token, provided with a wide range of products and services of the social network, will cost 100 USD. In the future, the price of the token within the network will grow by at least 10% per month.

Thus, token holders, if desired, can always easily sell their cryptocurrency to new users of the social network slightly below its official cost.

Earn tokens by creating your own social farm
  • You can register in the social network ONEGODONLINE;
  • Fill in your profile; 
  • Copy your personal invitation link from your profile and start sending it to all your friends and acquaintances of your phone book together with the videos of the social network;
  • When your friends and acquaintances follow your link and register in the social network, You and they will receive the cryptocurrency ABSOLUTME;
  • All your friends and acquaintances will tell You "thank you" and be grateful, because you sent them interesting and funny clips and gave an invitation link to register.
First, they just cheer up, because all the videos are funny and comical.

Secondly, by clicking on your link invitation and after the registration in the network, they will receive twice as much cryptocurrency and internal coins network than with self-registration. This, as you see, is very profitable and pleasant! 

New videos will appear regularly, therefore, sending them about once every two or three days, sooner or later you will be able to invite all your friends and acquaintances to your personal social farm and earn cryptocurrency ABSOLUTME.


The user in the framework of the ICO has the ability to engage in «Consumer cooperative for the development of Social network». 

The statutory objectives of the Cooperative are to ensure the comprehensive development of the Social network. 

The user, when joining the Cooperative in accordance with the legislation, makes two payments: introductory and share. 

The entry fee is 1,60 USD; the share fee can be equal to any amount according to which the user will receive ABSOLUTME tokens. 

In this case, the token is a tool for providing user guarantees. In this regard, the Cooperative undertakes the following obligations: 

1. At the request of a member of the Cooperative to refund the share fee in exchange for the corresponding number of tokens ABSOLUTME in the form of increased volume and increased range of goods and services of the Social network «H» on the date of return;

2. At the request of a member of the Cooperative to perform a full range of measures aimed at the implementation of the corresponding volume of ABSOLUTME tokens on the internal exchange;

3. At the request of a member of the Cooperative, within the first year after the end of the ICO, in exchange for the appropriate number of ABSOLUTME tokens, make a return of the share contribution in full; the return period is 6 (six) calendar months from the date of application.

This set of warranty obligations assumed by the cooperative is aimed primarily at:
  • - ensuring the security of all members of the organization; 
  • - creation of a favorable internal psychological climate; 
  • - increase the level of trust, both among the members of the organization and among the users of the social network; 
  • - implementation of an exhaustive list of material and spiritual needs of the members of the organization; 
  • - creation of a stable and reliable ideological platform for the implementation of socially significant and political goals. 
The implementation of these warranty obligations shall enter into force after the end of the ICO period and lasts 6 months.
  • ABSOLUTME token erc 20 
  • Issue once at startup : 146.880.432 ABSOLUTME
  • 1 Token - 10.000.000 Dim 
  • 1 Dim - 0.000001 ABSOLUTME
1. For registration in the social network the user receives 1.000 Dims. 
2. When the user registers via invitation he receives 2.000 Dims. 
3. If you invite someone and the user registers via Your invitation, you get 100,000 Dims for such registration.

To find more relevant details of the ABSOLUTME project, please follow some sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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