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Today I will discuss about the development of the world of Cryptocurrencies which have continued to increase significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platforms or applications in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, only a few who have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with a good idea of FST NETWORK, along with the review:

What is FST Network

The world's first ecosystem that creates service modules with industrial engineering thinking, supporting companies to quickly and steadily build grounded applications and services without the need for Blockchain developers.

Enterprises can quickly assemble modules to create robust Blockchain applications.

Through the unique on-chain optimisation protocols (Relay Network), Blockchain applications can perform better with accelerated verification by increasing hundreds of times in transaction throughput 

Enterprises DO NOT need Blockchain engineers to create applications.

Through assembling various unique business models with simple logics like playing Legos, and the replacement of modules can greatly reduce the hard cost of Blockchain development.

FST Network solves development iteration problems with reliable and versatile modules, allowing enterprises to change modules at any time.

FST Network is focusing on-chain technical implementation, which is compatible with any other off-chain solutions.


Module Kits
provide many application modules for enterprises’ selection. 

Traditional development systems can be integrated with Blockchain via APIs and SDKs to support business needs.

We have successfully implemented grounded modules on Ethereum and supported client Dapp development. We will continue to release diverse modules to drive more applications.

is the wallet and decentralised tokenisation platform.

Clients can issue and manage tokens (e.g. promotion and airdrops) through CRM tools on this platform without any programming.

More modules will be put in place and extended to other public chain ecosystems (e.g. EOS, RSK) to provide more functions and achieve an ideal Blockchain-free development environment.

is a solution for enterprises to build decentralised data exchanges.

Clients can quickly create a decentralised cross-chain token (information) exchange with efficiency and high-level security through assembling multiple modules and unique protocols. (Relay Network, Order-matching Network, Cross-chain settlement).

Enterprise-ready Blockchain development solution for large-scale projects

EnSo can benefit large projects (e.g. Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, IoT, Smart City) by assembling various practical modules and setting up customised underlying protocols and consensus mechanism.

Application Token Standard
This standard is an extension of Service-Friendly Token Standard working as a sub-ledger, enabling enterprises to have multiple ledgers with various structures and flexibly supporting different scenarios of business.

Two additional features have been implemented - Expiry Time and Burnability, through which token can support application with restricted liquidity (when expired) and service activation (when burned) and carry information within both on blockchain and off blockchain.

Application Token Standard can carry various information such as keys, identities, assets, ownerships, credits, vouchers and etc.


To find out more. You can connect more with FST NETWORK at the link below:

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Monday, December 17, 2018

FOLLOWINE - Fighting Wine Counterfeiting, Using Blockchain Technology

Today I will discuss about the development of the world of Cryptocurrencies which have continued to increase significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platforms or applications in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, only a few who have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with a good idea FOLLOWINE, following the review:

What is Followine and why the Wine Coin?

Followine is the first ecosystem that aims to fight against the counterfeiting of wine, by using the Blockchain Technology.

Followine is a circuit based on Wine Coin, a Token that provides self-sustainability and inclusiveness to the entire Followine circuit.

“Create a global eco-system that connects wine world stakeholders and consumers together, encouraging the realization of new international communication and business model”

The consumer, simply by scanning QR codes, receives points that will be converted into Wine Coin. The consumers can use them on the Followine marketplace or on e-commerce partners, or they can store them in their wallet and / or convert them to FIAT.

E-commerce, and other partners, can use Wine Coins to purchase Followine services, such as Wine Scanner, or buy wine from participating producers and / or convert them to Fiat.

The manufacturer can pay Followine anti-counterfeiting services; in addition, he can purchase additional services in Wine Coin or use them as exchange coin on the Followine B2B platform.

Followine Tokens that will come back to Followine will be inserted into the circuit and distributed through the scans of the QR codes. In this way, we will create the first circulating Token among several stakeholders.

This is what an Utility Token means to be, for us!!!

Followine QR
Thanks to our free mobile app you can scan any QR code really fast. To find out if a bottle of wine is authentic, simply scan the Followine QR on the rear bottle label. Each scan has a prize, in order to involve users and thank them for their contribution to the fight against counterfeiting.
Download the Followine app too.

WineCoin Detail
  • Token Name: WineCoin
  • Symbol: WINE
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Max Decimals: 3
  • Max Potential Supply: 250.000.000
  • Tokens for Sale: 135.000.000
  • Tokens For sale Pre-ICO: 15.000.000
  • Tokens For sale ICO: 120.000.000
  • Token Price: € 0,10
  • Token Price Pre-ICO: -70%
  • Token Date Sale: Dic/2018
  • Closing Date: 28 Mar 2019
  • Soft Cap ICO: € 1.000.000
  • Hard Cap ICO: € 12.000.000
  • Currencies Accepted: ETH, BTC
  • Minimum Payment: € 100,00


Pilot 2018: Pilot starts with the first Italian companies that believed in the project.
2018 November: Start Bounty & Airdrop and whitelist subscription
2018 December: Pre-sale - 70% bonus

DAICO February 2019
Thanks to the crowd-sale we could have more consumers, more customers and enough funds to improve the whole project

2019 April: End of Token distribution cfor bounty and airdrop
2019 December: Listing WineCoin

Engine On 2020
Our B2B platform will start and the entire WineCoin circuit will be launched with all its B2B / B2C features on. New partnerships, new products, new services, many new features.

2020 January: Start distribution Token Advisor and Team
2020 July: Launch of marketplace for e-commerce and producers

Followine 2.0 2021
Second version of the algorithm will be improved by new data analysis and forecast calculation

2021 July: Release Wallet Followine for Hyperledger.

2021 September
Final phase of the beta stage for blockchain based on Hyperledger and PoET consensus for B2B partners.

Blockchain 2022
The new Blockchain will allow us to trace every single bunch of grapes. The principles: Decentralized, Public, Transparent, Self-sustainable, Included, Fast and Economic

2022 January: Activation of the "Burnout" function
2022 July: Start with single grapes tracing

IA 2024
SARA is born to help us to realize our vision. The new AI will allow us not only to automate and improve processes but even to be able to prevent more and more types of counterfeiting.

To find out more. You can connect more with FOLLOWINE at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

MINDSYNC - Decentralized and Community-Based AI Platform

Today I will discuss about the development of the world of Cryptocurrencies which have continued to increase significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platforms or applications in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, only a few who have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with the good idea of MINDSYNC, following the review:

Mindsync is a decentralized, community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing artificial intelligence market as a customer, expert, developer or supplier to order or create and share AI services as value.

Our Mission

Mindsync is a platform to help solve customers’ tasks through AI/ML/DS competitions as well as a marketplace for these solutions and training datasets.Our mission is to bring together the best artificial intelligence experts and hackers, data scientists, machine learning developers, big data and computing power suppliers, investors, volunteers in one place to make better AI solutions more accessible, cheaper and easy for a wide range of customers, accelerate its development and create a global marketplace for AI solutions.


The platformMindsync offers a single platform handling of applied real-world problems, paid or for free. A solution is made by the AI/DS/ML community: customer places an order for a solution containing an AI tech; the members of our community start developing it and the completed one is tested and launched on our platform. It is also possible to integrate the solution into an existing business or platform.

Order Customized or ReuseCustomers are able to order an absolutely new AI solution or use one of the enterprise-ready solutions from our repository that has been rated by the Mindsync community's experts leading to time saving. To order a new solution, a customer can create a competition or challenge where developers in the community will participate. The developer who successfully creates the solution gets rewarded and the customer gets to use that solution.

APIMindsync AIaaS (AI as a Service) platform allows to run production-ready solutions internally and make requests to it using API without deploying it on external servers, i.e. on the customer side. This makes possible to create scalable applications using AI with theoretically unlimited computing power for any device.

  • Name: Mindsync Coin
  • Price: $0.14
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Total possible tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Symbol: MAI
  • Total tokens distributed to public:500,000,000
  • Type: ERC20
  • Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, LTC
Mindsync token is designed to make investments on the platform, access AI solutions and to reward participants such as machine learning developers, experts, volunteers and researchers, computing power and big data providers. Mindsync token is the ERC20 utility token. The number of tokens is limited. 

Mindsync token is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of all financial transactions.


To find out more. You can connect more with MINDSYNC at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

UDAP - Universal Desentralized Asset Platform

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about the UDAP project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:


UDAP, is blockchain abstraction layer that can significantly reduce the cost of building asset oriented applications, both in the development time and runtime.

NO.1 Protocol - Singular

Singular is a new asset account model, it defines how a thing is tokenized and how it deals with ownerships and tradings in a decentralized way. The Singular asset model implements a concept: One thing = One smart contract

The Singular project is a natural development in the spirit of some of the earlier blockchain proponents who had envisioned what blockchain with smart contracts would achieve.

NO.2 Middleware - UDAP

The fundamental concept of the Internet of Asset Protocol is to build a "Thick Protocol + Thin Application".

Application developers only need to have sufficient knowledge and understand their business logic and user experience, Therefore, the application is thinner and easier. A thick protocol based on UDAP middleware helps them to accelerate the blockchain development, to secure the transactions, and to reduce the development costs.

NO.3 Asset Wallet

Harvest Wallet is an Asset Wallet that supports ERC20, ERC721 and Singular types tokens. It provides individual users with great convenience and a unified interface to tokenize, manage and publish their own tokens, various fungible and non-fungible assets, and third-party applications can plug-in the wallet too.
  1. Mint, manage and publish tokens
  2. Support third-party apps that generate wide range of assets.
  3. It provides a programmable UI for third-party applications to develop a complete user experience

NO.4 Applications

UMedia is a marketplace for collectible music and other form of digital media assets on your mobile phone, it included some complicated blockchain programming modules like all different token services, marketplace, Proxy Re-Encryption, State Channel, Singular. UMedia is to demonstrate the technical capabilities of UDAP. It’s so easy to make a Dapp by UDAP. Developers can use UDAP’s middleware to transfer their normal business into token-based business just like UMedia does.

More different Dapp coming powered by UDAP, such as: Ticketing, Social, Education, Gaming, Health, Supply Chain Finance, Data Center, Technical Community, Travel, E-Commerce, Library and so on.


UDAP Foundation issues the UDAP token (also known as UPX token). 

UPX tokens are used to make deposits required to become a UDAP service consumer. 

Transaction fees, gas payments (i.e. smart contract execution fees) and persistent storage payments are also usually collected in UPX tokens.

The UPX Token

UPX tokens are implemented using the Ethereum ERC20 standard. 
The Total Supply is 10,000,000,000.UPX tokens can be acquired in the following ways:
Token Distribution Event (TDE)
Purchase of UPX tokens from secondary markets, such as cryptocurrency or token exchanges
Airdrop (this method is intended as a means of popularizing the UDAP)
For any private token sales, please contact us at info@udap.io.


2017 Q2: Project kickoff
2017 Q4 
Research completed
Coding started 
Core team built up

2018 Q1 : UDAP FOUNDATION launched
2018 Q2 
UDAP concept completed
Expand eco-system and community
Technical white papers released 
Started coding Proof-of-Concept prototypes and demos

2018 Q3 
UDAP Minimum Viable Product(MVP) deployed and released
Singular Smart Contract Framework released 
State channel modules completed 
Harvest Asset Wallet (MVP) released 
First app – UMedia (MVP) released

2018 Q4 
UDAP middleware V0.4 released
Singular Framework 0.5 release 
Harvest Asset Wallet beta release 
UMedia officially launched 
Community Support Program launched

2019 Q2 
UDAP mainnet infrastructure V0.5 release
More business partner’s application released

2019 Q4
UDAP mainnet deployed
C2C Asset Marketplace released 
More community projects kicked off

2020 Q1 
UDAP Middleware V1.0 operated
C2C Asset Marketplace operated

To find out more. You can connect more with UDAP at the link below:

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SATURN PLATFORM - Platform for Direct Cross-chain Crypto Asset Exchange

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the SATURN PLATFORM project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

Saturn is a platform for direct cross-chain exchange of crypto assets

Decentralized protocol – a symbiosis of the convenience of direct atomic exchange and the reliability of a third party guarantor. Legal and secure transactions for crypto market players.

Our goal is to create a market for crypto assets.

Saturn - Liquidity operator on the crypto market. Atomic exchange and exchange of over-the-counter cryptoactive assets. Saturn is a symbiosis of the comfort and safety of atomic exchanges directly from cryptactive assets and the reliability of third-party guarantors. 

Our goal: to create a qualitative, safe and new market for cryptoactive assets. Saturn launched an over-the-counter, exchange-based cryptoactive trading platform based on the crosschain Swap protocol. 

The Saturn team plan includes providing P2P exchange services for players, investors, companies and brokers. 

Competitive advantages 
  • Reduced risks in comparison with traditional exchanges. Sending crypto assets to exchange addresses, traders trust the safety of a third party. We will not remind you of the high-profile cases of hacking exchanges, you probably listened to this, and perhaps yourself became a victim of hacking. Trusting crypto assets to exchanges, one cannot be sure that they are 100% safe. The exchanges reserve the right to block funds without giving reasons, sometimes freeze withdrawals and sometimes close. Making transactions through the Swap protocol, players do not send crypto assets to the exchange. Coins remain in the client's wallet until the terms of the transaction are met by the counterparty. Increased security is the fundamental difference the Saturn approach to making deals. 
  • Speed. Saturn, due to the particularity of the software architecture, is as fast as allow the blockchains of the exchanged assets and the internet connection. If we consider the stages of the deposit and withdrawal of assets for the example of Ethereum, on the traditional crypto-exchange, that's what we get: A crypto player transfers an asset from his wallet to an exchange wallet.. The standard amount of confirmations that the exchange expects before depositing an account is 30. It takes 300 seconds or 5 minutes.
XSAT Token as a standard for liquidity 

An important role in the infrastructure and business model of Saturn, is assigned to the XSAT token. The global task of our team is to achieve token liquidity, including the use of a token as a payment instrument with the ability to instantly exchange for goods. XSAT will be used as a quotation asset in Saturn services: exchange and over-the-counter transactions, auction and escrow. Also, the project team is working on a model for using the XSAT token as a collateral asset. But talking about it is premature.

Model of the issue and distribution of tokens during Token Sale Token Standard - ERC-20 Ethereum XSAT Contract address: 0x0d9e614937a308438337a2999acf64fc86bf098a (Do not send anything to this address!)

Single issue 1 000 000 000 XSAT, block 6721202 75% planned to sell at Token Sale: 
  • Private sale. November-December 2018 Up to 250,000,000 XSAT 25% share Price 1 XSAT = $ 0.075 * Accepted payment: BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, XMR, XRP, DASH. Unallocated at Private sale tokens will be offered for sale at the Pre-sale stage and at the Pre-sale price. 
  • Pre-sale. Announcement in December 2018 Up to 250,000,000 XSAT 25% share Price 1 XSAT = 0.1 $ * Accepted payment: BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, XMR, XRP, DASH. Unallocated at Pre-sale tokens will be offered for sale at the stage of Public sale and at the price of Public sale.
  • Public sale. 1Q 2019 Up to 250,000,000 XSAT 25% share Price 1 XSAT = $ 0.125 * Accepted for payment: more than 300 cryptocurrencies (See the full list at saturn.black) For questions about Token Sale you can write to us sale@saturn.black
25% are not planned to be sold as part of Token Sale: 
  • Reserve for development and launch of services according to the Roadmap Up to 50,000,000 XSAT Share 5% 
  • Bounty program Up to 100,000,000 XSAT Share 10% 
  • Distribution for project team Up to 100,000,000 XSAT Share 10%
XSAT token distribution diagram

  • Escrow -> December 2018 Saturn - secure legal transactions between owners of kriptoaktivov, third party guarantees - direct exchange protocols. 
  • OTC crosschain trading -> December 2018 Selling and buying large amounts of cryptoactive assets is no longer a problem. Secure over-the-counter transactions, through atomic exchange protocols, directly from the wallet to the wallet, relevant to large crypto asset holders, initial investors and members of the blockchain-start-up team. 
  • OTC auction -> 3Q 2019 Purchase and sell a large number of crypto assets at the best price offered. Security transactions, application performance tuning conditions and low commissions will find sellers or buyers more accessible and safer. 
  • Atomic Deals Exchange -> 4Q 2019 Saturn launches P2P trading based on the swap.online protocol. Saturn is an additional liquidity for crypto assets with low liquidity, secure crosschain exchanges and a convenient interface in your browser. 
  • Transactions with EURO and USD -> 1-3Q 2020 Saturn works on the infrastructure to exchange fiat currencies in all directions: atomic exchanges, over-the-counter crosschain trading, over-the-counter auctions.

To find more relevant details from the SATURN PLATFORM project, please follow some sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 0x61379f78587FaF5cd5e8006007Dd97AF8b6b966F

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DTRACK - Complementary Cryptocurrency

Today I will discuss about the development of the world of Cryptocurrencies which have continued to increase significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platforms or applications in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, only a few who have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with a good idea DTRACK, following the review:

Dtrack is a complementary cryptocurrency that enables anyone, regardless of technical ability, to mine cryptocurrency via proof of exercise. (POE)

Proof of Exercise (POE)

The Dtrack Token introduces Proof or Exercise (POE). The POE is a smart contract-based rewards system that it’s activated by detecting locations in the geolocation coordinates smart contract and by tracking your steps and heartbeat via the Dtrack mobile App and smart contract to deliver block reward. Token earning structure estimates, these are based on mining difficulty, therefore the more tokens you can earn the more valuable they will become.Smartwatch integration; there is a mining technology in the dtrack app which enable the user to synchronize the application with the dtrack water-resistant smartwatch

Why mining?

Before we started thinking about our project, we had one thing in our mind. How might we prevent the enormous mining ranches from getting all the market hashing power? The fundamental motivation behind why we cherish digital currency is that it gets rid of the middleman. We really believed that we could dispense with the uncalled for conveyance technique for digital currency mining. Huge mining ranches have instructed us that the ones who have more cash, profit; simply like in the public arena these days. With Dtrack tokens, we are on the whole equivalent.

Our Mission
Our goal is to motivate people into exercising and becoming healthy with currency and to compensate them with the dtrack token.

Our Vision
As a company our vision is to foster the global adoption of blockchain technology through fitness, we intend to persuade every individual to remain fit and as such causing global adoption of cryptocurrency.


Mining Metrics
Stages of Mining and Its Difficulties

10 steps gives 1 DTK Token After 400 Million DTK mine It moves to stage two

Stage 2
100 steps gives 1 DTK after 600 Million DTK mine It moves to stage three

Stage 3
1,000 steps gives 1 DTK after 1 Billion DTK mine It moves to stage four

Stage 4
10,000 steps gives 1 DTK After 3 Billion DTK mine It moves to stage five

Stage 5
100,000 steps gives 1 DTK

Please note base on our statistics it will take 100 years for the last stage to finish mining

Token Supply
  • Total supply: 20 billion dtrack tokens
  • Public Sales: 10,656,000,000
  • Team: 500,000,000
  • Marketing: 600,000,000
  • Airdrop: 400,000,000
  • Bounty: 600,000,000
DTRACK Token Purchase Center Only payment method for purchasing DTK is ETH.
  • Minimum Purchase : 0.01 ETH
  • Token and ICO Details
  • Smart Contract Address : 0x1B19c2de7E9f04Be641942E8da83852c44C45C80
  • Token Name and Symbol : DTRACK / DTK
  • Token Decimals : 8
  • Total Supply : 20,000,000,000
  • DTRACK Token ICO Price : 1 ETH = 16,000,000 DTK (1DTK =8 Gwei)
  • SOFTCAP : 350ETH (5,656,000,000 DTK)
  • HARDCAP : 666 ETH (10,656,000,000 DTK)
Dtrack Roadmap
How it all started


To find out more. You can connect more with DTRACK at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

EQWITY - Ecosystems That Encourage Self-regulation of the Blockchain Industry

Today I will discuss about the development of the world of Cryptocurrencies which have continued to increase significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platforms or applications in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, only a few who have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with a good EQWITY idea, along with the review:

What is Eqwity?

Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages blockchain industry self-regulation by introducing new ICO standard, decentralizing company governance and opening doors to tokenized shares trading. Powered by EOSIO

The developers of the decentralized Eqwity platform will make a real revolution in this segment and provide their customers with a promising platform for hosting projects. This is a good opportunity to minimize all risks and find investors who are ready to support new ideas.

The basis of the Eqwity platform is the blockchain, which ensures the security of all members of the project's global community. Everyone will be able to realize their plans, use the potential of Loyalty.

What problems can the Eqwity platform solve?

It is important to highlight the main factors that are currently not possible to fully implement the new ICO:

The risk that the project will become a SCAM. This is a major problem for many investors, because today the market for projects is full of fraud schemes. Most new ideas were created to simply raise funds, without the ability to produce.

Of course this is a very detrimental investor and makes a bad reputation for token sales projects, this is the reason Eqwity Ltd based in london created a better ICO system by encouraging self-regulation of the blockchain industry by introducing better and safer ICO standards.


Eqwity is an ecosystem that drives the blockchain industry independently by introducing a new ICO standard, and supported by EOSIO is a blockchain protocol that is supported by EOS original cryptocurrency.

This protocol emulates most real computer attributes including hardware (CPU (s) & GPU (s) for processing, local memory / RAM, hard-disk storage) with computing resources that are distributed equally among EOS cryptocurrency holders.

EOSIO operates as a smart contracting platform and decentralized operating system aimed at the deployment of industrial scale decentralization applications through a decentralized autonomous corporate model. Smart contract claim platform to eliminate transaction costs and also do millions of transactions per second.

The reality now is that there are many problems in the ICO project, because of that Eqwity with ICO.E Platform was created for ICO systems that better handle various problems, including:

Helping and Protecting Investors.

Since ICO is booming, too many investors have been cheated according to statistics, 78% of ICO ends with SCAM, that's not the only problem faced by investors who have helped finance the ICO project, but investors don't get voting rights, shares and dividends in the company , and this is where Eqwity plays a role in helping investor problems by relying on ICO.E is a new standard ICO-based transparency and two-way trust between founders and investors. ICO.E means Initial Coin Offering + Equity Airdropping, ICO.E uses new concepts in the fundraising process, bilateral transparency, two-way trust (investors and founders) of sustainable finance and Feasibility Evidence

Providing Solutions for ICO founders.

Many projects eventually failed because they were not listed on the stock exchange or because the planned product did not materialize, according to News Bitcoin the ICO funds collected ended up in a very large amount of more than $ 100 million. The problems faced by ICO are largely due to the low quality of the project, lack of entrepreneurial experience, lack of skills and lack of a sustainable financial vision, here is the role of Equality by using the ICO.E Platform provides solutions to all these problems. 

Users of decentralized platform platforms no longer have to spend time searching for various services and Exchange, they will be able to take the necessary actions on the platform, and the last is the opportunity to meet newcomers.

Anyone can become an expert in the real ICO launch segment. In the future, founders will be able to utilize a decentralized platform to find personnel. This is very important. Advantages In this situation, you should highlight the smart contract feature. Because of these details each transaction will be considered as official and correct, mandatory. Smart contracts eliminate fraud.

Thanks to expert opinion, investors will be able to choose only high-quality and potential projects for their investment. The advantage of a decentralized platform developer allows you to place the ICO to attract investors for the full implementation of the plan. Because of the uniqueness of the creator platform, prospective project proxies will be able to find funds for further development. Investors are interested in stocks and get tokens.





You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

ADAB SOLUTION - Introducing Unique Creative Ideas on the Market for the Economy Tonomic

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the ADAB Solution project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

First Islamic Crypto Exchange, Based on Sharia Standards

ADAB's solution develops FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on Shariah standards. The expected daily trading volume at the First Islamic Crypto Exchange is $ 146 million and a monthly turnover of $ 4.4 billion during the operation of the first half of the stock exchange. As a result, the implementation of the ADAB Solutions project will create a global infrastructure that operates on the principles of Islamic finance, and the communities that govern the development of the crypto economy of Islam. The ADAB solution will solve the problem of Halal Cryptocurrency Transactions, which provide access to kryptokursmarkedet for Muslims, which accounts for 22% of the world's population and manages Islamic financial assets with a projected volume of 3.8 trillion USD.

A decentralized project that has beneficial value for potential investors or investors is one of the projects that will increase rapidly considering the swings in the exchange of digital real estate, experiencing a significant increase earlier this year. The definition of this network uses a fairly unique theme from other blockchain platforms around the world, has a balance value and an investment process that has a greater value than the capital needed in modern digital real estate trading.

ADAB SOLUTION is the first blockchain platform that introduces unique creative ideas on the market for the Economy Tonomic, which you can start shopping privately and on a digital platform to exchange real estate.

Watch this video!

ADABSOLUTION is one of the results of the development of the blockchain industry that experiences good performance and good ideas based on a system that directly opens opportunities for investors to be more open with token investments. Being one of the first generated block chain platforms the company will realize and help investors to care more about the economic weaknesses that suffer a lot from people around the world in the concept of mutual cooperation as an investment that can be traded by users registered on this blockchain platform. Some important points on the ADABSOLUTION platform will be the point where most registered investors and potential investors will start their business on the overall platform.

The answer to the ADABSOLUTION platform terms and conditions is a source of income that will provide a balanced value from a mutually beneficial ecosystem between buyers and sellers. In this case, investors are economic concepts that have an average potential value greater than investment capital income, selling tokens will be distributed more deeply to investors who want to earn revenue on this platform. The ability to connect to the following projects is a great effort in tobaks- and the sign of legal-commerce projects and is safe in blocking the industry, starting to act and conducting a balanced system analysis on one of the tactics and ideas run by many of their own investors.

ADABSOLUTION was present at the beginning of the year for a crypto trading company that has certain features, with many and high crypto trading markets dominating the market. The ADABSOLUTION platform is one of the big companies that has a large success rate in the future. Cryptocurrency trading in the world has never avoided fluctuating fluctuations in currency values ​​and coin exchanges, these are natural things that cryptographic trading companies are following, and companies don't have creative ideas that can keep the system from investing, of course, this is a disaster can be fatal with the destruction of the company. Decentralized investment funds on the blockchain platform for investors around the world are effective philosophies offered by this platform. With a vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between project owners and token owners. With so many markets in the world of cryptocurry this year that competitors from many companies that trade or trade must have more unique features and creativity, this can be one of the success points that crypto trading can achieve.

Token sale (ADAB )
  • Hard cap = $ 18 700 000 
  • Soft cap = $ 2 500 000
  • 480 000 000 tokens will be issued
  • 1 ADAB ≈ 0,1 $
The future of the ADABSOLUTION platform as the first generation platform that offers solutions to the problem of investors who cannot be on time and whenever they see changes in the crypt currency market or ordinary up and down prices in cryptography, makes this platform demanded by potential users who are ready to automatically warn their mobile devices around the world without leaving their activities.

ADAB Solutions develops FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on Sharia standards. The expected volume of daily trading at Crypto The First Islamic Securities is $ 146 million and a monthly turnover of $ 4.4 billion during the first year and half a year of operating exchanges. As a result, the implementation of the ADAB Solutions project will create a global infrastructure that operates on the principles of Islamic finance, and the communities that govern the development of the crypto economy of Islam.

The aim is to build an ecosystem that conceptualizes reciprocal benefits between sellers and users, and a platform that can continue to contribute to the stability of income. To overcome the problems that are often found by most investors, ADABSOLUTION is here to solve them while providing smart solutions with platforms that help performance and access to their accounts.

which provides access to the cryptocurrency library for Muslims, which accounts for 22% of the world's population and manages Islamic financial assets with a projected volume of 3.8 trillion USD.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

Saturday, December 15, 2018

TRAVELVEE - Revolutionary Reservation System

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called TRAVELVEE, based on the following criteria:

Travelvee - Revolutionary Reserving System! Focused straight to the marketplace with regard to unoccupied areas -- which is in love with unique conditions, that are talked about between your resort and also the purchaser -- in complete confidence, obviously by using Travelvee system.

Travelvee is really a decentralized neighborhood of individuals that select the right amongst unique provides for that buy associated with resort as well as visitor providers of amounts, created just through all of them from their own ask for through individuals from the Travelvee system: resorts, hotels, villas, chalets, flats, cottages, gempling, homes with regard to vacations, hotels, hostels.

The initial economics from the JOURNEY symbol is made for extremely earnings with regard to symbol cases. The actual believed development from the JOURNEY symbol throughout the very first 24 months is going to be a minimum of 10 000%. Exactly how this particular outcome is going to be accomplished is actually referred to at length within the Whitepaper and also the JOURNEY Symbol area.


TRAVEL token is a utility based on the Ethereum standard ERC-20.
The main function of the TRAVEL token is to pay the annual subscription fee for all subscribers Travelvee - which provide accommodation services in hotels, other tourist destinations and services on the Travelvee platform.


Today live Crowd Sale. Round 1
  • Bonus+30%
  • 1 ETH = 83.44 TRAVEL Tokens
  • Minimum purchase size: 0.01 ETH
  • Sold: $37752 
  • Pre Sale: $1 M
  • Soft Cap: $5 M
  • Hard Cap: $30 M
  • Price1 TRAVEL = 1 $
  • Accepted TokensETH
PRE Sale

1 TRAVEL1 $ + 50% bonus 15/10/2018 - 30/11/2018 a maximum of $ 1,000,000

Crowd Sale
  • Round 101/12/2018 - 31/12/2018 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 30% bonus
  • Round 201/01/2019 – 31/01/2019 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 20% bonus
  • Round 301/02/2019 - 15/02/2019 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 10% bonus
Distribution of tokens TRAVEL
  1. AIRDROP and BOUNTY a maximum of 2 000 000 TRAVEL tokens.
  2. Public sale to ICO for up to $ 30,000,000.
  3. During Token Sale - the price of the TRAVEL token is tied to the dollar. You will receive TRAVEL tokens immediately after sending ETH to our address in the amount agreed upon by ETH to the dollar at the time of ETH dispatch.
  4. All tokens that will not be sold and transferred to Bounty will be burned!
  5. There will not be any additional emissions of tokens!

September 2017
We carry out a marketing research for the interest of the market to a new way of buying hotel rooms. We conduct research among sellers - we communicate with managers and owners of hotels and tourist sites. We involve specialized industry specialists as consultants and experts

January 2018
The statement of the technical assignment for developing the platform Travelvee programmers, the development of the platform!

March 2018
Start of preparation of documentation for ICO

September 2018
Launch of the site with information about the ICO

October 2018
We represent and begin to test in the open mode Beta version of the Travelvee platform, we discuss with the community, we have access to register users and hotels.

October 2018
Start of Bounty company

October 15, 2018
Begin presale, which is limited by the implementation of $1M

November 15, 2018
Launch A version of the Travelvee platform and begin a two-year period in which we burn all the tokens received as a monthly fee from hotels.

November 29, 2018
Start bounty for hackers and programmers to identify bugs in the work of the Alpha version of the travelvee platform.

December 1, 2018
Launching the ICO

February 15, 2019
The finish of ICO

February 2019
Listing of the TRAVEL token on the decentralized IDEX and EtherDelta exchanges

February 2019
Registration of Travelvee Company in Liechtenstein

March 2019
Opening an office in Europe and selecting the necessary staff

April 2019
Launch of the advertising company platform Travelvee designed for 2 years

April 2019
Listing of the TRAVEL token on the exchange

May 2019
Launch site with information for investors - tokens holders, with reports on the movement of tokens, price, news, number of burnt tokens. Information about the development of the Travelvee platform, the number of users, the number of hotels, tourist sites. Turnover of the token received for services, a report on the money spent on advertising and popularization of the Travelvee platform and other expenses.

September 2019
Opening of offices in Asia, America and Australia.

April 2021
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 50% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

April 2022
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 30% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

April 2023
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 20% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

April 2024
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 10% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

To find out more. You can connect more with TRAVELVEE at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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