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HEROIC - Giving Strength to the Next Generation Cybersecurity

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the HEROIC project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

The Future of AI-Powered Cybersecurity
Using big data, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain, HEROIC is powering the next generation of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Is Broken
Threats are always two steps ahead
  • Security threats and attacks are increasing at exponential rates year over year
  • Current cybersecurity products and solutions remain outdated and ineffective
  • Threat data continues to be controlled by large entities and governments
  • Cybersecurity will be facing a job shortage of 3+ million positions by the year 2020
Solution: Decentralized Cybersecurity Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent protection against threats while providing compensation for contributing data to the network, making next-generation solutions freely-available to everyone.

Arc Reactor
HEROIC Arc Reactor™ is a decentralized open threat intelligence that collects, transforms, and distributes threat data for the benefit of the community.

HEROIC Guardian™ is a unified, cloud-based platform that combines threat data from Arc Reactor with artificial intelligence to predict and prevent cyber attacks.

R&D Platform
Enabling developers and organizations to visually and programmatically interact with Arc Reactor’s threat data and build their own custom solutions.

How Does It Work?

Threat Miners (Individuals)
Threat miners receive intelligent threat protection while allowing their devices to anonymously become part of the HEROIC Ecosystem. Miners participate by running the threat protection software on their devices and using it in normal everyday activity. Encountered threats seamlessly pass through an anonymity shield to strip any personally identifying information and are then shared to Arc Reactor for the greater good of the community. As threat miners encounter, verify and contribute threats, they receive compensation for their contributions in the form of HRO tokens.

Benefits for Threat Miners:
  • Intelligent Threat Protection
  • Compensation for participation on the network
  • Access to HEROIC Guardian
  • Protection for Devices and Cloud Services
  • Help Make the World More Secure
Organizations are essential to the HEROIC ecosystem as they contribute vast amounts of threat data and provide for an efficient marketplace of that data. Organizations will have open access to the entirety of the Ecosystem for use in protecting their own data, receiving compensation for contributed data, integrating it with third-party branded products and services, and building their own software. Organizations may include businesses, schools, non-profits, mining-pools, governments and others.

Benefits for organizations:
  • Compensation for Data Participation
  • Access to Open Threat Intelligence Exchange
  • Enhance 3rd Party Cyber Solutions
  • Build Custom Solutions and Applications
Developers will have open access to the entirety of the HEROIC Ecosystem. The core benefit for developers is the R & D Environment which provides the ability to research, develop, test and distribute their own software and algorithms. Developers will be compensated for their creations which may include intelligent algorithms, software tools, and full software systems. Ecosystem compensation is made exclusively through the HRO token.

Additional benefits include:
  • Access to threat intelligence repositories
  • Robust community of developers
  • Ability to research, build and test algorithms
  • Revenue stream to devs and security experts
  • Compensation for threat-blocking algorithms
  • Download and use data for research and products
  • Build decentralized applications
Token Details
The HEROIC Ecosystem is powered by the HEROIC Token (HRO) which incentivizes users, developers, and organizations to participate in the growth of the network. While receiving advanced threat protected, network participants seamlessly contribute anonymized threat data which is used by the community to develop intelligent cybersecurity solutions, better-protecting everyone involved.

Total Tokens Created – 1,000,000,000

Ecosystem Milestones

Q4 - 2018
Milestone 1 - Token Sale & Exchange Listing
Referral Program
Smart Contract Implementation
Token Sale
Token Exchange Listing
HEROIC Guardian Early Adopter Release

Q2 - 2019
Milestone 2 - Guardian Release
Public Release of HEROIC Guardian
Unified cybersecurity platform
Credential Protection
Identity Protection
Cybersecurity Education
Basic R & D Platform
Basic Documentation
Initial API’s
Partner Program

Milestone 3 - Alpha Trials
HEROIC Arc Reactor
Standalone Node Software
Desktop & Mobile Agents
Command line tools
Guardian Mobile App Release
Addition R & D Platform API’s

Milestone 4 - Beta Releases
Platform Specific Beta Releases
Proof-of-Threat (PoT) Protocol Alpha
System Trials
Security Testing (continuous)
Language Support
Documentation & Tutorials

Milestone 5 - Production Releases
Arc Reactor
Desktop & Mobile Agents
Guardian Appstore
R & D Marketplace (DApps)
AI-Powered Threat Scoring Engine
Future Milestones
AI-powered Antivirus
No Knowledge Database Architecture
Additional Tools and Software

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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