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Friday, October 12, 2018

KALC - Changing Credit Ratings from Decentralized Communities

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the KALC project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

In modern times, when transactions and communications occur on the Internet, the security and reliability of our personal data is a problem, now this information is stored on a centralized server by the credit bureau and the government / immigration department, where data is decided, perhaps in combination with application limited.

Monitoring and validating identity information to access the reputation and reliability of the information usually depends on a centralized organization, it affects consumers who experience problems when checking their credit scores in many parts of credit, and this process requires a lot of time checking that person. He estimates that a centralized database controls nearly 90% of our credit information, which is limited when it comes to checking our credit score.

This centralized organization determines who has access to information and thus controls our financial services, which means that to access financial services, such as credit processing, you must rely on a centralized organization to receive your information, even if you keep your credit score.

Traditionally, the credit scoring process has problems with implementation, because of the nature of centralized access and data collection from the community, most people remain unused. This means that we cannot obtain financial certainty for more than 3.5 billion people whose financial data is unknown, because they are not banks.
One of the projects that changed the credit rating of decentralized communities was KOALA, promoting collective and collective use of decentralized communities to maintain our data and records. The Koala platform will allow even non-banking communities, who can obtain information on the Internet without financial risk using blockchain technology, which has proven to be an irreversible and safe way to store confidential and confidential information.

The APP koala bridges the gap between community and technology, where trust is maintained by encrypting process data in distributed books and managing user behavior, for example, with credit ratings using artificial intelligence and creating ecosystems that support trust, where people trust each other.


Through Coal data mining, users will be able to maintain their behavior on the Internet, where they can be used to assess the ability of users to repay loans by assessing their credit values stored in a fixed database. This can help financial institutions automatically process financial transactions with optimized identity checks and credit ratings.

Traditionally, non-banking communities are still rich in unused data using blockchain technology, with which we can include millions of people who do not use financial services because of limited information on credit scores.


Through the use of modern technology, Koala will be able to use non-bank communities who can access decentralized financial services and their credit ratings, which are supported by Koala's decentralized platform, and enable them to control who has access to their financial information.

The Koala platform based on Blockchain technology can enable non-banking communities to have access to financial services, enabling them to have financial records kept in a fixed record where they can make their credit points for access to microfinance and financial service partners,


The Koal Platform will provide tools that will enable decentralized communities to use blockchins and artificial intelligence to study, evaluate, and maintain credit scores based on user activity. in the chain. This process will enable financial processes to be carried out in a safe and decentralized environment where financial records are kept in an irreversible book that will facilitate the provision of equal and equal financial services.


Koala users will also be able to obtain Token Koala (KALC) on a platform quiz that will be a transparent procedure, users can use this token to use it when paying for services on the platform, and also use it to process information through smart contracts.


Users will be able to demand their identity and information about the block chain when working with dating services, information will help get rid of fake people using fake identities. Data stored and managed by users will be able to verify their behavior and characteristics, without jeopardizing the bleaching of identification data, the user must approve the use of information for the proxy.


ICO Starting September 3, 2018
ICO End October 15, 2018


I believe that the use of blockchain-based identity management is the key to solving traditional, centralized problems, which leave people who cannot be useful for the system, non-banking and unprotected. Koala is a game changer and will give strength to the community, allowing them to access, control and at the same time provide their data. Traditionally, we consider centralized organizations involved in the commercialization of personal and personal data and sell this information to interested parties for commercial benefits.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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