Friday, August 10, 2018

TEDCHAIN - High Speed Global Network

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Tedchain project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

Tedchain is a self-contained high-speed global network dedicated to gaming from the very beginning. This means we have the unique ability to target the gaming industry directly using the best of the emerging cryptocurrency, blockchain, and smart contract technologies. We are planning on developing our own game as both a proof-of concept and as a standalone MMORPG - our marketing for this game will bring users to the platform and give other game publishers free exposure to the user base.

Our mission will be to develop and operate the Gaming Ecosystem - The decentralized platform where community can play games. Our games always have a connection to the real world in terms of content. This is company positioning in the games market and allows to address a wide target audience.

Tedchain is also publishing games from 3rd party developers on platform to provide the gamers a wide range of games to play.

We are also a decentralized and cross platform mean of payment dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience on the blockchain. We are developing mobile games that allows players to mine crypto currency and spend it outside of the game. By working closely with game developers, Tedchain promises to offer players around the world a great gaming experience. If the research team applies their great successes in the gaming industry to Blockchain technology, it will be very cost-saving to gamers and profitable to game developers.

Tedchain is working on complete games decentralized ecosystem built around the TED utility token, which is the in-game mean of payment in all the games within gaming ecosystem. You can use one mean of payment across all games and also utilize the TED token. This offers gamers complete new possibilities especially considering the reward system behind the gaming ecosystem.

The TED platform is for players who never “Sleep” and love experimenting different game genres. TEDCHAIN aims to enable people to play games on its TED platform, thereby earn TED tokens. We strives connecting gamers around the world together and helping them live with their gaming passion. In game TED token could be used by game developers to integrate TED into their games for use as rewards, recurring subscription payments, game version or game tool upgrades and or purchase of gaming services.

We believe that blockchain and the gaming industry combination will be the next ground breaking revolution in our time. Join us, making the gaming decentralized, available and joyful for everybody. The project is being developed with love for decentralized gaming!


Subscription/Membership (Club) Gaming Platform - Launch a club/subscription focused mobile games website, with full API integration into crypto currency billing solutions, premium rate SMS billing and SMS gateways for user notifications. API's to create, update, credit and unsubscribe users are available. The strength of the platform lies in the rich content and opportunities to host tournaments and live events, for increased user retention.

MMO RPG Games Portal - Launch a standalone full featured MMO desktop and mobile (HTML5) MMO games website. Focus on MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games that are free to play, but include in-game purchasing to enhance the users gaming experience.

Facebook Games App - The solution allows for SSO (Single Sign On) integration, social interaction integration, friends, messaging and integration with the social media sites virtual currency and crypto currency platforms.

Free to Play Games Website - Deploy a games site that only focuses on the games with the primary objective of building an online games community, still allows for a Freemium/Subscription commercial model. An upgrade path allows the publisher to add features, such as Tournament, Loyalty and Rewards, etc once the site reaches a level of critical mass.

TedGames Deployment - Deploy the games platform with the focus being to promote the brand through gaming. Focus on utilizing the Loyalty & Rewards, Tournaments, Advertorial, Editorial & Surveys solutions to bring about brand & product awareness, while building a loyal user base.

Games Integration with Loyalty Programs - Games are a proven tool to drive engagement with targeted promotions, while creating ongoing brand and product awareness, through the use of a redemption solution for coupons, vouchers, airtime, merchandise, samples, etc. The platform is well positioned to provide content and services as a loyalty points “Burn” Provider.

Competitions Focused Tournament Games Website - Option to configure the platform to focus on the competitive elements, setup and manage the Tournaments, as either highest score wins or as a Single Eliminator Tournament. Setup specific prizes and/or partner with sponsors to provide prizes and incentives to allow for an increase in product promotion and in-store sales.

Games App Store - Publish a custom games app store, as part of your games site, for Android and iOS game apps - games displayed based on the device. Configure the games as Free to Download, Cost to Download and/or Revenue Share from In-game Purchasing. The Hybrid App Store includes content across all popular genres.



The cloud game portal are 90% ready and the launch is scheduled for the III quarter of the year. After the end of ICO and the start of our tokens sale on crypto markets. We have already launched a beta version of the cloud game platform which offers the first games that can be played for demo-tokens.

  • Token Symbol : TED
  • Methods of payment : BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, FIAT
  • Token Sale Start : July 17th 2018
  • Token Sale End : October 08th 2018
  • Max circulating supply : 10,000,000,000 TED
  • Tokens for sale : 1,000,000,000 TED (10%)
  • Softcap : 3,500,000 USD
  • Hardcap : 21,500,000 USD
  • Token Price : 0.01 - 0.06 USD
  • Token Privileges : In-platform utility token
  • Sale duration : 3 months
ICO STAGE 1 July 17 2018 7 Days, 24% Bonus, 0.01 USD
ICO STAGE 2 July 24 2018, 7 Days, 22% Bonus, 0.015 USD
ICO STAGE 3 July 31 2018, 7 Days, 20% Bonus, 0.02 USD
ICO STAGE 4 August 07 2018, 7 Days, 18% Bonus, 0.025 USD
ICO STAGE 5 August 14 2018, 7 Days, 16% Bonus, 0.03 USD
ICO STAGE 6 August 21 2018, 7 Days, 14% Bonus, 0.035 USD
ICO STAGE 7 August 28 2018, 7 Days, 12% Bonus, 0.04 USD
ICO STAGE 8 September 04 2018, 7 Days, 10% Bonus, 0.045 USD
ICO STAGE 9 September 11 2018, 7 Days, 08% Bonus, 0.05 USD
ICO STAGE 10 September 18 2018, 7 Days, 06% Bonus, 0.055 USD
ICO STAGE 11 September 25 2018, 7 Days, 04% Bonus, 0.06 USD
ICO STAGE 12 October 02 2018, 7 Days, 04% Bonus, 0.065 USD
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Crowdsale start at July 17 2018


March 2017
Build Cloud Portal Gaming. Demo TED Marketplace. Build Gamechain Platform, Demo P2P Network and Tedcoin Hash

November 2017
Develop Consensus Protocol and build Tedchain Technology. Develop any games using Ethereum Smart Contracts.

January 2018
Build Voting System (Testnet). Publish Energy Efficient System. Develop Tedchain-JS and Tedchain-Secure. Launch the Tedchain Crowdfunding Decentralized Platform.

March 2018
Beta Web Wallet and Securely Communicate. Develop the Decentralized App Store. Demo Tedcoin Stratum Protocol. Launch the Decentralized Play Store.

July 2018
Launch Crowdsale with special bonus. Develop Electronic Cash System. Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Release. Testnet Demo

August 2018
Launch Blockchain Explorer. Testing P2P Tedchain Mining Pool using Stratum protocol. Launch Game Ecosystem

October 2018
Cooperation with Enjincoin. Platform API Development. Machine Learning & AI for advanced technical analysis

December 2018
Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Version Release. Deploy Reward Engine (Testnet). APIs for third party bots, games and apps

February 2019
Reward Engine Release (Mainnet). Tedchain Open APIs. Launch Gamification Technology. Develop Mobile Games Store.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80