Wednesday, August 1, 2018

SUBBIT - Giving Crypto Holders to New Stores to Access Products and Services

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Subbit project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

The World's First Mobile Subscription Platform
Powered by SBT tokens, Subbit allows businesses to convert almost all products or services into subscriptions, providing new and disruptive alternatives to online and retail payments.
Create your own subscription package and enjoy cheaper access to things you like. You can subscribe to your favorite shops, restaurants, classes, charities and more. We support fiat, cryptocurrency and our strong SBT tokens.

Our unique platform gives crypto holders new outlets to access products and services.


Subscribe in just a few steps. Now you can pay things easily with subscribe rather than by cash or card.
  1. Download
  2. Add payment method
  3. Find the package
  4. Subbit

Android/IOS App
The Subbit App (for Android and Apple) is the engine of our marketplace. It gives our users instant access to everything they need to enjoy subscriptions. The features include our patent-pending Subscription Management System (SSMS), one-to-one messaging, unlimited payment methods, budgeting tools and a subbit profile.

Website Subscription Marketplace
Our Subbit responsive website gives you access to the entire Subbit marketplace from desktop PC’s. You can find, view, browse and share all of the packages, as well as have access to full vendor profiles.


Subbit Smart EPOS App
The Subbit Smart Epos App is smart free app (for Android and Apple) that allows vendors to experience the full power of Subbit at their Point of Sale. Manage subscriptions, collect vouchers, find customers, initiate/answer customer queries and broadcast promotions via your (iOS or Android) phone or tablet for a near frictionless transaction experience.

Vendor Admin Panel
Power your vendor profile, set up your teams and drive your business forward from our mobile responsive admin panel software. Utilise the full management tools that allow you to build teams, run reports and truly get the most out of your subscriptions on Subbit.

SBT Token

Sitting at the core of our ecosystem, the SBT Token makes spending via subscription rewarding. Far more than just a speculative item. Our Ethereum based token gives holders access to an enriched and rewarding experience on the Subbit platform and genuine growth benefits
  • Access to exclusive SBT-only subscriptions
  • Earn SBT cashbacks and rewards for good use
  • Vendors use platform for free when using SBT
  • SBT purchased by Subbit to increase demand
  • Increasing benefits for users who earn and stake SBT
  • A marketplace built around SBT for easy spending
The Subbit Token & Ecosystem

We have ensured the integral utility of the SBT token throughout our ecosystem by fuelling all platform rewards and fees. The capital raised during the token sale will enable us to establish our marketplace in global mainstream commerce and retail.  As the platform and user base grow, so too will token demand and utilisation.

Get cashback rewards and exclusive subscription access. Accumulate SBT for bonus discounts.
Enjoy Fee-free platform access, benefit from risk-free credit based subscriptions with SBT.
Token Holders
Stake SBT for fixed price discounts, benefit from market growth and Subbit buy-back scheme.


We have ensured the integral utility of the SBT token throughout our ecosystem by fuelling all platform rewards and fees. The capital raised during the token sale will enable us to establish our marketplace in global mainstream commerce and retail, and as the platform grows so too will token demand and utilisation.

Pre Sale Start Date: 20th August 2018

Max Cap Private Sale: 20M USD
Token Price: 80,000 SBT / 1 ETH
Project Protocol: ERC 20, ETH
Sale Supply | Total Supply: 12.4 Billion SBT | 20 Billion SBT
Accepted Payment: Various during PRIVATE ROUND

Our exciting timeline includes a live product release during the ICO.

Q1 2017

-   Incorporation
-   Product Parameters agreed
-   Founding Team assembled
-   Brainstorming and concept testing
Q2 2017
-   Commence Brand development
-   Design initial prototypes
-   Full MVP parameters agreed
-   ERD Design of full product ecosystem
Q3 2017
-   Market Research Conducted
-   Whitepaper v1.0 written
-   Initial funding allocated
-   Commence App Development
Q4 2017
-   Internal Launch test net app
-   Initial blockchain development meetings
-   Team expansion
-   User Pre-registrations commenced
-   Vendor Pre registrations commenced
Q1 2018

-   Token release plan developed
-   Legal structure agreed
-   Blockchain development team assembled
-   Website Developed
-   Smart Contract Structured and DApp platform agreed
-   Legal Team assembled
Q2 2018
-   Private sale commence
-   Start of airdrop
-   Launch LIVE app for IOS and Android devices scheduled
-   Partner Outreach
We are here
Q3 2018
-   Launch LIVE app for IOS and Android devices to coincide with start of public sale
-   Public token sale commence
-   Growth of social and community management teams
-   Begin full sales outreach
-   Global Social Influencer and Domestic Retail outreach (Phase 1)
-   Token Sale end
Q4 2018
-   Token burn of excess tokens to reduce supply
-   Listing on at least 3 exchange platforms
-   Launch v2 with SSPN and full blockchain support
To find out more. You can connect more with Subbit at the link below:

BitCointalk username: Aray80