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Saturday, August 4, 2018

NEBULA - Make Users Have Experience Outside of Basic Trading

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the NEBULA project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Nebula Exchange?

The nebula exchange platform came into being with the aim of solving the lapses in the cryptocurrency market. The platform combines a unique trading platform with technical analysis, news, user reviews etc to give users a safe and interactive platform.

Thus, nebula Exchange is a unique centralized exchange platform that makes sure user satisfaction comes first. It comes with amazing tools like token security, amazing customer support, margin trading etc to give users a wonderful experience.

Also, one of the aims of Nebula Exchange is to lead others in providing top notch security for tokens. With the security system from nebula Exchange, users will have all important information to make better trading decision. Asides, nebula going into a centralized system comes with aim of making users have experience beyond basic trading.

  • A unique safety feature involves the usage of a cold encrypted storage system. It comes with tough security and stores funds offline, away from the reach of hackers.
  • A social platform system for users to interact and also rate project. This will help focus on helpful projects.
  • Users will be able to send and receive funds with a high profiled multipurpose wallet. It can also be used for leverage trading.
  • A user friendly interface that can accommodate new users on the blockchain network
To improve the economy of the ecosystem, Nebula employs digital security token. These tokens are digital shares designed like the stock of a company. Thus with it, users can make profit and also get dividends that the platform declare over time.

  • Security is a priority, hence major advanced security initiatives are already in place.
  • A robust trading platform that accommodates professional traders and also accommodates fresher’s
  • On the nebula Exchange Platform, users can have easy access to information. This comes in the form of a reliable review system, news system, and reputation system and so on.
Being aware of the huge fee required on the exchange to list projects, Nebula plans to list promising project at a very reduced cost!
  • Also, users and community members who bring in new ones will be rewarded on the Nebula Exchange platform.

The tokens applicable on the Nebula Exchange platform are called the Nebula Exchange star credits (NESC). The token is constructed on the standard Etherum Blockchain hence; it is an ERC 2o based token. Transactions on the Nebula Exchange platform will be done using the NESC, and it comes with a 50% discount trade fee.

Someday, the Nebula Exchange platform will be the leader in cryptocurrency exchange. To ensure a successful project, they will trade in FIAT. This will open new doors as it has been applauded by many.

  • Token Name: Nebula Exchange
  • Token Ticker:NESC
  • Hardcap: $20,000,000USD
  • ICO price: 1NESC=$0.40
  • Platform: ERC20
  • Token function: Exchange


Users can pay transaction fees in NESC for a 50% discount in the rates. All transaction fees collected in the form of NESC will be burned. Discount is subject to change in the future.New coin listings will be required to pay in NESC Tokens, creating a steady flow of demand as we grow. All NESC Tokens collected for listing fees will be burned.Every quarter, Nebula Exchange will use 25% of its profits to buy-back NESC tokens and burn them. All buy-backs will be announced beforehand.All token burning will stop only once we have reached 50mn NESC tokens in distribution.


To contribute and find out the progress of this offer, you can visit the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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