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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

NEBULA AI - Empowering Companies, Organizations and Individuals with Blockchain and AI Technology

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Nebula Ai project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain

We are Building the Future with Decentralized Intelligence


NBAI Foundation empowers companies, organizations, and individuals with blockchain and AI technologies and provides financial and intellectual resources for McGill University and Concordia University research labs.

NBAI Foundation operates the NBAI Blockchain Platform that supports the development of decentralized AI applications (DAI Apps). We have already developed several DAI Apps including Quant AI, a trading forecast tool, AI Sentiment Analysis, a natural language processing app which identifies and extracts subjective information from written text, and Biomed AI, a medical imaging evaluation tool.

We are also a blockchain & AI enterprise service provider. We develop and implement customized solutions that grow from proof to concept within a secure, fully scalable production network.


Using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create new business networks with more trust and transparency. We leverage our proven methodologies and advanced technologies to drive game changing business outcomes and optimise organisational processes.

Nebula AI Blockchain Platform

Nebula AI (NBAI) Blockchain Platform allows developers to build, run and deploy decentralized AI applications (DAI Apps). It combines artificial intelligence and blockchain to offer a more secure and a 50% cheaper alternative to traditional centralized cloud computing providers.

DAI Apps

Quant AI is Nebula AI’s cutting-edge trading price forecasting DAI App.
AI Sentiment Analysis is a natural language processing DAI App developed by Nebula AI.
Biomed AI is a machine learning software that works with imaging and correlated clinical records to create high-performance algorithms that automatically detect medical conditions faster and for numerous findings in parallel.


Record details about the transactions in an immutable distributed ledger.
Provide a transparent overview of supply chains to all stakeholders involved.
Manage digital identity: provides a secure way to authenticate users, as well as comply with Know Your Customer and anti-money-laundering regulations. Automate processes with smart contracts: set of preset actions are initiated when certain conditions are met.

AI Services

NBAI offers turnkey AI solutions. We built user-ready decentralized AI Applications and integrate the result into the existing systems. Companies give us their data, we build custom solutions and the output is an AI application users can access online at any time.

SOLUTIONS NBAI Blockchain Platform

NBAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) computing blockchain platform that enables developers to safely and reliably develop, compute and deploy AI applications with high efficiency, low cost and without worrying about the underlying system configuration.

We connect AI computing power around the world, forming a decentralised network, effectively eliminating the need for AI users to invest in their own expensive hardware.


Quant AI is Nebula’s cutting-edge trading price prediction DAI App. Quant AI analyzes time series and trains deep learning models based on AI algorithm to forecast real-time trends.


AI Sentiment Analysis is a natural language processing DAI App developed by Nebula AI. It helps users classify the polarity of a given text and extract the attitude of the writer. It is currently used as a price prediction model for trading, evaluation of consumer inclination, online conversations positioning and content inclinations.



Biomed AI is a medical imaging evaluation tool that offers a paradigm shift in streamlining of electronic medical records (EMRs). Biomed AI improves medical imaging practice, diagnosis of illness, treatment planning and results assessment. It identifies high risk patients earlier, facilitate disease prevention programs, optimizes worklist prioritization for urgent cases and manages population health programs to reduce cost of care.

AI algorithms are trained using vast numbers of exams to determine what normal anatomy looks like on scans from CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound or nuclear imaging. Then abnormal cases are used to train the eye of the AI system to identify anomalies, with performance & accuracy close to those of clinicians.


NBAI develops and implements business solutions that help entreprises leverage blockchain technologies. We drive game changing business outcomes, optimise organisational processes, and create new networks with more trust and transparency.

We create customized Blockchain tools and activate your network on a reliable platform that grows from proof to concept within a secure, fully scalable production.

Our team of experts work closely with enterprises to ensure that the right requirements are identified and future-oriented technology is deployed.



We help business determine which type of AI solution would benefits your entreprise or industry. We employ AI experts whom can work with your team to develop comprehensive use cases and validate their feasibility.

Then we design, implement and deploy the latest AI technology into your current system. We only work with proven technology providers to ensure compatibility and seamless integration.


By leveraging AI technology your business can reduce costs and refine its commercial model by combining established networks with AI and execute its transactions faster and more efficiently.

ICO Plan

Tokens are ERC 20 tokens, and will be replaced by Nebula AI main chain tokens in the ratio of in the future.
  • Public offering is 1 Ethereum = 100,000 NBAI.
  • ICO softcap: 5,000 Ethereum.
  • Private placement starts from January 22, 2018, and ends on March 30, 2018.
  • The private placement hardcap: 18,000 Ethereum.
  • Public offering starts within one month after the end of private placement. The public offering hardcap: 12,000 Ethereum.
  • 45% Sold by the private placement and public offering
  • 25% Held by the foundation & community
  • 15% Held by the core team
  • 10% Held by the early-stage investors
  • 5% Held by marketing & Partner supporters

Unsold tokens from private placement will be merged into public offering. Unsold tokens of public offering will be completely destroyed.


To find out more. You can connect more with Nebula Ai at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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