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Saturday, August 25, 2018

MILC - Distributing Video Content, Designed to Facilitate and Ensure Transparent Licensing

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the MILC project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Company Welt-der-Wunder offers a solution which can cure many problems in the media industry. They are developing a new platform on the blockchain MILC (Micro Licensing Coin), which will be used to distribute video content, designed to facilitate and ensure transparent licensing.

The essence of the project MILC

The company Welt-der-Wunder is a serious player in the field of television networks, so knows the main problems of the modern media market. To solve them, a new generation platform is being developed, which in the near future may become a standard setting new rules for the distribution and exchange of video content.

The main task of the platform is to unite creators and consumers of video directly, excluding intermediaries. This will remove manipulation and reduce the cost of the material. MILC will also provide transparent conditions for interaction between the parties. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts guarantees the security and integrity of the transaction. A smart contract ensures payment by the buyer after the seller fulfills the terms of the transaction. If the conditions are not met, the money will not be transferred to the seller.

Many experts note that such a platform today is as relevant as possible. The use of blockchain and the experience of the development team allows us to say that MILC is doomed to success and has great potential. It will connect the creators and consumers of video from all over the world, blurring the boundaries, will reduce the cost of buying video and the risks associated with such a transaction. It is planned that in the near future the platform will become the main interface in the media industry, where everyone can easily license their material, sell it or buy it at will.

The advantages of the platform

Platform MILC has a number of advantages for buyers and sellers of content that distinguish it from other projects:
  1. Content providers will have easy access to the global marketplace. This is especially true for beginners, ordinary talented people, small and little-known companies, which today enter the market and sell your product hard enough. It is also worth noting the absence of intermediaries and additional fees, which significantly reduces the cost of selling content.
  2. Content buyers will receive a platform where the material will be presented for every taste. They will be able to buy video content directly from the author, place personal orders, they will be able to choose from a huge number of offers from around the world.
And most importantly-the platform provides transparent terms of the transaction, guarantees security, this also applies to the licensing of materials. Here everyone will get equal conditions for work, both large media companies and talented authors-beginners, and the growth of competition will certainly go into improving the quality of video materials.

Who is working on the project?

As already mentioned, drafting, experienced professionals media giant Welt der Wunde who have extensive experience and untarnished reputation in the market.

Key figure:
  1. Hendrik a-managing Director and founder.
  2. Eugene Nussbaum-responsible for corporate development, chief producer.
  3. Manuel Mariadassou - chief engineer.
  4. Esther Hey – head of the sales Department.

In addition, the project employs specialists in the technical field, television editors, Internet editors, developers and other specialists. Also, experienced advisors in the field of media, ICO, blockchain are involved in the work.


The Micro Licensing Coin is a utility token and will be the payment medium used within the micro-licensing platform. The sale of the tokens will help boost the value of MILCs in addition to popularizing the platform’s business model. The number of issued MILC tokens are 40,000,000 and 26.5% of these tokens will be available during the ICO. An equivalent percentage will be available during the pre-sale.

The best thing about the MILC ICO is that the Welt der Wunder TV Company is an established firm that has been part of the media industry for more than 20 years. The firm has broadcast networks in German and Swiss TV channels. The distribution platform is already developed and the firm has decades of experience. This company is not a startup like most ICO companies but it seeks to solve problems in a market they understand by offering an innovative solution that is bound to enjoy a good demand. Investors are reassured that the product is value for money. The ICO dates will be announced soon on the MILC global site


2018 ICO Information
2018 - q1/q2 Preparations Welt derWunder content for platform usage
2018 - q1/q2 ff Development blockchainsystem for salesDevelopment
2018 - q2 ff Expansion of the blockchainshop system for sales
2018 - q1/q2 ff blockchainsystem for sales
2018 - q4/q4 Start of internationalsales: Europe / inclusion ofadditional content partners
2018 - q4 ff Start of international sales:USA/Canada/inclusion ofadditional content partners
2019 - q1 ff Start of internationalsales: Asia / inclusive ofadditional partners
2019 - q2 ff Start of international sales:Reset of World / Inclusion ofadditional content partners

To find out more. You can connect more with MILC at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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