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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

VIVA NETWORK - Introducing Large-Scale Decentralized Mortgage Financing

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the Viva Network project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

About Viva

Viva is a transformative financial technology that introduces large-scale decentralized mortgage financing to the world. Viva’s platform will utilize smart contracts to crowdfund home loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly within a decentralized, trustless ecosystem. By leveraging ultra-secure blockchain transactions, Viva cuts out the middlemen, resulting in a lending process that is more profitable and efficient for all parties.

Viva enables a free market to determine the rate of interest on a borrower’s mortgage and removes the need for banks and other financial intermediaries. By eliminating inefficiencies in local financial systems, mortgage rates will more fairly and accurately reflect the level of risk associated with the asset’s true value. The failure of the banking system in 2008 yielded the world’s first ever
cryptocurrency and began the process of decentralizing the power held by financial conglomerates. Viva intends to finish the job – by leaving the inefficient, centuries-old financing system where it truly belongs: in the past.


We believe that the most effective solution for global economic wealth disparity is the advancement of technology. Blockchain technology is an innovation that has already proven its ability to decentralize and disrupt some of the largest industries in the world.

Viva aims to revolutionize the antiquated mortgage lending industry by cutting out the middlemen and decentralizing the process, thereby applying a fundamentally more accessible and transparent approach to financing. We believe that Viva’s technology will increase the availability of credit for borrowers and for the first time allow non-institutional investors to participate in the consistent, asset-backed returns associated with mortgage investments, a product that has traditionally been reserved solely for large financial institutions.

Furthermore, by allowing the free market to dictate the risk and associated value of each mortgage - as opposed to a bank - we expect to see more fairly priced mortgages. The Viva platform will be leveraged by those in the developed and developing worlds alike, thereby enabling the world to take a large step toward geographical wealth equality - by breaking down the barriers and leaving both parties better off.


Our mission is to disrupt the mortgage industry by allowing home buyers and sellers to set the terms themselves. Any individual, from any country in the world, will have access to credit financing for home loans via a decentralized, open market network on the Viva Platform.

Additionally, Viva’s function as an investment and savings platform accessible with just a mobile phone means all users of Viva will have access to credit financing, a savings and investment account, and standard blockchain-backed secure transaction services - regardless of what country they live in. 

How Does Viva Work?

Viva allows buyers to earn low interest rates & investors to get higher yields.

Why Tokenize Mortgages?
Introduce security & liquidity to investors every day.

For Homebuyers

Mortgage rates are lower
The savings generated by avoiding local financial systems & costs are estimated to range from 20-40% of the total interest cost.

Access to foreign capital
For the first time, Viva introduced foreign capital for mortgage loans, leading to more options and better deals for home buyers.

Fast, easy & transparent
By allowing the lender's free market to decide whether the mortgage is approved, the borrower can enjoy complete transparency in the credit approval process and completely avoid the complicated old process.

Hybrid, easy-to-use platform
Viva mortgage loans are paid with fiat currency and wire transfers, such as regular loans.

For Investors

Introducing an entirely new asset class. Due to the efficient structure of FMS mortgage investment products, Investors can benefit from generating significantly higher returns than investments in other similar risk profiles (eg Wall Street MBS).

Safety & assurance
In the default scenario, all mortgage loans produced by Viva are secured by a private mortgage insurance policy (PMI) so that international investors have a comfort & guarantee on their investment.

Unlike other peer to peer financing systems, Fractional Mortgage Shares will become liquid and tradable securities on the Secondary Market FMS VMS Exchange Platform. Solve the most important issues in the alternative financing arena.

Complete transparency

Unlike other mortgage investments, FMS products allow investors with complete transparency - allowing investors to see all the details of their prospective mortgage investments, while protecting the privacy of borrowers.

Token Generation Event

Mobile Viva Network Application

Along with advanced web-based platforms, we will develop Android & Apple apps to connect users with unparalleled ease and efficiency. From ERC20 wallets to mortgage lists to portfolio buildings, The Viva Network embraces the first mobile design - essential for developing countries with key mobile Internet access.

Total supply 100% The total amount of tokens to ever exist will be 4 billion VIVA

75% Token Generation Event distribution
The maximum amount of tokens that will be circulating amongst contributors at the time the of the conclusion of the TGE will be 3 billion (or 75% of the total supply). This circulating supply of VIVA will be unvested and may be listed on regular cryptocurrency exchanges following the TGE (pending approval from exchanges).

7.5% Team’s Allocation
The total number of tokens that are retained by the Viva Network team members, which will be vested for 1 year from the Token Generation Event, will be 300 million (7.5% of total supply).

3.75% Advisors’ Allocation 
The total number of tokens that will be allocated towards recognizing our advisors is 150 million tokens (3.75% of total supply). These tokens will be unvested over the course of 3 months subsequent to the conclusion of the TGE.

3.75% Marketing, Bounty, and Private Contribution Allocation 
The total number of tokens that will be retained for marketing operations, private contributions and the bounty program will be 150 million (3.75% of total supply). These tokens will be frozen until the completion of the Token Generation Event and the completion of the Bounty Program (for further details on the bounty
program please see https://vivanetwork.org.) The distribution of this 3.75% will be: 

  • Marketing and promotional operations: 50 million tokens (1.25% of total supply).
  • Private contributions: 50 million tokens (1.25% of total supply).
  • Bounty program: 50 million tokens (1.25% of total supply).

10% Reserve Fund Allocation
The total number of tokens that will be allocated towards the functions of the reserve fund will be 400 million (10% of total supply). These tokens are held in reserve and are used to ensure and facilitate a variety of functional applications of the Viva Network, including: The reserve pool for the Real Value 2.0 Home Valuation Application, the FIAT/CRYPTO facilitator software, and other reserve requirements that newly developed decentralized applications added to the Platform may have.


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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