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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

TERNION - Offers Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange And Crypto-to-crypto First Class

Foto Ternion.

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about Ternion project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Ternion

Ternion is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia offering first class fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange and payment processing solutions. Having obtained a cryptocurrency license similar to that granted to NASDAQ, Ternion OÜ will launch a fully functioning exchange platform during 2018. The Ternion ecosystem is made up of three pillars: Ternion Exchange, Ternion Payments and Ternion Liquidity Fund.

Ternion blends the security of traditional financial platforms within the framework of a cryptocurrency exchange. Ternion offers contributors seamless transition between the old world of fiat currencies and the new world of Cryptocurrencies. As liquidity on the centralized exchange increases, Ternion Exchange will incorporate a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

The Ternion Ecosystem provides a real solution for all legal financial institutions that are understandably nervous to utilize the growing cryptocurrency exchanges, by operating under a fully regulated trading license [FVR000209]. This license will enable Ternion to operate as a regulated exchange and a payment processor solution. The Ternion Exchange provides a simple, secure and diverse offering with full customer support. The payment processor will enable Ternion’s customers and merchant partners to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into their day-to-day lives.

Introducing Ternion: 

A regulated, secure platform to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption
Ternion is a multi-faceted exchange platform with the overarching goal of increasing accessibility to crypto currency markets. The Ternion ecosystem (where “Ternion” means a group of three) will consist of three pillars;

  • The Ternion Exchange, The Liquidity Fund and Ternion Payments, all overseen by a singular parent entity Ternion OÜ.
  • Having obtained a cryptocurrency license [FVR000209] similar to that granted to NASDAQ, Ternion will begin by launching the Ternion Exchange during 2018. From 2Q’19 Ternion will offer payment processor solutions to both merchants and individuals.

The Ternion Ecosystem: Focused on a sustainable and operationally efficient business model

Ternion Exchange
  • Supports Ternion Payments
  • First-class User Experience & Usability
  • 24/7 Support, Security & Transparency
Ternion Liquidity Fund
  • Provides Ecosystem Capital Risk Hedging
  • Sustains Ternion Exchange Trading Pool
  • Manages Ternion Payments Liquidity
Ternion Payments
  • Accept Cryptocurrency, Receive Fiat
  • Regulated Financial Institution
  • Simple API Integration
The three pillars of the Ternion ecosystem fall within the remit of the Ternion OÜ parent company. Our system is designed in such a way that each element contributes to the on-going efficiency of the Ternion Ecosystem. 

The Ternion Token Eosystem

Ternion’s ecosystem will be supported by the TRN Utility Token. The TRN Token is an ERC20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The TRN token will be the core payment mechanism for all goods and services exchanged through the Ternion Ecosystem.

Overview of the Ternion Ecosystem

Within the Ternion Ecosystem, all internal revenue-generating mechanisms are geared towards upholding the Ternion Liquidity Fund. Just as the Ternion Financial Model relies on natural market forces to support Ternion liquidity, so too does the utility functionality of the Ternion token. The TRN token is exceptionally well integrated into the Ternion Ecosystem, serving as a method of exchange for fees incurred through the Ternion Exchange and the Ternion Payments business.
This utility mechanism may result in higher demand for TRN token, which is then channelled back into the ecosystem, creating a contained cycle of supply and demand.

The Token Utility Features: Liquidity Support

The TRN is a utility token positioned to grant users access to a variety of benefits within the Ternion Ecosystem. TRN utility functions include to pay for:

Financial Model: Asset Price via Token Burn

In order to facilitate reliable liquidity, Ternion operates around a financial model built on market forces. The Ternion financial model and the ecosystem that supports it ensure the Ternion token remains relevant. The Ternion token (TRN) is an intrinsic part of the Ecosystem and serves as the native currency for Ternion’s three fundamental pillars: The Exchange, Ternion Payments and The
Liquidity Reserve.

Step 1: Revenue Generation
  • The Ternion Exchange operates based on a progressive commission (from 0.25% down to 0.1% based on monthly traded asset volume).
  • Ternion Payments charges a 0.85% - 1.5% commission per transaction, dependent on the purchasing currency.
Step 2: Token Buyback
  • Ternion uses 25% of accumulated funds to perform token buyback. Ternion stores 25% of accumulated funds in the Liquidity Fund to always have available liquidity towards the expansion of Ternion globally.
Step 3: Token Burn
  • Ternion then burns the token, reducing total Ternion circulating supply.
Ternion Initial Coin Offering

The Ternion Token (TRN) will be used as the method of exchange across the entire Ternion Ecosystem. This includes trading fees, merchant fees and listing fees. TRN will only be created during a single event commencing during the private pre-sale. Further, no tokens will be created once the final round of the ICO is complete. Any unsold tokens will be destroyed. 

Token Structure
  • Maximum total supply: 95 000 000 TRN
  • Available in pre-sale: 22 500 000 TRN
  • Available in public sale
  • (Plus any unsold presale tokens) 53 500 000 TRN
  • SOFT CAP : $5 000 000
  • HARD CAP : $30 000 000
Minimum Contributions:
  • Round A, minimum transaction: $125,000
    (Individual cases may be considered)
  • Public token sale, minimum transaction:
    0.1 ETH
The following discounts depend on the amount contributed during the:
  • Round A:
1 TRN = $ 2.261.
Up to 50 000 discount 30%
1 TRN = $ 1.615
From 50 000 till 125 000 discount 50%
1 TRN = $ 0.646
Above 125 000$ discount 80%
  • Round B: discount up to 35%
  • Round C: no discount
Token Presale (Pre-A round)

The Presale will run until: June 28th 2018.
The pre-sale will allow Ternion to raise the necessary funds to begin building the exchange, having a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) available during the Public Token Sale. The pre-sale will also help us acquire valuable feedback early on in the build, contributing to the efficiency of the exchange development process.

The funds raised during the public pre-sale will be used primarily for development and growth efforts, though a fraction will still go towards laying the foundation of the Ternion Liquidity Fund.

Allocation of Public Token Sale Funds

To fully capitalize the Ternion Liquidity Fund and complete the development of the pillars that make up the Ternion Ecosystem, the public sale will be the final leg of the Ternion ICO.

Funds raised through the public sale will be distributed as follows:

Token Distribution

The Ternion Initial Coin Offering follows the baseline principle of non-minable, Ethereum based token distribution, in that all Ternion tokens are generated and distributed as part of the public sale process.


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

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