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Friday, July 13, 2018

TEDCHAIN - Comprehensive Blockchain Services For Players, Content Providers, Channels And Advertisers

Foto TED Morning.

Halo semuanya, di postingan baru ini saya ingin memperkenalkan tentang proyek Tedchain, dan untuk lebih jelasnya mari kita langsung saja ke pembahasannya berikut ini:

Games which is based on Blockchain technology and Decentralized Gaming 


We are a decentralized and cross platform cryptocurrency dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience on the blockchain for all users.

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Tedchain is a P2P crytpocurrency gaming platform which uses Tedcoin as in-game currency
TedLab will improve scalability and privacy in blockchain using Tedchain technology. Tedchain is a distributed ledger technology. It is suited for organizations wishing to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way. The Tedchain platform includes a blockchain-based development workflow, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content-providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitating a complete ecosystem.

Pre-ICO has already secured over 20 partnerships worldwide, with more partnerships being finalized each day.


Competitive Advantage

Tedchain runs on a dedicated peer-to-peer network, game-optimized blockchain. The global Ted P2P mesh network is the foundation that all aspects of the Ted ecosystem are built upon. This gives us complete control over network consensus speed, coin mining algorithms, and smart contract syntax, allowing us to optimize the system for gaming. Given the distributed nature of the project, we settled on a P2P model to provide these services due to the resiliency in the event of a network split and ease of end-user management of a P2P network.

The Tedchain is optimized for gaming, and has been designed with powerful smart contract-based features to allow game publishers and server operators to provide gamers with the highest possible quality gaming experience. We have used our own blockchain. This gives us complete control over network consensus speed, coin mining algorithms, and smart contract syntax, allowing us to optimize the system for gaming.

TedLab has developed a novel consensus protocol, based on the best of existing Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority protocols. Our proprietary consensus protocol rewards network peers for providing verifiable services to other peers. Tedchain uses PoS based consensus system that is designed to reward long-term participants within the Tedchain ecosystem. Rewards are based on the amount of coins that a user holds, as well as how old those coins are. Larger and older coins are more likely to stake.

Tedchain provides the ability to securely communicate between devices running the Tedcoin wallet. Secure communication between users can occur between single users or between groups. Tedchain provides a platform for users to create channels that broadcast signals and data into Tedchain. It allows for small amounts of immutable data to be added to the blockchain. By using security provided by public/private key cryptography, it is clear that communications are coming from a device that is whitelisted (approved to broadcast from a channel). Only Tedchain users in Gaming Ecosystem will be able to securely communicate with each other.

Many popular cryptocurrency have difficulty with governance and how to make decisions on changing aspects about the coin. Tedchain seeks to solve this issue with the implementation of an immutable voting system, which is accessible to any gamer that actively stakes. A proposal is made based on an identified issue that a gamer may face and is added to the blockchain to be voted on. Gamers with the most to gain or lose from important decisions about Tedchain will be those with the largest sway on the overall vote.

Game developers can tokenize practically any in-game asset, from inventory items to achievements, cross-game exclusives, and tournament awards. Players can exchange tokenized assets in-game, across games, or for tradable asset such as the platform's own Tedchain, providing real world value which can be supported on any external exchange. Game publishers can sell their own tokenized assets on the Ted Marketplace directly to gamers, or even create their own fundraising crowdsales by creating a platform token directly on the Tedchain. Smart contracts can be created for complex opponent matchmaking, tournaments, in-game statistical reporting, auctions, or for practically any other use case.


Tedchain is a blockchain technology dedicated to allowing fast, easy, and cost effective deployment of decentralized applications (Dapps). By utilizing Node.js and incorporating consensus, hosting, storage, and compute modules into the core technology, operate within a sandboxed Node.js runtime environment, along with a custom built decentralized application store, Tedchain is able to provide a complete solution for the entire Dapp development cycle. Every decentralized application (dapp) on the Tedchain network has its own uniquely customizable blockchain

The TED Decentralized Play Store is a portal for accessing all the decentralized applications, currently running on the Tedchain network. Similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, users are provided with a user interface, that presents dapps in a categorized fashion, allowing dapps to be launched easily and immediately, at the click of a button. While also providing an excellent user experience for anyone looking to make safe & easy transactions within seconds. Tedchain's very own Dapp store gives consumers the same if not superior interface consumers have come to expect from existing centralized solutions currently dominating the market.

Developers are able to publish their decentralized applications (dapps) for consumption, onto the official TED Decentralized Play Store. Giving consumers a familiar if not superior user experience, they have come to expect from existing centralized solutions, currently dominating the market. We believe our Dapp Store has some huge advantages over existing implementations. It gives developers an easy to deploy, and non-intrusive distribution method. Plus, consumers can find and use dapps in much the same manner they are accustomed to, while taking comfort in the knowledge, that every dapp is backed by the provably secure, Ted blockchain (Tedchain).

Besides technology, we also want to grow our dapp developer base. Naturally our product will stand or fall by the dapps available on the platform. So, in order to give developers an incentive, we will be launched a Dapp Development Contest in 2018. The contest gives JavaScript developers, the unique opportunity to showcase their talents, and the potential of winning thousands of dollars worth of TED. By running this contest, we are hoping to see some really exciting submissions, ones that will demonstrate the immense possibilities, and sheer power of our newly released decentralized applications platform.

  • Token Symbol : TED
  • Methods of payment : BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, FIAT
  • Token Sale Start : July 17th 2018
  • Token Sale End : October 08th 2018
  • Max circulating supply : 10,000,000,000 TED
  • Tokens for sale : 1,000,000,000 TED (10%)
  • Softcap : 3,500,000 USD
  • Hardcap : 21,500,000 USD
  • Token Price : 0.01 - 0.06 USD
  • Token Privileges : In-platform utility token
  • Sale duration : 3 months
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Crowdsale start at July 17 2018


March 2017
Build Cloud Portal Gaming. Demo TED Marketplace. Build Gamechain Platform, Demo P2P Network and Tedcoin Hash

November 2017
Develop Consensus Protocol and build Tedchain Technology. Develop any games using Ethereum Smart Contracts.

January 2018
Build Voting System (Testnet). Publish Energy Efficient System. Develop Tedchain-JS and Tedchain-Secure. Launch the Tedchain Crowdfunding Decentralized Platform.

March 2018
Beta Web Wallet and Securely Communicate. Develop the Decentralized App Store. Demo Tedcoin Stratum Protocol. Launch the Decentralized Play Store.

July 2018
Launch Crowdsale with special bonus. Develop Electronic Cash System. Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Release. Testnet Demo

August 2018
Launch Blockchain Explorer. Testing P2P Tedchain Mining Pool using Stratum protocol. Launch Game Ecosystem

October 2018
Cooperation with Enjincoin. Platform API Development. Machine Learning & AI for advanced technical analysis

December 2018
Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Version Release. Deploy Reward Engine (Testnet). APIs for third party bots, games and apps

February 2019
Reward Engine Release (Mainnet). Tedchain Open APIs. Launch Gamification Technology. Develop Mobile Games Store

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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