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Monday, July 16, 2018

SWIPE - Decentralized Mobile Engagement And Data Metrics Platform For Users And Application Developers

Welcome my friends to an exciting new Project today and let's take a look at their great idea:

What is SWIPE?

SWIPE is a decentralized mobile engagement and data monetization platform for app users and developers. It provides methods to monetize their data in a transparent, anonymous and useful way. SWIPE not only allows users to monetize their data, but it also stands out when we engage an app developer with a seamlessly integrated set of SDK tools and advance application engagements that will enable the collection of quality data. Users can fully manage their privacy and data sharing arrangements, and transparent and auditable data transfers are thoroughly encrypted.


User data is scattered across different apps.
Today's centralized data intermediary approach is not transparent and at times unfair.


SWIPE Network is a decentralized mobile engagement data platform that empowers app developers with a suite of marketing tools and SDKs (software development kit) to improve app engagement and user retention, while allowing for transparent and fair data monetization.


Giving control of data back into the hands of the users
User Consent : Opt in/out of data monetization campaigns. Full control of privacy and data sharing policies
End-to-End Encryption : Secure data management
Smart Contract : Data requests and reward distribution are managed and logged transparently
Data Re-Encryption : Data is re-encrypted for requestor's access when data sharing permission is given.


SWIPE Tokens are required to utilize the SWIPE Network. SWIPE Network will also release a wallet application, enabling app users and token holders to earn, manage, stake, send and receive SWIPE Tokens. Features provided by SWIPE Network are delivered through SWIPE SDK, a mobile software development kit that allows app developers to interact with the wallet application, display content on the lockscreen/widget, display/track mobile ads, as well as perform data collection on their current app. App developers can easily embed the SDK with minimum changes to their current code base.

Staking Token for SWIPE Mission

  1. A mission owner decides to create a mission on the SWIPE Mission platform (e.g. a survey). The mission specifications such as mission period and reward distribution rules are captured in a smart contract. SWIPE Network then collects mission listing fees.
  2. The mission owner allocates participation rewards to be distributed to mission participants who complete the survey mission.
  3. Mission participants are required to stake tokens in order to participate in the mission.
  4. Upon completion of the mission and the mission’s maturity date, reward tokens will be distributed to the mission participants. Staked tokens will be returned to the mission participants as well.
Development Roadmap

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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