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PINGPAID - Creating "Resources" And Transacting Real World Assets Using Blockchain

Foto PingPaid Token.

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about Pingpaid project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


PingPaid is a platform and protocol that allows you to create "resources" and transact real-world assets using blockchain to secure payments. PingPaid lets you create "resources" for any industry or domain. Some examples: bed and bath, eCommerce, money transfer service, etc. As a platform, you will be able to create and access uniquely created "resources" directly using unique QR Code technology, and an online interface system. As a protocol, you will be able to use the PingPaid API to perform operations for any domain or industry. PingPaid currently has integration with several industry cases: eCommerce, bed and breakfast, remittances, food and beverages, and more that can be viewed at the PingPaid BETA interface available at https://www.pingpaid.com/0/

The unique protocol capabilities through PingPaid will allow you to perform operations using the PingPaid API and platform automatically. You will be able to create and access resources programmatically and securely. The PingPaid API will use the JSON markup language to send and receive commands. PingPaid does not compete, but instead increases cryptocurrency space by complementing existing and future technologies; and unleashes the infinite paradigm in the current cryptocurrency space.

Tag and Querying System
Using QR Code and other linking technologies real world items and locations are connected to transactions and coins to be automatically released

Sophisticated Management System
Proprietary management system for counter-parties, merchants, and clients

Application Programming Interface
Efficient technology automatically creating and managing transactions on the go

Sophisticated and trusted transaction technology
An exciting payment, remittance, reservation, and escrow solution using PingPaid and the blockchain
Learn more about our revolutionary plans and incentives.

Launch into PingPaid BETA
In conjuction with the PingPaid token event we are offering our BETA product. Find out more on how to get started with PingPaid BETA today.

Big picture plans

PingPaid has a comprehensive roadmap detailed below. For more information, see our whitepaper.

Q4 2017.
✓ Initial development of Roadmap
✓ Resource and branding acquisition
✓ Formation of whitepaper.
✓ V1 of PingPaid platform.
✓ Company formation and draft

Q1 2018.
✓ Groundwork development for PingPaid Mobile.
✓ Community survey events and ICO formationition
✓ Establishment of company structure and jurisdiction.
✓ Launch of Ropsten Testnet.

Q2 2018.
⚪ ICO announcements and whitelisting. .
⚪ Public registration.
⚪ Marketing and branding campaigns.

Q3 2018.
⚪ PingPaid ICO launch.
⚪ Launch of V1 PingPaid Mobile.
⚪ PingPaid international market development launch.
⚪ Whitepaper and website international expansion.
⚪ Application Programming Interface development v1.

Q4 2018.
⚪ PingPing token public market launch.
⚪ V3 platform launch.
⚪ PingPaid user interface manual.
⚪ Talent expansion and acquisitions.

Q1 2019.
⚪ PingPaid Protocol integration rollout.
⚪ Clearing Cycle Mechanism
⚪ PingPaid Suites launch, specific user applications.

Q2 2019.
⚪ Company review report.
⚪ New Roadmap

Twenty percent (20%) of our total 75 million PingPaid token supply is automatically placed in the company's reserve.

  • NOW
  • 1 ETH = 1145 PPD TOKENS
  • 1 PPD token = 0.000873 ETH
  • Available 60M Tokens
  • Total Supply: 75M Tokens
  • Market Cap: 33M USD

To find more relevant details of the Pingpaid project please you follow some sources for the following references:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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