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OAX - Integration Of Decentralized Exchange Protocols Emerging In the Mechanisms That Deliver Transparency

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining an OAX project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

New breakthroughs in the ever-increasing era of digital technology, evolving in an effort to revolutionize the future of development, in order to fulfill everyday needs, as well as to improve the quality of various aspects and goals, and to create a life that will be better and also more developed for the present and also in the future, here we will introduce a new breakthrough in technology development that is OAX a platfrom that has multi function and also has various benefits in creating and also display various aspects of the improvement in the fulfillment of needs.

OAX is a design and structure and concept that has been applied to a platfrom media that is in order to create a decentralized network well, in the activities of various payment transactions ranging from transaction activities either outgoing transactions or incoming transactions, which is supported by the network Blockhain and also OAX base is using ETH smartcontract standart ERC20, where this technology has grown very rapidly and also has good network quality, OAX keeps improving its development on its platform which in this case is to establish a network integrity that is safe to use and also convenient, in order to have an increase in various levels of aspects ranging from increased sales transactions, greater network interaction, as well as communities that contribute increasingly more and more,

The purpose of the OpenANX Core is the integration of decentralized exchange protocols that emerge into mechanisms that provide transparency to the quality of counterparty partners of service providers. While price discovery and trade transaction execution can be achieved through smart contracts, the practical reality is that not all trade exchange functions can be decentralized.

This service is required for the exchange to reach the best solution and the next is to provide an appropriate risk assessment tool on this Asset Gateway. By making available risk assessment indicators available. Importantly, unlike the centralized model, Asset Gateway never holds crypto keys for both assets - for example with a fiat gateway, the gateway only stores fiat currency in any transaction scenario; users retain crypto rights, significantly reducing the user's risk.

Therefore, participants can make optimal decisions regarding not only the price trade but also the counterparty risks they are willing to assume for non-crypto couples trading.

This openANX feature allows the execution of more than just crypto trading pair and will therefore attract trade participants to encourage volume, price efficiency and liquidity, which in turn attract other market participants that provide additional beneficial functioning of the economic network.

1. Market Infrastructure
Market Infrastructure The openANX platform will consist of:
  • User exchange
  • Asset Gateway
  • Order book ordering
  • KYC / AML Services
  • Dispute dispute
  • Voting Member
2. Credit Risk Market

Credit risk determination is a key activity in financial markets. Institutional trade results from each agreement broken down into smaller internal compilers; some trades focus on pricing some asset market risks, while other trading desks focus on credit risk. The profitability of an agreement is then attributed to credit and market risk separately. The ability to exchange credit risk is largely lost from the current crypto market.

openANX will support the "Credit Risk" order book. In this way, ANXUSD tokens can be traded against another gate token (say maybe AcmeUSD). For example, ANX may have a strong public brand, and a high level of warranty that is enclosed in DAO relative to token issues, while Acme has an unknown brand and a low level of warranty The order book is opened by DAO at the request of the sponsoring user. Often the Asset Gateway itself will sponsor an order book for its tokens, for example the ANX gateway opens the ETH / ANXUSD order book.

3. Liquidity of Aggregation

Liquidity has a strong network effect, once an exchange or place becomes the biggest in terms of liquidity, it quickly attracts more liquidity until other bourses can not compete. This arguably produces a small group of centralized crypto exchange dominating the market for a period of time, until such time as a legal, security, or credit event stops operations.

The openANX platform resolves this issue through the implementation of aggregate order books, plus credit risk trading books.

Consider a situation where there are three order books:
OpenANX users

OpenANX users looking for onboard cardboard currency to blockchain will initially require the services of an asset gateway. Availability of public credit risk and Assurance metrics should help users choose the appropriate gateway. Users can be expected to register through a dedicated online service for each gateway, similar to the current situation with centralized exchange.

Gateways in most jurisdictions will require multiple levels of KYC and AML; users will then be redirected to such services, either within the Asset Gateway, or to the provider's external services if the Asset Gateway utilizes a third party. Upon approval of KYC / AML (if requested by Asset Gateway), users may use a payment method supported by Asset Gateway to deposit funds. The Asset Gateway will then file a specific token of ERC20.

The user will then have the option to trade through a decentralized user interface provided by openANX or trade a new token directly printed with the available decentralized ERC20 exchange. It is expected that users typically use the openANX trading interface, to order
Book of aggregation.

OpenANX Platform Technology

The openANX platform technology is as follows:
  • Specification of the market operation model as described in the previous section
  • Smart Contracts Ethereum to govern and operate the market as determined
  • Integration with one or more exchange channels (mainly Swap, Raiden, or 0x) to support matching
  • API for any off-chain intersections with gateway, trading, KYC function, book enrollment order, dispute resolution, DAO governance and service enhancement
  • Standard, user interface reference implementation to enable account and trading management (it is expected the community will also provide additional user interface implementation as a fully open platform).
Supplier Distribution Detail token OAX:
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockhain, Exchange, Dex, Crypto, Cryptocurrency
  • Total Token Has been sold is 25.009. 249.58 OAX
  • With Rate eth 478 OAX / ETH
  • Softcap is 13,000,000 OAX
  • Total Supply token total is 30,000,000 OAX
ICO OpenAnx

The pre-deposit period starts on June 22, 2017. Over an hour, more than 13 million coins were sold, which exceeded the krausejla goal. This again shows the success of the project.
On July 4, 2017, the project team announced the premature termination of the application of OAX digital coins. More than 11 days the organizers managed to sell more than 25 million tokens worth more than $ 20 million. More than four thousand investors participated in the auction. Ken Lo thanked each participant who contributed to the development of the site.

OAX Token distribution model

Restriction on the use of the funds

To remain in line with the spirit of the project’s open and transparent philosophy, all funds shall be tracked and reported according to the Foundation’s guidelines. A custodian will monitor the usage of the digital tokens and share it with the community periodically.
  1. Financial planning and reporting
    The Foundation shall develop financial planning and review financial performance of the previous quarter.
  2. Digital tokens management
    The digital tokens belonging to the Foundation shall be managed by authorized personnel. The security of digital tokens is ensured by multi signature technology.
  3. Digital wallet protocol
    The Foundation’s digital wallet shall be protected by a multiple signature technology mechanism.
  4. Disclosure
    On a regular basis, the Foundation shall disclose on the topics regarding community matters, including status of development, operations, and the usage of tokens, as well as whether the Foundation operates in accordance with the governance policy.


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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