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Saturday, July 14, 2018

NETSCOUTERS - Platform For The Future of Soccer Funding

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Net Scouters project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

We aim to build a distributed meritocratic transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower youth players’ skills.

First blockchain project that tokenize club and players activities.

Football for Children, Football for Everyone.
Football is not a matter of privileges, but of rights. As accredited by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, football is a universal language of millions of people around the world, including children and adolescents, regardless of their place of origin, language they speak or religion to which they belong.


Netscouters is a platform for the future of football funding that use Blockchain Power  and assets Tokenization.

Our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

NETSCOUTERS PLATFORM is a decentralized and transparent marketplace of Players and clubs based on Tokens. The decentralization of amateur football in our platform marketplace will help to ensure that Amateur clubs, with their youth activities, has access to global financing.

With our platform, Amateur clubs will be able to receive support from investors, Brands and Professional Football Clubs.


Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can evaluate and mange al your club players performance statistics. Platform’s mobile version allow anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection records players, evaluate them, record club matches and  participate in this global footbal marketplace.

Video Streaming Platform

NETSCOUTERS marketplace will use an advanced integrated video streaming platform that can allow Amateur Clubs to have their own channel (pay per view or streaming) that make contents. Monetize their content behind a paywall, integrate Google DFP for advertisement insertion, or gather valuable data from viewers using lead capture.

Platform can get Amateur Club fans to the game from anywhere in the world.
Platform helps Amateur club to engage fans beyond the big game through press conferences, athlete interviews, behind-the-scenes video, and more.

With NETSCOUTERS platform Clubs will get extraordinary results.

What opportunity could the club identify?
  • They can manage a budget that allows them to cover costs such as:
  • Transportation
  • Official equipment
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Compensation coach expenses
  • And all that daily based activities that are generating costs

In the NETSCOUTERS marketplace brands and sports sponsors will be able to sell their products directly to our community, which will be made up of millions of people from all over the world.

Our platform will be open for all that Brands of sports equipment, but also for other different products such as construction and maintenance of sports infrastructure, rental of vehicles for transporting the teams, petrol, bills payment etc.

Every transaction will be done directly from club /player wallet to brands wallet in our tokens.


OUTERSCOIN  (Platform Token) & OUTINVCOIN (ICO Token)

Two different type of token will be released:
  • Outerscoin is the token that will be us by platform users
  • Outinvcoin is the token will be used for Sales events
  • Token Distribution
  • Outersinvcoin
  • 100% (286 Millions of Outersinv coin Tokens) of the total amount of tokens created will be available during the ICO event.
  • Outerscoin
  • 430 Millions of Outerscoin Tokens will be created for platform use
  • Start : October 2018
  • End : November 2018
  • SoftCap : 7.000.000 Euros
  • HardCap : 20.000.000 Euros
  • Number of tokens for sale : 286.000.000 OUTINV (100%)
  • Tokens exchange rate : 1 OUTINV = 0.07 Euros
  • Acceptable currencies : ETH, BTC, FIAT
  • Minimal transaction amount : 10 ETH/ 2 BTC

  • July 2016 : Netscouters Funded
  • September 2016 : Cocept validation and development began
  • April 2017 : First web version released
  • May 2017 : Test phase start
  • September 2018 : Pilot start with Italian Teams
  • November 2017 : Blockchain concept validation
  • November 2017 : ICO Planning start
  • July 2018 : Private sale Marketing start
  • July- Agust 2018 : Private Sale start
  • Agust 2018 : ICO Marketing start
  • Octuber- November 2018 : ICO START
  • November 2018 : Blockchain Platform migration start
  • December 2018 : Platform Launch and Alppha test start
  • Juanuary 2019 : Italy, Spain and U.K marketing campaign start
  • March 2019 : First season Test start
  • May 2019 : Rest of European countries marketing campaign start
  • September 2019 : First official Worldwide season start
  • Q1- Q2 - Q3 2020 : U.S.A. New sports entry
You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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