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Monday, July 2, 2018

MAGNUS - Intelligent AI Agent, Robot, Sensor, Hardware and Human Services Network First

Welcome my friends to an exciting new Project today and let's take a look at their great idea:

What is MAGNUS?

Magnus has been created to define the universe of Robotics and AI automation for organizations. It is also the first Robot Token Ganda and AI ICO in the world built on two platforms - Ethereum and NEO. Magnus is a network of intelligent AI agents, Robots, Sensors, hardware and the first decentralized human that creates a global market for knowledge, skills, and processing power.



Cognitive and collaborative collaboration between Artificial Intelligence, Robot, Humans, Sensor Networks and distributed hardware built on smart Ethereum contracts. Magnus started a new era of business, technology, and, thinking. The Magnus Era brings with it fundamental changes in how intelligent systems are built and interacted with each other. Magnus's final goal is to making people smarter, better machines, cheaper and faster robots, and, AI is better by ensuring collaboration with other agents on the Magnus Collective network.


Current technologies and business landscapes are ripe for networks like Magnus because of 5 growth drivers who have used steroids over the last decade.

Artificial intelligence revenue based on the world market area 2015-2024.

Global A.I. revenue from 2016 to 2025


To maximize success, Magnus Collective's economic logic must enable the purchase and sale of all services, while making the discovery process useful - And ensure that all actors have easy access and without friction to the collective.

So the economic logic is set to the following objectives:
  • Open, global, and unlicensed access to various actors.
  • Verification and discovery of services.
  • Goodwill generation.
  • Innovation in Robotics.
  • Bridging and crossing different networks (and Blockchains)
Token Magnus is designed to achieve

this goal. It ensures free and non-discriminatory access from scratch, and centralizes the value created by the collective. It has mechanisms in place for inflation incentives to verify services, supported by 2 years from popular and recognized Robotic platforms and industry to appreciate goodwill on the network.

Magnus Token is revived after careful thought and long consideration of its benefits. We have been thinking through hard coding economic logic versus designing the economic logic that drives rapid growth. If we can not find a token that meets all Token's unique requirements - the collective can collapse - and fail achieve the stated objectives.

The conclusion of our careful analysis is that only the original token that enables Magnus Collective to optimize the desired destination.

To create a market that makes transactions easy, guarantee access to the world, and encourage growth, we require original tokens tuned for Robotics, AI, and IOT markets. And we've decided to back up our tokens with the Robotics platform rental - Especially the Ingen Table Top Robot platform.

In more depth, some of the underlying reasons are as follows.

Magnus Collective requires:

a. Unauthorized global exchange
Magnus Collective opens technology and development of Robotics, AI, and IOT to the world Every fiat currency will create asymmetric access to Magnus's collective - effectively creating a barrier for non-using actors Fiat Currency. To ensure fair access to all distributed actor, required one economic token.

b. Support the use of utilities
Most of the available tokens do not have support utilities. The token magnus will be supported by the rental popular Robotics platform. Basically this ensure that as long as market volatility exists real benefits to exchange tokens for rent.

c. Self governance and fast scaling
To enable the economy of Robotics, AI and IOT, scalable design is required. From the current popular model, Ethereum is the closest game we have

But we need certain modifications to how the ethereum network works today
This is enabled with smart contracts and special adapters that will run over the ethereum. Due to the increasing number of transactions this can create latency issues It will be discussed in our release later. In addition, we will enable a large number of micro-transactors in large volumes.



Token Amount: The maximum number of tokens is 118.2 million MGS. Token printed during the sales crowd and total supply set at the end of the sale of the crowd so that the maximum number of tokens may not be reached. In terms of the maximum amount to be achieved, the sale of the crowd allows a certain number of atoms to be created due to arithmetic inaccuracies.

The price of one Magnus coin is $ 0.66 or 66 cents.
  • Pre-ICO: 60% Bonus
  • Main ICO 0: 40% Bonus
  • Main ICO 1: 30% Bonus
  • Main ICO 2: 20% Bonus
  • Main ICO 3: 10% Bonus
  • Main ICO 4: 5% Bonus
Please see our website for Pre-ICO open date and ICO Utama date.


This goes through the following phases:
  • Pre-ICO: Stage with a 60% Bonus. 2 weeks.
  • Main-ICO 0: Phase with 40% bonus. 48 hours.
  • Main-ICO 1: Phase with 30% bonus. 1 week.
  • Main-ICO 2: Phase with 20% bonus. 1 week.
  • Main-ICO 3: Phase with 10% bonus. 1 week.
  • Main-ICO 4: Phase with 5% bonus. 1 week.
  • Unsold token will be burned after ICO
  • 85% of total increase goes to Public Magnus community planned to be used with the following way. 
  • 15% - Magnus Angel Investors
  • 30% - Magnus Support Program
  • 15% - Community Fund Magnus
  • 10% - Accelerator Magnus Innovation
  • 8% - Magnus Development Fund
  • 5% - Magnus Bounty Program
  • 17% - Magnus Market Making Reserve
  • 15% of total Raise goes to Internal Magnus Team
  • 10% - Co-Founder
  • 10% - Legal Consultant, Finance, Research, Business Development etc.
  • 80% - Magnus's Articles of Association

To find more relevant details from the Magnus project please follow some resources for the following references:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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