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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

MAGNUS - Creating a Global Marketplace for Knowledge, Skills, and Processing Strength

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about Magnus project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Magnus

Magnus has been created to define the universe of Robotics and AI automation for investors and organisations. Magnus is also the first truly decentralized network of intelligent AI agents, Robots, Sensors, hardware and humans creating a global market for knowledge, skills and processing power.

Magnus is a hybrid token – it has both utility and usage.

Magnus Collective is a complex structure that tries to simultaneously solve four complex and important tasks:

  • Creation of robotics center, AI, IOT, Human, and useful cloud system. accelerate the development and use of robotics, leading to a service economy in which individuals and organizations can hire robot services using Magnus Token.
  • Creating and conducting open exchanges between the various organizations that developed rapidly in the last decade in BlockChain, Ai, robotics, and cloud computing.
  • Creating a network effect of goodwill and progress in teams that will lead to accelerated technological progress and economic development, when Magnus Collective will achieve its goals.

Human cooperation with AI (robot)

Innovation in the field of AI has been accelerated in recent years - a key driver of growth is low-cost computing and access to large data sets.
Artificial intelligence, signal processing and learning, managing many modern technologies, ranging from search engines, assistants with voice prompts and even targeting online advertising.

The creation of a combined cognitive platform is already happening - this is not a research project in a college laboratory, and in the last decade it's getting faster. Up to now, smart people are those who score the highest, making the least mistakes. AI will change the fundamental logic, because no one can deceive, for example, a new Google AI engine or IBM Watson platform.

Thus, we see an era of development where people have to work with AI to get real results. Smart machines can process, store, and store information faster and better than us humans. In addition, AI can quickly map templates. Can even learn faster.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain, which became known after Bitcoin, proves that by combining a cryptographic peer algorithm network, a group of agents can reach agreement on a particular situation and secure the deal without the need for a regulatory authority. Combining system blocks with other systems, such as swarm robotic systems or AI pools, allows groups to be autonomous, flexible, more secure, and collaborate without disagreements.

Blockchain technology shows that by joining ad hoc networks with cryptographic algorithms, a group of agents can reach agreement on a particular case and secure the deal in a safe and verifiable manner, without central authority. Due to the nature of decentralization and key principles, such as warranty and reliability technology blockchain is very useful in conjunction with emerging flock robotics, establishing AI and IOT.Chtoby hub maximize success, Magnus Collective is to buy and sell all services, making the development process faster. Also make sure that all participants have easy access to the team. Thus, economic logic is made for the following purposes:

  • Open, global and unlicensed access to various participants.
  • Confirmation and service opening.
  • Connection and intersection of various networks and Blockchain.

Token Magnus is designed to achieve this goal, which ensures free and non-discriminatory access and focuses the currency created by the team. To confirm the service, you need to support 2 years of robotic rental platform and popular industry and appreciate the awareness within the network.

Magnus Token is reborn after careful consideration and long review of its benefits. We test the economic logic of hard coding and the development of economic logic, which stimulates rapid growth. If we can not find a token that meets all tokens unique requirements - the team may collapse - and fail to meet its goals.

Stages of selling tokens

Passing after the following stages.
Pre-ICO: stage with a 60% bonus. 2 weeks.
Main-ICO 0: Phase with 40% bonus. 48 hours.
Main-ICO 1: Phase with 30% bonus. 1 week.
Main-ICO 2: Phase with 20% bonus. 1 week.
Main-ICO 3: Phase with 10% bonus. 1 week.
Main-ICO 4: Phase with 5% bonus. 1 week.
unused token will be burned after ICO

The conclusion of our careful analysis lies in the fact that only the original token enables the Collective Magnus to reach tseley.Chtoby is desired to create the market, simplify transactions, guarantee access to the world and stimulate growth, we need original tokens, specifically for Robotics, AI, and IOT markets. And we decided to support our tokens using the Robotics platform - especially for the Intelligent Robot platform.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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