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Thursday, July 5, 2018

LEVEL01 - P2P Modifiers are Decentralized

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Level01 project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About Level01

Level01 is a decentralized P2P modifier that allows investors to directly trade option contracts without intermediary interventions or brokers. An excellent opportunity to save commissions significantly, which is a must when attracting third parties.

Level01 combines DLT technology with blocking and artificial intelligence (AI), enabling dynamic valuation of fair value. Analysis for opposing parties based on current and retrospective market data.

The platform is designed to effectively eliminate all forms of contention in user work, present in conventional or crypto currency exchanges, such as:

  • Deposit / withdrawal;
  • Wallet security issues;

All of this together will enable investors to fully concentrate on trading activities.

The Level01 platform promotes transparency and equity and is designed to provide the most efficient level of trading on the market for retail and commercial investors.


Trade with peer-to-peer exchange (P2P) involves the participation of two parties who interact with each other in the conduct of trade transactions. Since third parties do not participate, there may be a state of non-fulfillment of obligations by one or the other party in a trade transaction.

Trading through intermediaries is effective, but provides investors and their means with other types of risk, such as excessive transaction costs, withdrawals being suspended, market manipulation, brokerage trades against customers or exchange attacks.

Level01 uses contracts and intelligent technology to block automatic p2p trading payments, effectively solve confidence issues and do not fulfill tasks, enabling investors to avoid negative aspects of centralized brokers.


  • Mobile / Web Application Level01 allows investors to interact directly with each other for trading.
  • Investors choose the category of assets in which they are interested, for example, Forex or Crypto-currency;
  • Trading investors by issuing option contracts on the market using the following parameters: EXPIRY, PRICE STRUCTURE, POSITION, TOTAL VALUE; or select an existing contract with options;
  • When the option contract is matched with the business partner, all parameters are sent to the Level01 intellectual contract on the block chain. The intellectual contract receives permission from both parties to execute the trade agreement after the expiration of the option contract.

The Level01 architecture uses blockchain technology to perform automated trading calculations and allows you to instantly generate profits. These operations are carried out impartially, independently using mini programs in the Ethereum block chain, called smart contracts.

FairSense is a Level01 core technology developed using cross-flow analysis, which is usually only available to institutional organizations.

FairSense automatically helps investors to estimate the fair value of the contract they are seeking for trade and keeps updating their bid or offer price with respect to the implied costs, thus offering fair value for both parties for transactions that are accurately adjusted every second from current market conditions this.

The FairSense Algorithm observes and transforms cross-market variables in real time in the most liquid financial markets that provide the most stable market rates, allowing investors to trade consistently, providing liquidity enhancement and price discovery on the exchange of peer-level Level01.


Token in providing means for transparent and fair chain of settlement blocks as it can be processed / automated using smart contracts and winners of paid programming tenders.

Tokens LVX can also be "placed" by the investor to host a retail place where you can make group purchases, and the investor receives a commission to regulate the trade. Install markers that expire on a reasonable contract after they expire.


Value store: LVX token provides block asset usage as a repository in the Level01 financial ecosystem.
Means exchange: tokens facilitate payouts between investors as a standard operating exchange currency at Level 01.
Limited reserves: a predetermined fixed delivery of a token will contribute to growth and increase demand for deficits as the customer base grows.
Automation: Digital nature of the marker provides transparency and reliability of interactions with block circuits for automatic counting.

To find out more. You can connect more with Level01 on the link below:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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