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KVANTOR - Providing Real Freedom to Global Market Economies Agents

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Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Kvantor project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Goals and the Idea of the Project

The goal of the KVANTOR project is to give a real freedom to economic agents of the global market.

  • To use the advanced technology of settlements;
  • To make fast transactions for competitive and acceptable prices uncontrolled by cartels and corporations;
  • To reduce costs for the army of clerks, lawyers, «contract management specialists» and issuing of multiple unnecessary documents;
  • To transfer capitals simultaneously (in most cases, automatically) to those development points, which give the largest profit with minimal risks.

The platform will allow decreasing money transfer terms down to minutes, transaction expenditures and risks of mistakes — almost down to zero, and volume of required documents — down to minimal possible one. Using KVANTOR, currency and commodity exchanges will be able to provide their clients with services based on the technologies of the future, and banks will become not just financial institutions but full business partners.

We create an instrument for the formation of the ecosystem of equal economical agents (from physical entities to transnational corporations) that has no entry barrier, provides its participants with win-win model work and erases economical and political borders but herewith possesses the highest level of data protection.

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Platform Development
The underlying technology platform is HyperLedger Fabric, developed by the Hyperledger consortium under the aegis of the Linux Foundation.

Its key advantages:
  • Seamless integration with EDS infrastructure of the most countries where the KVANTOR platform will be used;
  • Compliance with the requirements of local authorities providing certification for the applied software11;
  • Technological compatibility with HyperLedger ecosystem:
  • Reduction of costs for development of applicable solutions;
  • Opportunity of fast integration with abroad networks for provision of transborder operations;
  • Widespread in China and South Eastern Asia countries.
  • Scalability;
  • Speed, throughput — thousands of transactions per minute;
  • Safety and division of accessibility of data;
  • Support of various programming languages;
  • Reduction of losses for linking of previously developed services and informational systems.
Like any other blockchain platform, the HyperLedger Fabric provides:
  • Trust of market participants by means of consensus mechanism;
  • Absolute transparency of transaction chains in case of necessity;
  • Fail-safety by means of distributed architecture;
  • Transfer of resource-intensive services to the clients’ side with no data synchronization problems — ideal ESB;
  • Implementation of new business models;
  • Reduction of losses and acceleration of transactions including document flow.
Unlike public blockchain platforms e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum, HyperLedger allows:
  • Eliminating the insufficient performance and operation speed problem;
  • Provide confidentiality of data and divide participants’ access levels by industry and/or corporate principle;
  • Provide mandatory identification of participants avoiding cryptoanarchy and risks associated with money laundering and terrorism financing;
  • Avoid necessity of mining for confirmation of transactions.

Within the framework of the KVANTOR platform creation, a specialized version is made on the basis of the HyperLedger Fabric that uses the algorithm of consensus optimized for the KVANTOR blockchain to confirm a transaction. The algorithm is based on the traditional HyperLedger Fabric Proof of Authority algorithm.

KVANTOR Tokens Emission Rules

Token standard: ERC20.
Initial number of KVANTOR tokens: 100,000,000 pcs.
The initial value of the KVANTOR token token is 1/1,300 of the value of an ounce of gold on the day of the smart contract creation (tokens release) and is determined by the daily exchange rate in the London Interbank Market11 in USD, EUR, GBP with one decimal point. The rate of purchase in other currencies is determined by the cross rate of the currency exchange chosen before the beginning of ITO12 to GBP at the date of the token purchase. After completion of ITO, all transactions with KVANTOR tokens are frozen for 2 months.

Pre-ITO and ITO

Distribution of released tokens:

  • 15% - founders, team, initial beneficiary
  • 5% - partners of the project
  • 80% - beneficiaries of the KVANTOR project, including:
  • 20% of released tokens are intended for sale in the 1st round of sales;
  • 40% of released tokens are intended for sale in the 2nd round of sales;
  • The remaining 20% of issued tokens are reserved for subsequent sale (the possibility of exchange trading or selling to a strategic beneficiary will be considered).

Soft Cap - The Soft Cap is 3,000,000.00 GBP. 
Alongside with the ITO activities, the company is seeking to raise money from venture funds and individual investors.

Hard Cap - equivalent of 32 million GBP. 
According to our current business plan, this amount (taking into account the costs of system development, marketing, promotion, etc.) will allow the project to recoup the borrowed funds within the required period and start making profits.

Pre-ITO - not carried out.
ITO - is held in three rounds.

1st round of sales
From 26.04.2018 to 25.05.2018 - 20% of KVANTOR tokens are sold. Within this phase, the tokens are sold under a private pre-order (Private Token Sale). Tokens can be purchased by sending an e-mail to ceo@kvantor.com.

Based on the analysis of interest in the project by potential beneficiaries, the project team either continues the main sale in the Private Token Sale format or begins an open subscription to the tokens.

2nd round of sales
From 25.06.2018 to 24.07.2018 - 40% of KVANTOR tokens are sold.

3rd (additional) round of sales

It is held not earlier than 3 months after the end of the 2nd round.

  • A 40% discount on the nominal value of the token is provided in the 1st round of sales.
  • A 20% discount on the nominal value of the token is provided in the 2nd round of sales.
  • Discounts are provided in case of high volume purchase:
    - 5,000 - 24,999 KVT (25% of token nominal value)
    - 25,000 - 49,999 KVT (27% of token nominal value)
    - 50,000 - 249,999 KVT (30% of token nominal value)
    - 250,000 - 499,999 KVT (35% of token nominal value)
    - >500,000 KVT (40% of token nominal value)
  • Discounts are not provided in the 3rd round of sales on a regular basis.
  • Minimal purchase package is 100 tokens. 


The Project Team

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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