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HORIZON;S - The World's First Internet Service Provider Uses Decentralization Blockchain Technology

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Horizon's, based on some of the following criteria:

BLOCKCHAIN is the future of finances and data. WIRELESS is the future of communications. Horizon Communications will be a high speed Internet Service Provider (ISP), headquartered in Bermuda before expanding worldwide. Horizon will utilize LTE fixed wireless for last-mile delivery to end users.

Our service offering will include Internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps in 2018 and 300 Mbps and faster in late 2018 / 2019. Alongside high speed Internet services, we will provide High Definition TV services as well as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone services. This wireless network infrastructure will be delivered over a software defined radio system custom built using 4G LTE-Advanced (Release 14) standards. On completion of a successful capital raise, Horizon is scheduled to launch our business in Bermuda and BVI in mid to late 2018. Using the same technology, we will be expanding to the Caribbean, other Central American countries and then internationally.

Customers in Bermuda and many other markets are paying up to $250 USD a month for a 200mbps internet service that can oftentimes be unreliable. A competitor recently launched a $385 package for internet and IPTV. There is a huge opportunity for a new provider that can provide better service at competitive pricing.

Our competition is using antiquated copper networks with huge overhead to maintain 400 miles of cables, requiring hundreds of employees and constantly battling salt corrosion and wind damage. The technology Horizon uses allows the company to remain efficient, keep staffing needs at a fraction of the competition and be extremely competitive and forward thinking in our markets. Horizon Intends to have full exclusive rights to this technology in our target markets, as Horizon continues working with our vendors. This gives Horizon a unique advantage to deploy this cost effective network at a price point much lower than was previously possible.

Fixed Wireless is an internet industry term to describe the network technology used to connect our customers homes and businesses to a wireless infrastructure that will be owned and operated by Horizon. The term “fixed” is a system that provides broad band internet access to a single location using radio waves, eliminating the need for overhead or underground phone and cable lines. Horizon customer's will have an exterior mounted antenna to capture Horizon's service, ensuring a very high quality of connection. Although many customers within 1-2 miles of our towers will not need an external antenna, Horizon will install one to ensure quality.


Using cutting edge fixed wireless technology that is currently being used to supply high speed internet around the world in major markets, Horizon once capitalized, can quickly deploy its fixed wireless solution, with very minor capital requirements compared to traditional telecom companies while driving down the cost of maintaining the network well below our competitors.

Once Horizon is actively using the available spectrum (wireless real estate), the company will have legal right and protections. This gives us tremendous advantage to competition and another hard asset to our balance sheet. Due to the long range, proper distribution and relatively flat terrain our 3rd party experts and surveys show Horizon can cover 95% of Bermuda and BVI with fewer than half a dozen towers.

This enables us to keep our infrastructure cost low, while still providing redundancy in the event of unscheduled power outages (and concurrently, damage or equipment failure). Our technology can, at launch, provide 150mbs + per customer, which are speeds unheard of in these nations except for a select few. Horizon have partnership agreements with TV content providers and VoIP networks to have a full “triple play” product available at launch.

  • Small and nearly invisible installation on a customer's home
  • Towers are highly resilient
  • Each with diesel / battery backup
  • Customer Unit is 7 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches & attaches to an exterior wall
  • Outdoor cat5e is run inside to the customers network

The Horizon token is a unique, new Ethereum based token built on the blockchain. It is designed to be used to access services, and service discounts within the Horizon ecosystem.It will be the ONLY method accepted form of payment for Horizon telecom services (internet, cell phone services etc).Horizon will have the ability for customers to purchase the HRZN Token on our website to pay for services.

This means that as Horizon expands, potentially hundreds of millions of USD worth of the the HRZN Token will be transacted yearly, underpinning the Token's value by customers using our telecommunication services!It is meant for anyone that wants to benefit from the value induced by a world class service company. Horizon tokens are easily transferable between token holders using compatible ERC20 wallets and can be traded on exchange(s).


ICO will be held on the website.
Hardcap 100,000 ETHToken Price 0.0010 ETHToken Supply 100m HRZN TokensMinimum Purchase 0.1 ETHPayment Processor via Top Cryptocurrencies accepted


Q1 2018 Pre Sale
Q2-Q3 2018 Company startup in Bermunda equipment ordering staff onboarding Q3 2018 Data center installation mounting equipment on towers
Q3 2018 BDA begin on boarding large companies government contracts
Q1 2019 Deployment of team to the caribbean
Q2 2019 BDA cell phone expansion starts 
Q2 2018 Ico
Q3 2018 Deployment of team to BVI
Q3-Q4 2018 BDA Begin marketing on the boat and yacht community
Q4 2018 ICO Ends
Q1 2019 BVI network online customer onboarding
Q4 2019 Deployment of team 1st central american country

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